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  • Press Release: Free Speech Victory: National Center for Public Policy Research Soundly Defeats Fake Transparency Proposal at FedEx Shareholder Meeting
  • Press Release: FedEx Targeted in "Fake Transparency" Scam
  • Press Release: Nike Runs Away From Question on Ideological Tolerance
  • Blog: Snark is Also a Form of Media Bias
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Rebuke ESPN Host on Trump "White Supremacist" Claims
  • Press Release: CEO Resignations From Trump Business Councils Reveal Leaders' "True Colors"
  • Blog: CEO Resignations from Trump Council: "Triumph of Politics Over Policy"
  • Blog: Observations on Charlottesville: Project 21 Members Reflect
  • Blog: NYC Moves to Snuff Out E-Cigs: "What Are They Smoking?"
  • Blog: Google's Ideological Intolerance Recounted by Danhof in Investor's Business Daily
  • Blog: St. Louis NAACP Backs Down, Reverses Course to Endorse Missouri "Travel Advisory"
  • Press Release: CNN For Sale? "Fake News" and Bias Criticized by Shareholder Activists May Lead AT&T to Put Network on the Market After Buying Time Warner
  • Press Release: St. Louis NAACP Follows Project 21's Lead Opposing Missouri "Travel Advisory" Pushed by National, State Groups
  • Press Release: Al Gore's Residence Burns Through 21 Times More Electricity than the Average American Home Despite Green Renovations
  • Press Release: Gore Criticized by Black Activists for Green Agenda Hurting Poor, Minorities
  • Press Release: NAACP's Missouri "Travel Ban" Derided by Local Blacks
  • Press Release: Amazon, Apple Called Hypocritical for Bowing to Chinese Censorship Demands
  • Press Release: Al Gore's "Energy Hog" House Devours up to 34 Times More Energy Than the Typical U.S. Home
  • National Policy Analysis: Al Gore's Inconvenient Reality: The Former Vice President's Home Energy Use Surges up to 34 Times the National Average Despite Costly Green Renovations, by Drew Johnson
  • Blog: Law Enforcement Professional Talks Trump Remark About Prisoner Transport
  • Press Release: New FDA Tobacco Proposal Embraces Harm Reduction
  • Press Release: Health Insurance, Pharmaceutical Industries Blamed for Stalled Health Care Reform
  • Press Release: Hypocritical JPMorgan Chase CEO Aids Gridlock He Criticizes
  • Press Release: Black Activists Criticize Al Gore for Comparing Climate Activism to Civil Rights, Abolitionist Movements
  • Press Release: NRA Magazine's July Cover Girl Is Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington
  • Blog: Kate's Law Praised by Lawman for Protecting Public, Helping Police
  • Blog: Acting on Project 21 Co-Chair’s Suggestion, Trump Sends Feds to Control Chicago Gun Crime
  • Press Release: Free-Market Environmentalists Applaud Trump Relief on Water Regulation
  • Press Release: Shareholder Critics Warned Time Warner About CNN Bias, and Now Demand Dismissal of CNN President Jeff Zucker
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Commemorate Juneteenth Emancipation Celebration
  • Press Release: Time Warner Recommits to CNN Objectivity... Again
  • Press Release: Shareholders Want Caterpillar Lobbying Report to Explain Company Priorities
  • Press Release: Alphabet, Google's Parent Company, Loudly Announces It Is a Company of Liberals, by Liberals and for Liberals
  • Press Release: Controversial Google Donations Must Be Explained
  • Blog: Bob Iger: Just Because You Cater to Children is No Reason to Act Like Them
  • Press Release: Trump's Paris Accord Pullout Applauded by Policy Experts
  • Blog: Even Climate Alarmists Say Paris Treaty Is Ineffective, Says Cooper
  • Press Release: Amazon Grilled About Anti-Trump Immigration Position as Shareholder Meeting Gets Political
  • Press Release: Why Does Gap Oppose Religious Freedom? National Center for Public Policy Research Presents Proposal Seeking Answers from Retail Giant
  • Press Release: Gap's Human Rights Hypocrisy
  • Press Release: Ford Executives Feign Ignorance on Company's Advertising Power
  • Press Release: CVS Health Faces ObamaCare Repeal Question
  • Press Release: Ford's Funding of "Fake News" Through Ad Revenue Raises Questions
  • Press Release: Suspended Black Conservative Columnist Speaks Out About Why She Quit St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Blog: Conservatives Should Be Concerned About GE & Coca-Cola
  • Press Release: Anti-Trump Activists at Pepsi Annual Meeting Held at Bay
  • Press Release: Big Business Ignores Conservative Consumers at Its Peril
  • Press Release: Boeing Pledges to Work With Trump Administration on Iran Aircraft Sales
  • Press Release: Eli Lilly Finally Admits ObamaCare's Failures: New CEO Says Benefits of the Law Have Been "Marginal at Best"
  • Press Release: Harley-Davidson CEO Lauds Trump Relationship: Company Will "Continue to Engage" White House on Policy
  • Press Release: Another "Fake Transparency" Proposal Exposed by Free Enterprise Project
  • Press Release: Shareholder Activists Blast "Fake Transparency" Proposal for Boeing Investor Consideration
  • Press Release: Johnson & Johnson Executives Not Remorseful Over ObamaCare Role
  • Press Release: General Electric Chooses Secrecy over Transparency
  • Press Release: Coca-Cola Stands By Disrespect for Religious Americans
  • Press Release: General Electric Use of Investors' Money to Fund Extremist Charities Under Scrutiny
  • Press Release: Coca-Cola's Human Rights Hypocrisy: Why Does Soda Leader Criticize American Religious Freedom Laws While Doing Business in Nations Lacking Basic Civil Liberties?
