Friday, February 22, 2008

Connerly Reprints Borelli

From Deneen Borelli:
Following last year's U.S. Supreme Court rejection of racial preferences in public school admissions, I wrote a New Visions Commentary for Project 21 titled "Diversity Doesn't Need To Be Forced." Ward Connerly, President of the American Civil Rights Institute - a national civil rights organization created to educate the public on the harms of racial and gender preferences - published the commentary on the cover of his newsletter The Egalitarian. Here is a portion:
In American classrooms, however, the outdated quest for proportional diversity distracts the public and educators from providing our children with the best education available. Denying a child the school he needs in order to meet a quota or forcing him to travel long distances to supplement a school's diversity is a betrayal of our commitment to our kids. Color-coded classrooms and preferential treatment doesn't teach children about the importance of confidence, hard work, perseverance or self-esteem. An educated child taught to appreciate the differences of the cultural backgrounds of others is a sound way to diminish racial bias.
You can read the commentary in its entirety on ACRI's website.
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