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  • Blog: Project 21 Members Discuss Supreme CourtŐs Race Ruling on American Urban Radio
  • Blog: ObamaCare Whac-A-Mole!
  • Press Release: Supreme Court on Path to Ending Race Preferences; Ruling in Schuette Case Paves Way for More Equal, Less Divided America
  • Blog: Video: Supreme Court Upholds Michigan's Ban on Race Preferences; Video Explains the Issues Before the Court
  • Blog: ObamaCare Protects Widows and... Whoops!
  • Blog: Black Activists Lament Later Tax Freedom Day
  • Press Release: Obama Uses Phony Statistics to Sell ObamaCare
  • Blog: Obama's Enrollment Triumph A Pyrrhic Victory
  • Blog: Obama Administration Uses Bogus Insurance Coverage Figures
  • Blog: More Medicaid Melarky
  • Blog: Not Even a Clinton Compromise Can Persuade Strident Voter ID Critics
  • Blog: Myth: America Had A Free-Market Health Care System Prior To ObamaCare
  • New Visions Commentary: There Should Be Repercussions if Taxes Aren't Spent Wisely, by Hughey Newsome
  • Blog: Why do the Left's Stories about the Death of Charlene Dill Leave Out So Much Information?
  • Blog: ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion: The Cruelty Of False Hope
  • Blog: Government Wants You To Have Choices--As Long As You Make The 'Right' Choice
  • Blog: Why is the American Geophysical Union Prioritizing Climate Alarmism Over Scientific Inquiry?
  • Blog: A Bad Week for Lois Lerner, But a Good Week for Finding the Truth
  • Blog: Medicaid Expansion: Good News And Bad News
  • Press Release: Federal Race-Raters Dealt Major Court Defeat; Black Conservatives Helped Challenge Government Agency's Race-Card Attack on Job Applicant Credit Checks
  • Blog: Health Care Odds & Ends: Why The ObamaCare Numbers Matter
  • Blog: Project 21's Cooper on Hank Aaron's Race Remarks
  • Blog: Medicare Advantage, Insurance Premiums and Chutzpah
  • Blog: 180,000 Women Lost Jobs in February While Obama Promotes Gender Warfare
  • Blog: More On The Bogus '3.1 Million Young Adults Have Gained Coverage Via Their Parents' Statistic
  • Blog: Why Did the Federal Government Put $700,000 in Taxpayer Money Down the Drain?
  • Blog: I Told You So: Myth #3 About the Incandescent Light Bulb Ban
  • Blog: About Those March Jobs Numbers...
  • Blog: Michael Hiltzik, ObamaCare Shill Extraordinaire
  • Blog: National Center's Hogberg Analyzes ObamaCare Enrollment on Fox Business
  • Blog: Have a Koch and a Smile
  • New Visions Commentary: Disproportionate Definitions of "Disproportionate," by Hughey Newsome
  • Blog: Rush Limbaugh, Drudge Report Cover David Hogberg's ObamaCare Reports
  • Blog: Health Care Odds & Ends: Bogus Numbers Addition
  • Blog: Project 21's Cooper Cheers Supreme Court's Campaign Finance Ruling
  • Blog: If ObamaCare is Working So Well, Mr. President, Why Has the Percentage of Uninsured Risen?
  • Press Release: Not So Fast, Mr. President: ObamaCare is Not Working as Claimed
  • National Policy Analysis: A Slacking Figure: Despite What President Obama and the Los Angeles Times Say, 3.1 Million Young Adults Have Not Received Coverage via Their Parents' Insurance, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: On ObamaCare I Admit It: Paul Krugman Was Right, I Was Wrong
  • Blog: Ballot Protection Law in North Carolina Increases Minority, Liberal Voter Registration
  • Blog: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Tells Four Lies in One Sentence, Washington Post Grades Two Pinocchios
  • Blog: Why Should The Administration Put Out Propaganda About ObamaCare When The L.A. Times Will Do It For Them?
  • Press Release: What the Obama Administration Hasn't Told You About the HHS Mandate - But DID Put in the Federal Register
  • Blog: Should Conservatives Choose HHS Mandate, Climate Change Postitions Based on What is Likely to Win the Most Votes?
  • New Visions Commentary: Blacks Must Speak Outside the Language of Race (Part 2), by Derryck Green
  • Blog: How Can Senator Patty Murray Be So Ignorant about a Law She Voted For?