  • Press Release: Humana Gives Up Its Seat at the Table - Wants No Apparent Role in Political Fix for Nation's Health Care Woes
  • Blog: Jeff Stier Defends Neil Gorsuch and NEA Funding Cuts
  • Press Release: Free-Market Activists Plan to Question Humana About Willingness to Work with Trump, Congress on Health Care Reform
  • Blog: Cooper Debates Sanctuary Cities and Social Security
  • Blog: Democrats Should Have Approved Gorsuch, Says Project 21's Shelby Emmett
  • TRIBUTE: Amy Moritz Ridenour (1959-2017)
  • Press Release: Starbucks CEO Ducks Shareholder Question About Trump Criticism
  • Blog: Consumer Choice and Company Profit Are Both Needed in Health Care, Says Cooper
  • Press Release: Free-Market Criticism of Starbucks CEO's Liberal Agenda Brewing for Annual Investor Meeting
  • Press Release: Disney's Response to Fake News: Deny, Deny, Deny
  • Press Release: Liberals Attack Disney's Free Speech and Freedom of Association
  • Press Release: Apple's Hypocrisy? Company's Charitable Donations Helped Expand Presidential Powers Under Obama It Now Opposes Under Trump
  • Blog: Black Americans Should Work With President Trump to Save Our Nation
  • Blog: Trump's Newest Executive Order Shows He Appreciates Law Enforcement
  • Blog: Does the Government Think You Can Handle the Truth?
  • Blog: Horace Cooper Ridicules Idea that Trump Immigration Order is 'Muslim Ban'
  • Blog: NOAA Created Fake News by Manipulating Climate Data
  • Blog: Why Would Taiwan Ban E-cigarettes?
  • Blog: "Greatest Constitutional Mind" Horace Cooper Dissects Ninth Circuit Court Decision
  • Blog: UC-Berkeley Riots: Free Speech, Not Violence, Protected by the Constitution
  • Blog: President Trump Already Better Than President Obama Regarding Terrorism, Says Project 21's Nedd
  • Blog: Corporations That Supported ObamaCare Need to Now Help President Trump Repeal and Replace
  • Blog: Why I Marched
  • Blog: Shining a Light on Midnight Regulations
  • Press Release: Walgreens Vows to Work with Trump Administration on New Health Care Plan
  • Press Release: As ObamaCare Fades, Walgreens Questioned About Future Health Care Plans
  • Blog: What Should the Feds Do About the Chicago 'Carnage'?
  • Press Release: Michelle Obama Announces Post-White House Plans


  • Blog: Bears Ears and Gold Butte National Monument Designations: Statement by Bonner Cohen
  • Blog: Frustrated by Political Polarization and Division? Take a Lesson from History, and Begin the World Over Again
  • Op-Ed: Four Obama regulations Trump can undo right away, by Bonner R. Cohen
  • Press Release: Impending Announcement by U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy on E-Cigarettes Draws Statement by Jeff Stier of the National Center for Public Policy Research
  • Press Release: New Black Central Station News Portal Launched
  • Blog: Is Apple Going the Way of the Post Office?
  • Blog: Yet Another Post Office Story
  • Blog: Want to Buy Lawmakers? Hacker Guccifer 2.0 Releases Notes Purporting to Show It Being Done
  • Press Release: Sorry, Washington Post: EVERYONE Should Reject Statements Demeaning to Women
  • Press Release: Award-Winning Director Aaron Biebert Hosts "Winston Man" and Dr. Sally Satel for Panel on October 28th about Saving A Billion Lives
  • New Visions Commentary: Are White Voters Smarter Than African-American Voters? by Stacy Swimp
  • Press Release: Anti-Religious Freedom Activists Defeated at Procter & Gamble Annual Meeting
  • Press Release: Procter & Gamble Shareholders Urged to Reject Highly-Politicized Shareholder Proposal
  • Blog: Should Abortions Be Federally Funded?
  • Blog: Tar Heel Toilets and Terrible Reporting: Setting the Record Straight on North Carolina's Public Accommodation Law
  • Press Release: New Conservative Voice Joins National Urban Talk Radio; Stacy Washington's "Stacy on the Right" Promises to Shake Up the Status Quo
  • Blog: "Madam Secretary" Season Debuts With Look at Climate Change and Military Bases
  • Press Release: Nike Ducks Civil Rights Question
  • National Policy Analysis: Climate Change Alarmists' Dramatic New Claim Doesn't Hold Water: U.S. Military Bases Are Not at Risk from Global Warming, by Bonner R. Cohen
  • Press Release: No President Should Be Able to Create a 5,000-Square-Mile National Monument Without Consulting Congress and Affected States
  • National Policy Analysis: Time to Repeal the Antiquities Act of 1906, by R.J. Smith
  • Blog: Joe Hicks, RIP
  • Press Release: Obama's Unilateral Maine Action Proves: Time to Repeal Antiquities Act of 1906
  • Blog: The Sounds of Blackness or A False Narrative?
  • Blog: Department of Justice's Report on Baltimore Police Ignores Importance of Keeping Neighborhoods Safe
  • Press Release: Time to Lower the Cost of Back-to-School Dental Checkups
  • Newsletter: In The News: Spring/Summer 2016 edition
  • Blog: The Role of Gun Laws and Race in the Newest Neighborhood Watch Murder
  • Press Release: U.S. Justice Department Report on Baltimore Policing: "Evidence of a Vindictive, Politically-Motivated Obama DOJ," Says Project 21's Joe Hicks
  • Press Release: Could Barack Obama and His Successor, Presumably Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, Re-Write the 1964 Civil Rights Act Anytime They Want?
  • Press Release: What is the Legal Basis of Your Action Against North Carolina's HB2?
