Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's America's War, Not Bush's

Today's version of the Center for American Progress' "Progress Report" contains this headline: "Reaping The Benefits Of Bush's War."

The war is not "Bush's war," it is America's war. Those who disagreed with going into Iraq, or who now wish to withdraw American forces from Iraq (precipitously, in my view), nonetheless should respect the fact that U.S. soldiers, sailors and Marines fighting there are doing so for the benefit of he United States of America, and not for a partisan cause. These soldiers, sailors and Marines deserve to have their service and sacrifices on behalf of this nation recognized as the patriotic act it is.

It is unrealistic to expect every left-wing organization and blog to express respect for President Bush (though a smidgeon less of the over-the-top disrespect when he's acting expressly in is role as commander-in-chief in wartime would be refreshing), but it is fair for the Center for American Progress, a large, credible (by left-wing standards only) organization headed by former White House chief-of-staff, to be held to a higher standard.

Posted by Amy Ridenour at 1:31 PM

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