Thursday, April 23, 2009

Her Microphone Was Cut Off: GE Executives Respond to Questions About Media Bias, More at Shareholder Meeting

Tom and Deneen Borelli have emailed this report about their participation in the General Electric Shareholder meeting today:
Censorship and limited government was a theme at the General Electric (GE) shareholder meeting in Orlando, FL.

Deneen had the opportunity to ask the first question directed at GE CEO Jeff Immelt. She inquired whether he tried to silence anti-Obama criticism on CNBC as it was reported in the media. The New York Post reported that GE executives were concerned that CNBC was perceived as too critical of President Obama. Immelt responded that he does not interfere with the opinions of his networks even though he doesn't necessarily agree with them.

Deneen's concern is Immelt will do anything to preserve a favorable relationship with Obama in order to sell GE's green technologies. At some point in Deneen's dialogue with Immelt, Deneen's microphone was shut off.

Tom told Immelt he was not only a threat to shareholders but also to liberty and limited government. He reminded Immelt that the company's stock was underperforming the stock market before the economic crisis.

Tom advised Immelt that he has an online petition that encourages GE never to trade with enemies, to stop pursuing cap-and-trade legislation that would raise energy prices, and that he uses his media empire to advance his agenda.

Tom also told Immelt that "We surround you" and that it was time for a "GE Tea Party" to reign in this out of control corporation.
For more information, visit the National Center for Public Policy Research's Free Enterpriser website, or read other recent posts on this blog.

And remember to catch Tom on the Glenn Beck radio show Thursday morning at 10 AM Eastern (the start of the show's second hour, if you listen via a podcast) for more detailed information.

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