  • Press Release: FDA E-Cig Regulations Harm Innovation, Public Health; Groups File in Support of Challenge to Deeming Rule
  • Blog: The Republican Party Is About White Lives Making Black Lives Matter
  • Press Release: Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Condemned for Remarks, Actions in Freddie Gray Case
  • Blog: Black Lives Matter... When They Can Be Exploited
  • Blog: Military, Police Defended by Project 21's Horace Cooper on CNN's HLN Dr. Drew Show
  • Blog: Project 21's Joe Hicks Puts Black Lives Matter Under the Heat Lamp
  • Blog: "President Obama Should Resign and Apologize to Law Enforcement," Says Project 21's Council Nedd
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Available for Commentary on Police Killings, Freddie Gray Case
  • Blog: Climate Change News: Penn State's Michael Mann Whines Again
  • Press Release: U.S. Department of Justice is Attempting to Rewrite Federal Law
  • Press Release: Group Calls on U.S. Senators to Prove They Aren't Hypocrites
  • Press Release: Regulating Pleasure: National Center for Public Policy Research Sponsors a Debate with Consumers, Public Health and Policy Experts at London's Royal Society of Medicine
  • Blog: Dallas Police Shootings and Black Lives Matter Both Criticized by Project 21's Green
  • Blog: How to Avoid Poverty
  • Blog: Project 21's Cooper Criticizes the Trial of Baltimore Police Officer Caesar Goodson
  • Audio: Jeff Stier discusses the Philadelphia soda tax on The Steve Gruber Show
  • Video: Jeff Stier Testifies About E-Cigarettes Before the Washington State Legislature
  • Press Release: Supreme Court Immigration Ruling Applauded by Project 21's Emery McClendon
  • Press Release: Baltimore Police Officer Acquittal in Freddie Gray Case Applauded by Black Conservatives
  • Press Release: Affirmative Action Supreme Court Ruling in Fisher Today Gives "Reason to Fear the Future," Says Project 21's Joe Hicks
  • Press Release: Rep. John Lewis Invited to Sit-In to Protect Urban Hostages from Criminals by Anti-Crime Activist
  • Press Release: Affirmative Action Ruling by U.S. Supreme Court in Fisher v. University of Texas Today Disappoints Black Conservatives
  • Audio: Jeff Stier Discusses the Philadelphia Soda Tax on Dr. Drew's Radio Show
  • Press Release: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Confronted Over Anti-Conservative Bias: Sits Mute in Response
  • Press Release: CNN's Increased Ideological Diversity Applauded
  • Press Release: The Nanny State Advances: Statement on Passage of Anti-Soda Tax in Philadelphia
  • Press Release: Juneteenth -- America's Celebration of the End of Slavery -- to be Celebrated Sunday, June 19
  • Press Release: Time Warner Management to Face Shareholders Wednesday
  • Blog: Is It Too Much To Expect Our Elected Officials to Understand the Declaration of Independence?
  • Blog: Statement in Response to Orlando Terrorist Attack
  • Blog: CBS Insinuates That We Bombed a Target Store
  • Press Release: Target's Stance on Social Issues Questioned - Company Asked if It Has Regrets over Bathroom Flap
  • Blog: Washington Post: At Target's Shareholder Meeting Comes a Question About Its Bathroom Policy
  • Press Release: Target Management to Face Shareholders Wednesday
  • Blog: Muhammad Ali Remembered by Project 21's John Meredith
  • Blog: Liberals Claim Privacy is More Important than the Lives of Babies, Less Important than Mandatory Recycling
  • Press Release: Religious Liberty Debated at Annual Meeting of Walmart Shareholders
  • Press Release: Walmart to Vote on Religious Freedom and Human Rights Proposal Friday
  • Blog: Will Your Cell Phone Cause You to Develop Cancer?
  • Press Release: 'Roots' Rebroadcast Stokes Memories in Project 21 Members, Friends
  • Press Release: McDonald's Told: Stop Bowing to Liberal Pressure Groups!
  • Press Release: Violent Protesters May Disrupt McDonald's Shareholder Meeting Thursday
  • Press Release: Leftist Proposal Defeated at Annual Meeting of Aetna Investors
  • Press Release: Comcast CEO Declines to Deny it Runs MSNBC Not for Ratings and Profits, But to Open Doors for Comcast With Liberal Elected Officials
  • Press Release: Home Depot Asked if it Opposes Religious Freedom
  • Press Release: Home Depot, Comcast and Discovery Shareholder Meetings to Be Attended by National Center for Public Policy Research on May 19
  • Press Release: Obama Locker Room Edict Condemned by Black Conservatives
  • Press Release: Expert Available to Comment on New E-Cigarette Regulations
  • Press Release: Pepsi Doubles-Down on LGBT and Transgender and Restroom-Access Activism
  • Press Release: National Center Free Enterprise Project to Attend Pepsi Shareholder Meeting to Discuss Pepsi Involvement in LGBT Activism
  • Press Release: Eli Lilly Shareholders to Management: Religious Liberty Matters
  • Blog: Lies About Voting Rights Act Should Be Rejected: They are Divisive -- and Wrong!
  • Press Release: Coke Management Urges Shareholders to Oppose Transparency Proposal
  • Press Release: General Electric Criticized for Religious Liberty Hypocrisy at Shareholder Meeting
  • Press Release: Free Enterprise Project to Present Liberty-Based Shareholder Resolutions at Annual Meetings of Corporate Titans General Electric and Coca-Cola
  • Blog: Federal Judge Slaps Obama Administration Coverup Attempt
  • Blog: Real-Life Examples Prove Voter Fraud Does Exist
  • Blog: The Truth Can Get You Fired
  • Blog: University Researchers Hide Good News - Why?
