Friday, May 12, 2006

Should Pro-Lifers Be Denied Medical Care?

According to, the answer in Britain's "universal" (except for pro-lifers) health care system is "yes."

To be fair, Queen Elizabeth Hospital says the pro-life activist (who caught the hospital administration's ire by sending them graphic pictures of an abortion procedure -- naughty naughty man doesn't realize it is OK to commit abortion; it is noticing it that is wrong) is still eligible for life-saving procedures (after he gets in line, presumably), but if it is not life-or-death he's out of luck.

Too bad he needs hip surgery.

Maybe he should move to America, a country not universally regarded as being worthy of a seat on United Nations human rights panels, but one nonetheless in which a person can get hip surgery even if he or she is politically-incorrect.

That's is, after he gets out of jail. In Britain, mailing graphic pictures of an abortion procedure to hospital personnel gets you jail time.

Posted by Amy Ridenour at 2:26 PM

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