  • Blog: Noel Sheppard, RIP
  • Blog: Is It Open Season on Black Conservatives?
  • New Visions Commentary: Blacks Must Speak Outside the Language of Race (Part 1), by Derryck Green
  • Blog: The Secret Sexist Roots of the HHS Contraception Mandate
  • Blog: Another Phony ObamaCare Milestone
  • Blog: ObamaCare "Fix" Shows Democrats Are Clueless
  • New Visions Commentary: Get Over It: No Hatred in Obama Critiques, by Christopher Arps
  • Blog: VIDEO: No, Donald Rumsfeld Did Not Call President Obama a "Trained Ape"
  • Blog: Guaranteed Issue For All Of 2014--Death Spiral Comin' Faster
  • Blog: Project 21's LeBon Recaps Supreme Court ObamaCare Challenge
  • Blog: 9 Takeaways from the Hobby Lobby HHS Contraception Mandate Oral Arguments
  • Blog: Project 21's LeBon Dispels Hobby Lobby Case Misconceptions
  • National Policy Analysis: A Quick Guide to ObamaCare's HHS Contraceptive Mandate and Why the Supreme Court Should (and Will) Throw It Out, by Amy Ridenour
  • New Visions Commentary: If I Were a Liberal, by Hughey Newsome
  • Press Release: On ObamaCare's 4th Anniversary, It's Clear There Are More Losers than Winners
  • Blog: ObamaCare's 4th Anniversary: Winners and Losers and Losers and Losers and...
  • Blog: Holder Fails to Prosecute Vote Fraudster, Sharpton Hugs Her
  • Blog: New ObamaCare Bug Discovered: People With Incomes Just Above Poverty Line are Falsely Being Told They Do Not Qualify for Subsidies
  • Blog: 45,000 People Die From Lack Of Insurance Because Michael Hiltzik Of The L.A. Times Says So
  • Blog: Citizenship Check Counters Voter Fraud Concern
  • Blog: Death Spiral Still A Comin'
  • Press Release: Starbucks Applauded for Standing Firm in Defense of GMOs
  • Blog: Project 21's Cooper Says Obama Internet Retreat is WWWrong
  • Blog: Why No One Trusts The Obama Administration, Part MVIII
  • Blog: Is Disney's Robert Iger a Closet Fox News Fan?
  • Press Release: Disney Chief Robert Iger Calls ABC News "Fair and Balanced" In Response to Media Bias Question at Shareholder Meeting Today
  • Blog: Single-Payer Without Wait Times? Taiwan Is On Borrowed Time
  • Blog: Some Say "Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist," But Dead People are Voting
  • Blog: If You Liked Mayor Bloomberg, You'll Love Mayor de Blasio
  • Blog: Project 21's Swimp Promotes Flat Tax to Reform IRS
  • Blog: Stier Shorts Out Nanny State Argument to Unplug Kids' Electronics
  • Blog: No, 45,000 People Do Not Die Annually Because They Are Uninsured
  • Press Release: Statement of Risk Analysis Division Director Jeff Stier in Response to Chimerix Decision to Make Experimental Drug Brincidofovir Available to Seven-Year-Old Boy
  • Blog: Death Spiral A-Comin'
  • Blog: Boycott of Florida Businesses Over Stand Your Ground Criticized
  • Blog: Dr. David Hogberg's Senate Testimony on Government-Run Health Care Problems
  • Blog: What the U.S. Health Care System Can Learn from Single-Payer Countries
  • Blog: Senate Democrats to Stay Up All Night to Protest that They Aren't Doing Anything on Climate
  • Blog: Health Care Odds & Ends
  • Press Release: Obama Administration to Insert Global Warming Activism into Dietary Guidelines Mandated by Congress
  • Blog: Rutgers Administration, Project 21 Members, Stand with Condoleezza Rice
  • Blog: Meet Sir Richard Branson: Concentration Camp Commandant
  • Blog: About Those February Jobs Numbers
  • New Visions Commentary: Free-Market Fixes Could Still Save American Health Care, by Elaina F. George, MD
  • Blog: Black Conservatives Discuss Barack's Budget
  • Blog: Despite "Nuclear Option" in Senate, Adegbile Nomination Was Radioactive
  • Blog: Apple Transparency, Green Goals Questioned by National Center on Cavuto Show
  • Blog: So What Were We Doing at Apple and Why Did Tim Cook Get So Mad?