  • Blog: Bipartisan Dark Money and California's Latest Economic Misstep
  • Blog: Ex-Im Bank, Scorned as Wasteful, Spends $75,000 to Lease a Car
  • Press Release: Project 21 Black Leadership Network Statement on Savage, Senseless Attack on Houston Deputy Constable
  • Press Release: Congress Must Act Quickly To Halt FDA's Upcoming Regulation To Kill E-Cigarettes
  • Blog: E-Cigarettes May Soon be Banned in the United States
  • Press Release: War on Food and Free Speech Continues: Nanny State Activists Got Whistleblower Journalist 'Disinvited' from Consumer Federation of America National Conference
  • Press Release: Wendy Bell Firing from WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh Criticized by Black Leaders
  • Blog: Kevin Martin on SCOTUS, Drug Wars and Gitmo
  • Blog: More Indictments for Crime That Doesn't Exist
  • Blog: Starbucks Asked to Protect Employees' Right to be Politically Active Without Penalty at Work
  • Blog: Socialism in the Bathroom: Insane "Free Tampons" Movement Wants to Divert Tuition Funds to Tampons?
  • Blog: Did Zoolander Influence the Future of iPhones?
  • Press Release: Starbucks Investors Vote on Employee Protection Shareholder Proposal
  • Press Release: Project 21 Black Leaders Condemn Obama Trip to Cuba
  • Press Release: Free Enterprise Advocate Urges Starbucks Investors to Support Resolution Designed to Protect Employees Who Engage in Political and Civic Activities
  • Press Release: Project 21 Black Leadership Network Statement on President Obama's U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy Announcement
  • Blog: Are Abortionists Really "Butchers"?
  • Blog: Activists Demand Free Tampons Because Men Don't Menstruate (Seriously!)
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Stand up for Sanity at Mizzou
  • Blog: U.S. Senate Makes Bill to Fight Opioid Abuse a Priority, But Why Isn't This Best Left to States and Localities?
  • Press Release: Disney's Robert Iger Denies ABC News is Biased at Disney Shareholder Meeting
  • Press Release: Walt Disney Investors asked to Reject Liberal Resolution Targeting Corporate Involvement with Groups that Support Free Enterprise and Private Job Creation
  • Blog: What the FBI Wants Apple to Do
  • Blog: Liberal Congresswoman Calls for Federal Drug Tests for Farmers If Food Stamp Recipients Get Them
  • Blog: Hollywood Specializes in Fiction -- Beware of Following Its Policy Advice
  • Blog: Apple Shareholders Reject Shareholder Proposal Claiming Board is "Too Vanilla" (aka, White)
  • Press Release: Apple Inc. Asked to Adopt Human Rights Proposal
  • Press Release: Apple Shareholders to Vote on Anti-Discrimination Proposal
  • Blog: Tomorrow I Will Speak to Apple Shareholders About Human Rights
  • Press Release: "John Deere Consistently Surrenders to the Left"
  • Press Release: Pro-Liberty Resolutions to Be Presented to John Deere and Apple Investors This Week
  • Blog: Starbucks May Soon Have the World's Largest Menu
  • Blog: Look at American Vets to See Future of Government Health Care
  • Blog: Liberals, It's a Lie to Say Criticism of Obama Is Because He's Black
  • Blog: Nannystaters Try Censorship Again, Put Lives at Stake
  • Blog: Obama and Friends Cry False Racism for Supreme Court Battle
  • Blog: It's Not About You, Mr. President
  • Press Release: Supporters of Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes as Alternative to Tobacco to Speak at Utah State Capitol February 17
  • Blog: Genital Checks: Not Coming to a Restroom Near You
  • Press Release: Congress to Vote on Scaling Back ObamaCare's Requirement that Restaurants Print Calorie Counts in Menus
  • Blog: Exposers of Planned Parenthood Should Be Hailed as Good Journalists
  • Press Release: Liberal Activists, Mainstream Media, Law Enforcement Bear Partial Blame for Showdown in Oregon that Led to Death of LaVoy Finicum
  • Blog: March for Life: Will the Washington Post Cover It As It Did in 2014 (Fairly), or 2015 (Not)?
  • Blog: Is Apple's Workforce Sufficiently Diverse? A Shareholder Proposal Says No, But I'm Skeptical
  • Blog: Yes, Conservatives DO Have ObamaCare Alternatives
  • Blog: Horace Cooper Decries Single-Payer Health Care and Government Witch Hunts Against Conservatives
  • Press Release: Oregon Standoff is Just a Symptom of a Much Larger Problem Congress Can Help Fix
  • Blog: President Obama Hasn't Addressed the Real Issues That Affect the Black Community
  • Press Release: Congressional Black Caucus: Don't Tell Us Black Lives Matter!
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Critical of Obama's State of the Union Address
  • Blog: To Media Matters, It Is Still 2008
  • Press Release: Project 21 Founding Member Bishop Council Nedd II to be Sworn in as Pennsylvania State Constable on January 4


  • Blog: Why is Tim Cook Producing Apple Products in China?
  • Blog: The Pro-Discrimination Left Needs to Be Slapped Down in Court, Says Project 21's Joe Hicks
  • Press Release: Today's Contentious Supreme Court Debate on Affirmative Action Draws Comments from Black Conservative Leaders
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Comment on Obama's Terrorism Address
  • Blog: Are Salt Warnings the Best Way to Improve the Way People Eat?
  • Blog: Sanctuary Cities Are a Magnet for Criminals, Says Horace Cooper
  • Blog: A Partial Solution to the Syrian Refugee Debate
  • Blog: President Obama's Sexism Revealed
  • Blog: Should the U.S. Open Its Arms to Syrian Refugees?
  • Blog: Environmentalists Don't Want You to Eat Meat
  • Blog: Left-wing Media Matters Publishes Dubious Report on Our WSJ Op-Ed; We Correct the Worst Stuff
  • Press Release: Climate Change "Busybodies" May Be Behind Latest Meat-Causes-Cancer Scare
  • Blog: What Can Help the University of Missouri?
