Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Social Security Trustees Report Quick Recap

Feel like you should read the new Social Security Trustees Report (released today), but don't have the energy?

Then read this 350-word summary, and get the gist of the message quickly and succinctly.

My conclusion: Don't wait for Congress to approve personal accounts. If you aren't already (unless you are elderly), start putting money away now. Keep control of your future in your own hands -- no one cares about your future more than you do.

And, yes, support personal accounts, too.

P.S. Yes, hubby David and I do follow our own advice. We haven't taken a vacation since 1999, but there is not a month since we married that we have not made a deposit into our retirement savings. Even small deposits add up over time, if you stick with a plan.

P.P.S. Mary Katherine Ham of Insider Online has a list of links on the Trustees Report (thanks for the plug, Mary Katherine!).

Posted by Amy Ridenour at 10:08 PM

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