Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wall Street Journal on Climategate Grant

"WSJLogoFuzzy.jpgMichael Mann Received Stimulus Money: A Case Study in One Job 'Saved'," the Wall Street Journal editorializes this morning on the stimulus funds grant received by Climategate scientist Michael Mann:
As for stimulus jobs - whether "saved" or "created" - we thought readers might be interested to know whose employment they are sustaining. More than $2.4 million is stimulating the career of none other than Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann.

Mr. Mann is the creator of the famous hockey stick graph, which purported to show some 900 years of minor temperature fluctuations, followed by a spike in temperatures over the past century. His work, which became a short-term sensation when seized upon by Al Gore, was later discredited. Mr. Mann made the climate spotlight again last year as a central player in the emails from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit, which showed climatologists massaging data, squelching opposing views, and hiding their work from the public.

Mr. Mann came by his grants via the National Science Foundation, which received $3 billion in stimulus money. Last June, the foundation approved a $541,184 grant to fund work "Toward Improved Projections of the Climate Response to Anthropogenic Forcing," which will contribute "to the understanding of abrupt climate change." Principal investigator? Michael Mann...
Read the rest here.

We're not quoted in this, but National Center Senior Fellow/Free Enterprise Project director Tom Borelli provided information to the Journal for the piece.

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