Thursday, November 09, 2006

British Foreign Secretary Compares Global Warming Theory Skeptics to Islamic Terrorists

The British Foreign Secretary has compared people who disagree with her on global warming to terrorists:
...let us deny the terrorists the historical importance they claim to themselves. They have no right to speak for the great and noble faith of Islam. This is a not a battle between civilisations but a stand-off between the whole of society on the one hand and a fairly small and particularly nasty bunch of murderers and criminals on the others.

In practical terms that means avoiding the temptation to artifically polarise debate.

I've seen it so often in the long-running debate on climate change: wheel out the resident sceptic, however unrepresentative or discredited, to generate tension and voice provocative views in the name of editorial balance.

It makes for more heated exchanges and louder headlines. But it is not the way to build a common consensus on the ground we share...
People who ar confident about their convictions and their conclusions argue the facts. The ones who don't tend to be the ones who resort to name-calling.

As the British are our allies, let us hope the lady is competent in other areas.

Hat tip: Iain Murray, writing on The Corner.

Posted by Amy Ridenour at 11:38 PM

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