  • Press Release: Project 21 Members Issue Statements in Response to Resignation of University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe
  • Blog: Black Lives Matter Movement is No Longer Redeemable, Says Project 21's Nedd
  • Blog: Apple's Rhetoric vs. Reality
  • Press Release: Risk Expert Says Calls to Stop Serving Processed Meats in Schools Should Be Rejected
  • Blog: Black Conservative Kevin Martin Supports Voter ID Requirements
  • Blog: Liberals Play Politics with Government Dietary Standards
  • Blog: More Disturbing News from the Abortion Industry
  • Press Release: Free Market Health Care Reform Requires Both Refundable Tax Credits and Large Health Savings Accounts
  • National Policy Analysis: Refundable Tax Credits or Large Health Savings Accounts? Let's Do Both, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: The Significant Affirmative Action Case Before the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Blog: Four ObamaCare Co-Ops Down, 19 To Go
  • Blog: New Mexico Insurer Does The ObamaCare 3-Step
  • Blog: Hillary's Health Care Plan: Make Us Sicker
  • Blog: The Unforeseen Consequences of Affirmative Action
  • Blog: Project 21's McClendon Fights Back Against Sharpton's Lies
  • Blog: America Was Safer Under GWB Than Obama, Says Project 21's Cooper
  • Press Release: Affirmative Action Returns to the U.S. Supreme Court; Black Conservatives Join Supreme Court Legal Brief Demanding End to Race-Based University Admissions
  • Blog: Never Forget
  • Blog: ObamaCare Enrollment Falls Short of CBO Predictions
  • Blog: Apple CEO Tim Cook Criticized by Justin Danhof on Fox Business
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Dominate Media Discussions About 'Black Lives Matter'
  • Blog: Unemployment News a Hollow Victory - About Those Jobs Numbers for August
  • Blog: Yes, Obama, Premiums Are Going Up
  • Blog: Veterans Health Administration: Over 300,000 Not Served
  • Blog: A Rare Moment of Agreement on Immigration
  • Blog: You Can Rate Anything on the Internet--Anything!
  • Blog: Three ObamaCare Co-Ops Down, 20 To Go
  • Blog: Savings of ObamaCare's ACOs Declined 28 Percent!
  • Blog: A Perspective on Harris County Deputy's Death by a Project 21 Member Who Served with Him
  • Press Release: Are Spurious Claims of Police Racism Fueling Ideological Attacks Upon Whites by People With Troubled Psyches?
  • Blog: Are Amputees Medicare's Next Victims?
  • Press Release: Scott Walker's and Marco Rubio's Health Care Plans Would Move U.S. In a Free Market Direction
  • Blog: Rubio's Health Care Plan: Economics vs. Politics
  • Blog: In Memoriam: Whitney Ball
  • Blog: That's Okay. New Mexico's ObamaCare Exchange Will Be Just Fine with Fewer Insurers
  • Press Release: Mr. President, Don't Use the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act to Divide Americans
  • Blog: Danhof's Criticism of Apple's Tim Cook Highlighted by Rush Limbaugh and Fox Business Network
  • Blog: A Word About the Economy: "Stagnant"
  • Blog: ObamaCare Is a Very Inefficient Way to Deliver Health Care
  • Press Release: Ban Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood, Say Members of the Black Leadership Network Project 21
  • Blog: Book: Medicare Harms Patients And Impairs Doctors
  • Blog: Why 'Medicare-for-All' Is A Terrible Idea
  • Blog: Medicare's Unhappy 50th Anniversary
  • Blog: The Silliest Argument in Favor of Medicare-For-All
  • Blog: Medicare's Victims: What Readers Are Saying
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Proposes 5-Point Plan for Achieving Repeal of ObamaCare and Replacing It with a Free-Market Alternative
  • Blog: ObamaCare + Illegal Immigration + California = Insanity
  • Press Release: July 30 Marks the 50th Anniversary of Medicare
  • Blog: Justin Danhof Criticizes Apple CEO Tim Cook on Fox Business Network
  • Blog: Horace Cooper Discusses the Bill Cosby Rape Allegations with Dr. Drew
  • Blog: Medicare Pits Doctors against Patients
  • Blog: Dissecting Medicare
  • Press Release: As Medicare Turns 50 on July 30, New Book Exposes Medicare's Problems and its Victims
  • Blog: Think Progress Discovers Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Other Lite Fare
  • Blog: Pointing Out Harm Reduction Gains
  • Press Release: The Law Should Not Treat Bill Cosby Differently Because He Gave a Speech
  • Blog: Does Medicare Impoverish the Disabled?
  • Blog: Government Interferes with the Religious Liberty of Christian Colleges
  • Blog: Medicare Helps the Disabled--Or Not
  • Blog: Medicare's Victims: Order Your Copy!
  • Blog: Medicare and the Gila Monster Threat!
  • Press Release: New Book, "Medicare's Victims: How the U.S. Government's Largest Health Care Program Harms Patients and Impairs Physicians," To Be Released
  • Blog: Donald Trump, the Clintons and Marijuana
  • Blog: Medicare's Innovation Center Will Be Captured by Big Medical Providers
  • Press Release: Supreme Court's Blocking of EPA's Mercury Emissions Rule a "Setback for the Agency's Institutional Arrogance," Environmental Scholar Says
  • Blog: Why Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare-for-All" Won't Work
  • Blog: Medicare's Victims: Available One Week from Today
  • Blog: How Will the Pope's Position Affect the Poor and the Presidential Election?
  • Press Release: Supreme Court Ruling in King v. Burwell Means Americans Will Have to Wait Longer for a Free-Market Health Care System
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives React to U.S. Supreme Court Decision for Use of "Disparate Impact" in Administration of Fair Housing Act
  • Blog: Horace Cooper Rumbles with Thom Hartmann on Trade, Trans Fats, Climate Change and Women's Health Funding
  • Blog: Justice Scalia May Be Snarky, But He's Also Quite Correct
  • Blog: Rush Limbaugh 1, Pope Francis, 0 - But Why?