  • Press Release: Los Angeles City Council Votes to Treat Much-Safer E-Cigarettes Just Like Dangerous Tobacco Cigarettes
  • Blog: Richard Branson, Jet-Fuel Burner, Criticizes Us on Climate
  • New Visions Commentary: Black Men Can Benefit Better from Sports Opportunities, and Here's How, by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Blog: We Asked Apple's Tim Cook a Question and He Got Mad and We Think This is Why
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Predicted First Lady's Food Fanaticism
  • New Visions Commentary: We are Black History, by Demetrius Minor
  • Blog: ObamaCare Exchanges: Less Choice, Higher Prices
  • Press Release: New Study Confirms: ObamaCare Exchanges Mean Less Choice, Higher Prices for Health Insurance
  • National Policy Analysis: ObamaCare Exchanges: Less Choice, Higher Prices, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: It's Time to Limit Food Stamps to Nutritious Foods
  • Blog: Meet Harry Reid: Health Climate Change Denier
  • Press Release: Tim Cook to Apple Investors: Drop Dead
  • Blog: First Lady's New Food Labels Found Unfit
  • Blog: Liberal Judges Favor Foreign Festival Over American Flag
  • Blog: Can The Employer-Based Tax Exclusion Be Reformed?
  • Press Release: Free-Market Activists Promote Shareholder Resolution to Force Apple to be Transparent on Sustainability Relationships
  • Blog: Doctors' Lobbyists Are Still Lobbyists
  • Blog: Biden Abuses Black History Month Observance to Push Politics, Hurt Voter Protections
  • Blog: Project 21 Member Speaks for Traditional Marriage, Gets Called the N-Word
  • Blog: Stier Speaks Against E-Cig Strictures in City of Angels
  • Blog: Health Care Odds & Ends: Quick Edition
  • Blog: If You Like Your Cancer Medication, You Can Keep Your...Er, Never Mind
  • Blog: Pastors Join Together to Protect Traditional Marriage in Michigan
  • Press Release: Leading Free-Market Activists Score Major Concession on Global Warming-Related Spending from General Electric
  • Blog: Project 21?s Horace Cooper Discussed Felon Voting With CNN
  • Press Release: Project 21 Condemns Vandalism of Ole Miss Statue of James Meredith
  • Blog: Our New Policy May Be Worse Too
  • Press Release: Will Media Cover the Loss of Small-Group Coverage Due to ObamaCare the Way It Covered Loss of Individual Policies?
  • Blog: John Meredith Speaks About Vandalism of His Father's Ole Miss Statue
  • Blog: Alter: Obama 'Fumbled' Debut Of ObamaCare
  • Blog: Project 21 Members React to Report on Estimated Minimum Wage Increase Job Losses
  • New Visions Commentary: Shame on You, Oprah Winfrey, by Derryck Green
  • Press Release: Nanny State Group Questions Michelle Kwan's Dual Roles as Both Member of the President's Council on Fitness and Coca-Cola Ambassador
  • Blog: And The Quality Of Your Doctor May Get Worse Too
  • Blog: Get a Clue, White House: The Planet Isn't Warming
  • Blog: Shocker: NBC Debate Featuring Man Who Plays a Scientist on TV Crashes and Burns
  • Blog: "Speed Walker" to Debate Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Meet the Press on Climate Change
  • Press Release: Liberals Have Accepted that ObamaCare Will Increase the Deficit; The CBO Shows Economic Consequences of ObamaCare Exceed its Budget Savings
  • Blog: Health Care Odds & Ends: Deluxe Edition
  • Press Release: Revenue-Hungry Rhode Island Seeks 80% Tax on Lifesaving E-Cigarettes
  • Blog: Listen: National Center's Almasi Shatters Chuck Schumer, Food Babe Claims Over Pennsylvania Airwaves
  • Blog: Clarence Thomas Called "Uncle Tom," Again - Project 21 Responds
  • New Visions Commentary: Dr. King's Legacy and the 21st Century, by Hughey Newsome
  • Blog: Nagin Conviction Provides Lessons for Black Politicians, Racial Apologists
  • New Visions Commentary: Black History Month Makes a Mockery of Black History, by Stacy Swimp
  • New Visions Commentary: An Americentric Thought: Let's Rebrand "Black History Month" as "American History Month"
  • Blog: Young People And That First Premium: Why The ObamaCare Risk Pool Is Worse Than You Think
  • Blog: Obama Flouts The Rule Of Law... Again
  • Blog: Hatch-Burr-Coburn Still A Cadillac Tax Plan
  • Press Release: Senator Charles Schumer Calls for Ban on Chemical Used in Bread that Obama's FDA Says is Safe as Used
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Say Politicized Black History Month Means "Good Accomplishments... Overshadowed by Negativity"
  • Blog: Do 97% of All Climate Scientists Really Believe Mankind is Causing Catastrophic Global Warming?
