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Nairobi School Children Dramatize Need for Affordable Energy

November 2006

(See press release here)


Pastor Abdul Sesay
Pastor Abdul Sesay explains why Africa's children need
and deserve abundant energy resources.

Kariobangi South Principal Nairobi
The principal of the Kariobangi South
Primary School in Nairobi tells audience that
children are Kenya's greatest resource and
they deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Nairobi Children Light Candles
Kenyan children light candles to demonstrate
the present lack of sufficient electricity in Africa.

David Ridenour Speaks to Kenyan Schoolchildren
The National Center's David Ridenour
explains how the Kyoto Protocol is likely to harm
developing nations such as those in Africa.

Kenyan Children Blow Out Candles
The children blow out their candles and cheer loudly
to symbolize a hoped-for day of joy in the future when
they will no longer have to do their homework by candlelight.

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