  • Blog: Project 21's Kevin Martin Commends SC Governor Nikki Haley for Pressing for Removal of Confederate Battle Flag
  • Blog: Medical Records: Got Privacy?
  • Press Release: The Patient Freedom Act: A Roadmap for ObamaCare Opponents if Plaintiffs Win in King v. Burwell
  • National Policy Analysis: The Patient Freedom Act: A Roadmap for ObamaCare Opponents if Plaintiffs Win in King v. Burwell, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Press Release: Project 21 Mourns Senseless and Tragic Murders at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston
  • Blog: Health Care Odds & Ends: ObamaCare Exchanges One Problem For Another
  • Press Release: Evidence Mounting that Michelle Obama's Signature School Lunch Policy is a Failure
  • Blog: ObamaCare Premium Hikes for 2016—Ignore Them at Your Own Risk
  • Press Release: ObamaCare Premium Hikes for 2016--Ignore Them at Your Own Risk
  • Press Release: Black Americans Must Defend, Enhance Their Freedom; Juneteenth Emancipation Anniversary Offers Chance to Assess How Government Infringes on Rights, Opportunities
  • National Policy Analysis: ObamaCare Premium Hikes for 2016—Ignore Them at Your Own Risk, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Ambulance Transport and Medicare's Victims
  • Blog: Ban Flavored E-cigarettes?
  • Blog: Remember Robert Stethem
  • Press Release: Obama Administration Set to Ban Artificial Trans-Fats as Soon as Monday
  • Blog: Despite High Jobs Numbers for May, Obama Still Has the American Economy in a Ditch
  • Press Release: Free-Market Organization Asks Google to Be Transparent with Investors Regarding Cost of "Green" Initiatives
  • Blog: Save Ferris: How the 80s Favorite Truant Might Rank among America's Most Wanted Today
  • Blog: Montana: More Evidence Death Spiral Bearing Down on ObamaCare Exchanges
  • Blog: Someone Should Ask Sen. Sanders If Ben and Jerry's Offers Too Many Choices of Ice Cream
  • Blog: Krugman Wrong Again? Death Spiral Rears Its Head
  • National Policy Analysis: The ObamaCare Death Spiral Rears Its Head, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Press Release: An ObamaCare Death Spiral is on the Horizon
  • Blog: ObamaCare Exchange Imposes Cap on Specialty Drugs: What Could Go Wrong?
  • Blog: Understanding Exactly Why "Freedom Is Not Free"
  • Blog: What Do Corky the Orca and Hercules the Chimpanzee Have in Common?
  • Press Release: Fast Food Giant McDonald's is Pressured to Promote Sound Science Regarding Food Safety and Potential of GMOs
  • Blog: New York Times Columnist, Nanny State Foodie War-Monger
  • Blog: The Impact of King v. Burwell
  • Blog: Je Suis Pamela Geller
  • Blog: Health Care Odds & Ends: ObamaCare State Exchanges Disaster Edition
  • Blog: RAD Calls Out Caving Corporations
  • Press Release: Leading Good Governance Group Blasts Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson for Calling Religious Liberty Law "Madness"
  • Blog: A Better Jobs Report, but Not Good Enough News for the American Economy
  • Blog: Are More Young and Healthy People Signing up for ObamaCare? No.
  • Blog: Medicare's Victims: How the U.S. Government's Largest Health Care Program Harms Patients and Impairs Physicians
  • Blog: Surprise! ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Leads to Increase in ER Visits
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Urges Coca-Cola to Conduct Public Education Campaign About Safety of GMOs
  • Press Release: Goal: Reduce Harm from Tobacco Use; Jeff Stier to Speak at Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association 2015 Annual Conference
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Speak Out on Baltimore Riots
  • New Visions Commentary: A Woman on the $20 Bill? Make Her an Entrepreneur, by David W. Almasi
  • Blog: Justin Danhof Explains Our Work at GE on the O'Reilly Factor
  • Press Release: Cynical Power Company Supports Regulations that Will Increase Its Profits, But Harm the American People
  • Blog: Black Conservatives on Baltimore Looting, Violence: "Felons Don't Need 'Space to Destroy'"
  • Blog: The Health Care You Get Will Depend on Your Political Clout--Specialty Drug Edition Redux
  • Press Release: Boeing Refuses to Disclose Any Boeing-State Department-Clinton Foundation Email Correspondence
  • Press Release: Conservatives 3 - Liberals 0; Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Honeywell Investors Overwhelmingly Reject Left's Call That They Stop Working with Conservative Organizations and Public Officials
  • Blog: Clinton Foundation May Have an Enron Problem
  • Blog: Bill O'Reilly is All Over Our Question to GE's Jeff Immelt
  • Press Release: General Electric's Jeff Immelt Says GE Will Not Make Public Written Communications with State Department During Period When It Made a Major Donation to the Clinton Foundation and then-Secretary of State Clinton Secured a $1.9 Billion Contract with the Algerian Government
  • Press Release: Free-Market Activist Shares ObamaCare Alternatives with Major Health Care Insurer
  • Press Release: Leading Free Market Activist Group Advises Investors to Reject Upcoming Shareholder Resolutions Designed to Stifle Free Speech and Defund Market-Based Policy Solutions
  • Blog: ObamaCare's Amazing Wayback Clause
  • Blog: Human Toll of California's Drought A "Man-Made Disaster"
  • Blog: California Water Shortage Was Caused by Environmentalists
  • Press Release: Free Market Group Asks Major Health Insurer to Explain Continued Support for ObamaCare
  • New Visions Commentary: Audit the Fed, but Be Careful Who Gets That Power, by Hughey Newsome
  • Blog: Another Reason to Oppose the Medicare Doc Fix Bill
  • Blog: Medicare Doc Fix Bill Is IPAB-Lite
  • Press Release: Are Republicans and Democrats Creating a Mini-Death Panel for Medicare in the "Bipartisan" Doc Fix Bill?