  • Blog: NAACP Pushed Rally ID Requirement at Protest Against Voter ID Requirement
  • Blog: Democratic Congressmen Seek Investigation of IRS Inspector General for Reporting Alleged IRS Wrongdoing Against Conservative Groups
  • Blog: Can We Trust President Obama to Investigate the IRS? We Say No, and Here's Why
  • Blog: Black Conservatives With No Regrets on Beliefs
  • Blog: Benen: Putting More Lipstick On The ObamaCare Pig
  • Blog: About Those January Jobs Numbers...
  • Blog: Do Americans Have a Free Speech Right to Flash Their Headlights? A Debate on the Sean Hannity Show
  • Blog: Why Did President Obama Claim There's "Not a Smidgen" of IRS Corruption Before the Investigation Ends: A Radio Debate
  • Blog: Stop Segregating Black History Month
  • Blog: Throw in the Towel on George Zimmerman Boxing Event
  • Blog: Cohn: Putting The Lipstick On The ObamaCare Pig
  • Blog: Sorry NAACP, Project 21 Members are Not Simply Conservative Mouthpieces
  • Blog: Science for Senators
  • Blog: Project 21’s Kevin Martin Slams Obama O’Reilly Interview “Filibuster”
  • New Visions Commentary: Equating Right-To-Work To Slavery Insults Black Americans, by Stacy Swimp
  • Blog: On DOJ's Investigation of the IRS: The Fix is In, and Here's How We Know
  • Blog: Should Ecig Ads Be Banned?
  • Blog: The Faces of ObamaCare: Watch as Employees at a Pennsylvania Company Learn about Their New Health Plan Under ObamaCare
  • New Visions Commentary: A Deeper Dive into Melissa Harris-Perry's "Apology," by Hughey Newsome
  • Press Release: E-Cigarette Super Bowl Ad Could Save Lives Because E-Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit Smoking Tobacco
  • Blog: The ObamaCare 'Risk Corridors' Are STILL An Insurance Company Bailout
  • Blog: Minimum Wage Could Cause Maximum Pain for America’s Most At-Risk
  • Blog: Success Stories Of ObamaCare Exchange Show Why It Will Fail
  • New Visions Commentary: Cult of The Blameless Black, by Nadra Enzi
  • News of Interest: State of the Union Edition, January 29, 2014
  • Blog: Random Thoughts On SOTU
  • Blog: More Black Conservative Criticism of Obama’s State of the Union Address
  • Blog: Will Iowa Be Next To Ban Use of E-cigarettes in Public Places?
