Thursday, August 31, 2006

Real Men Don't Sell Out

Regarding this rumor, as reported by Time's Mike Allen...
Bush's aides maintain that they're in no funk either. Previewing the final quarter of Bush's presidency, officials disclosed to Time that the Administration is formulating a huge energy initiative designed to 'change the whole nature of the discussion' and challenge the g.o.p., Democrats, the oil and electricity industries, and environmentalists. An adviser said Bush's views about global warming have evolved. 'Only Nixon could go to China, and only Bush and Cheney -- two oilmen -- can bring all these parties kicking and screaming to the table,' the adviser said.
...environmentalists don't go to 'tables.' Their fundraising depends on unremitting alarmism.

Addendum: I've been asked if I'm accusing the President of being a sell-out. On the contrary. I'm saying that, as I know he is a real man, I have every confidence that he has no intention of selling out.

Posted by Amy Ridenour at 1:39 PM

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