  • National Policy Analysis: Medicare Doc Fix Bill Is IPAB-Lite, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Leftist Concern for Black Lives Seems More Political than Compassionate, Says Project 21's Cooper On "O’Reilly Factor"
  • Blog: As Liberal Congressman Blames Conservatives for SC Shooting, Project 21's Horace Cooper to Speak Sense on O'Reilly Tonight
  • Blog: Black Conservatives on South Carolina Police-Involved Shooting
  • Blog: Good News for Rare Diseases: Big Profits
  • New Visions Commentary: Hands Off: Don't Raid Your Retirement Accounts! by Fred Banyon
  • Blog: Winter Blues Can't Be Blamed for Poor Economy — "About Those Jobs Numbers" For March 2015
  • New Visions Commentary: Uber Fights Cab Discrimination, by Gianno Caldwell
  • Blog: Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio Divides Us Between Red Plates and Blue Plates
  • Press Release: Sustainable Growth Rate Repeal Bill Will Harm Medicare Patients
  • National Policy Analysis: SGR Repeal Bill Will Harm Medicare Patients, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Repealing the SGR Without Adding (Too Much) to the Deficit
  • Blog: #StarbucksCoffeeIsMorallySuperior
  • Blog: ObamaCare At Five: Lipstick on a Pig
  • Press Release: Liberal Race-Card Tactics Condemned in Loretta Lynch Attorney General Confirmation Process
  • Blog: Upset with Ringling Bros. for Taking Elephants out of the Circus? Blame PETA Instead
  • Blog: Loretta Lynch Race Card Tactics Rebuffed by Black Conservatives
  • Blog: Hey Amy & David, You Should Adopt This Policy for NCPPR!
  • Blog: Health Care Odds & Ends: Government Incompetence Edition
  • Blog: Conservative and Libertarian Alternatives to ObamaCare
  • Blog: Many Changed Their ObamaCare Plans Because It Was Too Expensive Not To
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama Immigration Policy Questions His Commitment to Making Black Lives Matter, by Ted Hayes
  • Press Release: Free Market Leader Questions Walt Disney on Worker Freedoms
  • Blog: Fixing Veterans Health Care
  • Blog: The VA Scandal May Be Much Worse
  • Press Release: Consumer Product Safety Commission Fails to Adhere to Guidelines During Process of Phthalate Alternative Rulemaking
  • Blog: Gender-Bending Gym Rule Goes Too Far in Catering to LGBT Agenda
  • Blog: Project 21's LeBon Defends Voter ID, Decries Big Government Abuses on MSNBC
  • Press Release: Tim Cook has Another "Tim Cook Moment"; Denigrates Capitalism at Apple Shareholder Meeting
  • Press Release: Transparency Urged for Apple at Shareholder Meeting Today
  • Blog: Risk Analysis Division's Comments to Consumer Product Safety Commission on Proposed Chemical Ban
  • Blog: A Lefty Admits That ObamaCare Has Made Us More Dependent on Government
  • Blog: Hard Truths Overshadow Happiness about Unemployment Figures — "About Those Jobs Numbers" for February 2015
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Comment on Selma "Bloody Sunday" 50th Anniversary
  • Blog: King v. Burwell--Will Kennedy Swing Left?
  • Blog: King v. Burwell: End of ObamaCare?
  • Press Release: Not So Fast, Liberal Media: There are a Dozen Free-Market Alternatives to ObamaCare
  • National Policy Analysis: If Plaintiffs Prevail in King v. Burwell, Conservatives and Libertarians Have Many Health Care Reform Options Ready to Help People who Lose ObamaCare Subsidies, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Republicans Usually Ask for Higher Spending During "Members' Day." This Year, Some Called for Cuts
  • Blog: Project 21 Member Wins CPAC Blogger Award
  • Press Release: Free Market Group Working to Protect Employment Freedoms to Respond to Costco Chairman's Allegations at CPAC 2015
  • Blog: Who Photobombed Col. Allen West?
  • Press Release: CEO of Farming Giant John Deere Challenged for Fighting Proposal to Protect Employees' Right to Engage in Private Political and Civic Activities on Their Own Time
  • Blog: The Dashing Federal Budget
  • Blog: Jeff Stier of the National Center and Niger Innis of Project 21 to Appear on Special CPAC Panel on Regulations and Freedom
  • Blog: Why We Don't Believe Costco Chairman Jeffrey Brotman
  • Blog: ObamaCare Taxes the Poor
  • Blog: ObamaCare Exchanges: Goal-Post Shifting And Glitches
  • Blog: King Obama Creates a Privileged ObamaCare Class
  • Press Release: Project 21 Members Call Rumored Federal Lawsuit Against Ferguson Police Department a Misguided Attempt for "Pound of Flesh"
  • Blog: National Center's Stier Explains the Animal Extremist Agenda against Mankind
  • Press Release: Federal Government's Dietary Guidelines Should Not Be Distorted By Environmental Activism
  • Blog: Democrats Made Their Individual Mandate Bed; Now They Can Lie in It
  • Blog: TV Host Mobilizes Viewers to Fight for National Center in Campaign for Political Freedom at Costco
  • New Visions Commentary: Fiscal Literacy Needed to Avoid Poverty Traps, by Fred Banyon
  • Blog: Major Online Retailer Offers 10 Percent Off for Customers Typing "Liberty" at Checkout
  • Blog: TV Host Amato Takes Up National Center Cause, to Announce Campaign Against Costco Tuesday Night
  • Blog: Obama Displays His Ignorance While Getting on High Horse
  • Blog: ObamaCare: Patients Pay the Cost, Social Engineers Do Not
  • Blog: Why Do We Have a Lower Ethical Standard for Presidents Than for News Anchors?
