Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This Blog Has Moved to

After 6 years and 11 months and over 3,700 posts hosted at, Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog is moving today to a new domain at

This decision (or one like it) was made inevitable when the software system we were using to publish, Google's Blogger, discontinued ftp support, which meant we couldn't continue to publish the blog the way we had been and still have it appear on the National Center for Public Policy Research website.

I was disappointed by Google's decision -- especially because it means I will have to abandon my much-loved "old book" blog template, which was designed specifically for this blog and the Blogger system -- but it would be churlish of me not to note that the company provided a free publishing system for over six years. We do appreciate that.

So thanks to the many people who visited this blog at, and we hope to see you soon and often at!


Posted by Amy Ridenour at 5:09 PM

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