Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tea Party Edition: What's Happening Now

It's being called a "Conservative Woodstock." (H/T Vocal Minority & Atlas Shrugs)

More photos, from the British press. (H/T Althouse)

How many were there?

Michelle Malkin on the crowd size plus.

Booker Rising: Comments about and from black Tea Party participants.

Maybe my favorite pictures. But so hard to decide! (H/T Ed Driscoll and VodkaPundit)

Or maybe the George Washington "WTF?" photo is.

Bob Parks of Black and Right has more great photos.

Let every Congressman put this on his wall.

Dan Perrin's RedState Tea Party photos.

Still more: Moonbattery's DC Tea Party photos. And more. And more. And more. And the Phoenix Tea Party. And Roswell Georgia's Tea Party. And Statesboro's.

From The Other McCain: Something funny.

Dan Riehl: We'll be back.

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