  • Blog: Gianno Caldwell's Project 21 Media Debut Tackles Ukraine, ISIS and Other Foreign Policy Issues - and Brian Williams
  • Press Release: Message to Jesse Jackson: Stop Lying About the Voting Rights Act
  • Press Release: NBC's Brian Williams Scandal Could Have Been Avoided
  • Blog: Behind the Gun, Another Community Activist Gains Clarity regarding Police Procedures
  • Blog: About Those Jobs Numbers for January: Obama?s Economic Bravado Relies on Defining down Success
  • Blog: New Study: Three Ways Consumers Could Pay Exorbitantly Higher Premiums on the ObamaCare Exchanges in 2015
  • Press Release: ObamaCare Customers Should Beware of Higher Prices
  • National Policy Analysis: Three Ways Consumers Could Pay Exorbitantly Higher Premiums on the ObamaCare Exchanges in 2015
  • Blog: IRS Gives ObamaCare Tax Delinquents Special Treatment
  • Press Release: Washington State Considers Criminalizing Holding Whales and Dolphins in Aquariums
  • Press Release: Leading Free Market Group Asks Dozens of Major American Companies to Protect Workers' Right to Freely Engage in Political and Civic Activities
  • Blog: CoOportunity Health: The Solyndra of ObamaCare
  • Blog: "Government Overreach" Lands Parents in Hot Water for Letting Kids Walk to Park Alone
  • Blog: Illegal Immigration Has Black Americans "Struggling for Our Very Lives"
  • New Visions Commentary: To Improve Race Relations, Don't Suppress Your Race, by Stacy Washington
  • Blog: Project 21's Emmett an Early Critic of Obama's "Free" Community College Plan
  • Press Release: Visa, Inc. Leaders Balk at Request to Support Free and Open Internet
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama Should Work with the New Congress to Reinstate the Clinton-GOP Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996, by Gianno Caldwell
  • Blog: HealthCare.Gov: Incompetence on a Massive Scale
  • Press Release: Governor John Kasich (R-OH) Should Stop Insisting Christians Must Support ObamaCare's Medicaid Expansion
  • Blog: Parody: Why All Good Christians Must Support ObamaCare?s Medicaid Expansion
  • Blog: Medicaid Money Laundering--It's Perfectly Legal!
  • Blog: Project 21 Membership Tackles Tough Middle East, Islam Issues
  • Blog: Black Conservatives Say Newest Drive for Redskins Name Change Fouls Free Speech
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Tear Down Leftist Infrastructure Deception
  • Blog: Post Coverage of March for Life Suggests Liberal Newsroom Is Reasserting Control
  • Blog: Thomas Sowell: Welfare, Not Slavery Or Racism, Cause Of Racial Inequality
  • Blog: Project 21's Gardner Answers the Question: "What Would Martin Luther King, Jr. Say?"
  • Blog: Thomas Sowell: 'Resentment' of America Fueling Obama Amnesty
  • Blog: ObamaCare's 'Success' Is One of Making Americans More Dependent on Government
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Critique President Obama's State of the Union Address
  • Blog: Thomas Sowell: Unrest Suits Sharpton's 'Income Interests'
  • Blog: Project 21 Member's Spiritual and Racial Redemption Highlighted by National Black Radio Network
  • Blog: Despite the Rise of the Race Hustlers, America's Youth Provide Optimism for a More Perfect Union
  • Blog: Race-Conscious Public Policy Puts Public at Risk in Buffalo, NY
  • New Visions Commentary: Low Gas Prices Could Ultimately Hurt U.S. Economy, by Fred Banyon
  • Blog: Creating Unjustified Racial Strife Dishonors MLK Legacy
  • Press Release: National Center Risk Analysis Division Director Comments on Michigan Governor Snyder's Veto of Bill to Ban Sale of E-Cigarettes to Minors
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Available to Discuss Importance, Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Blog: E-Cigarettes Help Tobacco Smokers Quit - Public Health Groups Should Get Out of Their Way
  • New Visions Commentary: The "Black Lives Matter" Slogan Ignores Self-Destructive Behavior, by Derryck Green
  • New Visions Commentary: How to Make Media Coverage of Race a Force for Unity, by Hughey Newsome
  • New Visions Commentary: Important Questions and a Few Easy Steps to Stop an American Ebola Outbreak, by Kevin L. Martin
  • New Visions Commentary: Blacks' "Wartime" Mentality Disregarding Opportunity Makes Them Their Own Worst Enemy, by Christopher Arps
  • Blog: ObamaCare: Is 40 Hours Worse than 30?
  • Blog: Armed and at Risk, Police Critic Learns the Value of Compliance with Cops
  • Blog: About Those Jobs Numbers for December: The Devil Is in the Details
  • Press Release: "Racially Motivated" Hiring Hurting White Firemen Challenged by Black Activists in Court
  • Blog: Michigan Legislators Got E-Cig Regulation Right. Will Governor Snyder Drop the Ball? RAD Sets Record Straight
  • Blog: Sometimes Reality Even Finds Its Way into Harvard
  • Blog: Pulling Back the Curtain on Sharpton's Activism and Obama's Regulations
  • Blog: Horace Cooper on Hannity, Speaking on Scalise Non-Scandal
  • Blog: With New Technology, FBI Has "No Business" Snooping on Cell Phones without Warrants
  • Blog: Occupy Organizer Further Radicalizing Ferguson Protests
  • Blog: Project 21's Emmett Discusses Police-Black Community Relations


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