  • Press Release: Project 21 Has Harsh Response to President Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address
  • Press Release: Free-Market Activists Confront Junk Science Anti-GMO Radicals at Monsanto Annual Shareholder Meeting
  • Press Release: Stand Up for the Promise of GMOS, Free-Market Group Says at Monsanto Shareholder Meeting
  • Blog: I Don't Trust President Obama to Mean What He Says
  • Blog: The Senate GOP's Cadillac And Honda Civic Plan Tax
  • Blog: Project 21's Nedd on Gay Grammys Wedding
  • Blog: If Administration Released ObamaCare Enrollment Data Early, It Must Be Good
  • Blog: Either ObamaCare is Racist, or Voter ID Isn't
  • Blog: Will ObamaCare's Disasters & Benghazi Affect Obama's Popularity in 2014? A Right-Left Radio Debate on the Alan Nathan Show
  • Press Release: National Center Applauds Supreme Court for Extending Justice Sotomayor's Injunction Against Enforcement of ObamaCare's HHS Mandate
  • Blog: Newsome Echoes Reagan: Job Creation is the Best Social Program
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Support Senator Scott
  • Blog: Friday Laugh Provided By Krugman
  • Blog: Post's March for Life Coverage Fair! (You're Welcome)
  • Blog: Project 21's Nedd: "Gay is Not the New Black"
  • Blog: ObamaCare Critics On Target
  • Blog: Will White People Get the Good Pot?: Silly Racial Concern of the Day
  • Blog: Yes, The ObamaCare 'Risk Corridors' Are An Insurance Company Bailout
  • Press Release: National Center's Jeff Stier, Though Caught in Snowstorm, Will Testify Before Special Committee of Oklahoma Legislature on Tobacco Harm Reduction Measures and E-Cigarette Regulation
  • Blog: National Center Senior Fellow to Testify Before Oklahoma Legislature -- Sort Of
  • National Policy Analysis: The Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014 is Unsound Policy: Legislation Unjustly Discriminates Against White Voters and Creates Opportunities for Special Interests to Determine Voting Laws, by Amy Ridenour
  • Press Release: Black Activists Blast Congressional Attack on Ballot Protections
  • Blog: Cherylyn Harley LeBon on War on Poverty: the WorldNetDaily Interview
  • Blog: More Health Care Odds & Ends
  • Blog: Is it Appropriate for the News Media to Take $30 Million in Grants from Elected Officials?
  • Blog: Voter ID Needed: Major City Finds Voter Fraud; Refers Employees Who Discovered it for Possible Prosecution
  • Press Release: Conservative Black Americans Available for Comment on Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy, Holiday Observance
  • Blog: ObamaCare Exchanges Not Doing Much To Reduce The Uninsured
  • Blog: Planet Hasn't Warmed Since 1997, Yet Senators Fret the News Media is Covering Actual Crises Instead of Climate Change
  • Blog: Pennsylvania Voter ID Down But Not Out
  • Blog: Health Care Odds & Ends
  • Blog: Jeff Stier on Genetically-Modified Labeling
  • Press Release: Liberal Groups, Democratic Members of Congress and Organic Food Industry Present President Obama with Demands for New Food Industry Labeling Regulations
  • Blog: House Votes To Force Obama Admin. To Release Exchange Data
  • Press Release: The Administration is Holding Back Data About the ObamaCare Exchanges the Public Deserves to See, Says National Center for Public Policy Research
  • National Policy Analysis: Rep. Lee Terry's H.R. 3362 Counters Administration's Refusal to Release Missing ObamaCare Exchanges Data, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Right v. Left Debate: Should U.S. Supreme Court Strike Down the Executive Branch's Poaching of Recess Appointment Authority from the Senate?
  • Press Release: Obama Civil Rights Nominee Defended Convicted Cop-Killer, Opposed Ballot Safety Measures
  • Blog: Another Really Bad Obamacare Enrollment Report
  • Blog: Has ObamaCare Reduced Medicare Spending? Part 2
  • Blog: If You Ever Had Any Doubt the Media is Biased on Climate, This Should End Your Doubt
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Give Federal Intervention in Local School Discipline an F
  • Blog: About Those December Jobs Numbers…
  • Blog: Has ObamaCare Reduced Medicare Spending? Part 1
  • Blog: Bill Nye the Science Guy Tries to Have It Both Ways on Climate Change
  • Blog: School Choice Can Plug "School-to-Prison Pipeline"
  • Blog: Project 21's Cooper Defends Laffer on Minimum Wage Reform
  • Press Release: Walgreens CEO Once Again Questioned Over Company's Green Policies
  • Press Release: LBJ's "War on Poverty" Hurt Black Americans
  • Blog: Stacy Washington Discusses Black Female SNL Hire
  • Blog: Project 21's Arps on "Knockout Game" Indictment
  • Blog: To a Race-Baiter, Every Issue is About Race
  • Blog: The Best Obamacare Commercials Of 2013
  • Blog: Video: Hitler Gets Trapped in Sea Ice
  • Blog: Do What I Say, Not as I Do: MSNBC Global Warming Edition
  • Blog: Can I Buy an Additional Health Insurance Policy Through My ObamaCare Exchange? Part 2
  • Blog: Bob Grant, RIP


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