Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keith Olbermann Lists Children As Worst Persons in World for Making Innocent Snow Joke About Al Gore

Keith Olbermann Tuesday night named among his "worst persons in the world" four minor grandchildren of Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, along with their parents. Their "crime"? They built an igloo out of snow and posted near it a sign with a very innocent Al Gore joke ("Al Gore's new home. Honk if you [heart] global warming.").

Olbermann claims it was wrong for the family to make a snow joke, because the snowstorm killed people (though not, he should have noted, in or because of the Inhofe family's igloo). Up to now, weather-related jokes have not been considered beyond the pale, even for children.

Olbermann then put on his best "you're an idiot" voice to claim that "global warming" is really called "climate change" (implying strongly the children are dumb because they called the theory by the same name James Hansen uses), and, Olbermann says, "climate change" means it will be colder in winter.

GE should be ashamed of itself for allowing its personnel to attack children on the air. These kids probably are sophisticated enough to realize that Olbermann's just doing it for attention, but it's still pathetic to see a giant corporation going after kids.

Hat tips to the FixedNewsChannel for uploading this to YouTube and to Senator James Inhofe for the pictures.

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