Thursday, February 12, 2009

Facebook Bans Anti-Stimulus Petition; Implies It May Be Porn

Facebook, Inc.

Edwin Mora of is reporting this morning that the social networking site Facebook has removed a conservative group's anti-stimulus petition from its website:
Facebook, one of the Internet’s top social networking sites, has kicked out a conservative group’s Web site --“” -- from its paid advertising space., which is promoting a petition to stop President Obama’s economic stimulus bill, is sponsored by the nonprofit conservative group Americans for Prosperity.

Phil Kerpen, national policy director for Americans for Prosperity, said the paid ad had been running for days on Facebook with no problem.

“They had already screened it and approved it,” says Kerpen.

The petition featured in allows for those who oppose the stimulus bill to voice their objections, which are then sent to their respective lawmakers...
Amazingly, according to, Facebook told Americans for Prosperity that one of the reasons it withdrew the ad was because it allegedly violated Facebook's Rule 8, which says "that ads may not 'contain, facilitate or promote 'adult' content or content that is 'offensive, profane, vulgar, obscene or inappropriate' or 'defamatory, libelous, slanderous and/or unlawful.'"

Since, this week anyway, Americans are still allowed to express an opinion on legislation, one must assume Facebook thinks opposing the stimulus is pornographic or potentially libelous. (I'm going with pornographic, since it is metaphysically impossible to libel Congress.)

During the first hour of her syndicated radio show today, Laura Ingraham is citing projects Facebook does allow. Among them: "F--- the Troops" (yes, the American troops) and projects supporting the release of terrorists from Gitmo.

Good going, Facebook. Guess you must have thought you had too many satisfied members.

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