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  • New Visions: Finding Sense (and Cents) in Bush's Social Security Reform
  • Blog: Advantages of Nuclear Power - A Debate
  • Blog: The Fight Goes On
  • National Policy Analysis: ANWR: To Drill or Not to Drill? There is No Question by Peyton Knight
  • Blog: Larry King on Black Conservatives
  • Press Release: Senator Crapo's Endangered Species Act Reform Effort Bad for Property Owners and Species
  • Blog: Peer Review -- Or Scant Review?
  • Blog: ANWR: A Special Session of Congress Might Spur a Decision
  • Blog: Media Shield Laws and the Case of KPRC in Houston
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Speak Out on the Execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams
  • Blog: Kyoto Protocol Meets Star Trek Convention
  • Blog: Climate Change Hypocrites v. the U.S., China, India, Japan, Australia and Much of the Developing World
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Criticize Congressional Black Caucus Rush to Judgment on Alito Nomination and Call for Filibuster; Filibuster of Supreme Court Nominees Thought to Be Unconstitutional
  • Blog: Global Warming Conference Report: Logging Old Growth Forests to Stop Global Warming
  • Blog: Climate Change Report: Do We Have a Right to Be Cold?
  • Blog: Climate Change Conference Report: Agence France-Presse Freaks Out
  • Blog: The Empire Strikes Back: U.N. Disrupts Distribution of Toilet Paper Emissions Credits, Seizes National Center Literature
  • Blog: Global Warming Conference Report: The Bear Truth About Emissions Credits
  • Blog: Global Warming Briefs
  • Blog: John O'Neill Practices the Patriotism of Dissent
  • Blog: COP-11 Global Warming Conference Report: Pew Center Admits Kyoto is Dead... Sort of
  • Press Release: Policy Group Distributes Toilet Paper 'Emissions Credits' at U.N. Global Warming Conference
  • Blog: Thank a Soldier Week
  • Blog: Global Warming Causing Global Cooling
  • Blog: Nobby Zoologists, Climate Change and American "Loonies"
  • Blog: Fat People Lose Access to Some Surgeries as Cost-Saving Measure in Britain's Government-Run Health System
  • Blog: The Peace Movement's Moderate Face
  • Blog: Rabbi Eric Yoffie Rebuts Himself
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Support Increased Domestic Oil Exploration
  • Blog: On the Dean Koontz "Japanese Racism" Controversy
  • Blog: White-Hating Segregationists Master Photoshop and a Few Big Words -- Will Other Skills Follow?
  • Ten Second Response: Small Group of House Republicans Derails ANWR Drilling
  • Blog: Historic Preservation v. Property Rights?
  • National Policy Analysis #534: Law of the Sea Treaty Could Prove Dangerous to America by Bonner Cohen
  • Blog: A Pro-France Revisionist View
  • Blog: Michael Steele: Getting Thomased
  • Project 21 Press Release: Group Calls on All Candidates and Parties to Shun Both Use of Racial Slurs and Those Who Employ Them
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Denounce Racialist Milwaukee Newspaper Editorial
  • Blog: Global Warming Joke of the Day
  • Blog: Krauthammer on Realism, Oppression and Scowcroft
  • Blog: Good Thing They Aren't Teenage Girls
  • Blog: Arlen Specter on Miers Withdrawal
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Conservatives React to Miers Withdrawal
  • Blog: Miers: Withdrawal With Honor
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Conservative Reaction to the Death of Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks
  • National Policy Analysis #533: Global Warming-Hurricane Link Just Hot Air by David Ridenour
  • Press Release: Government Playing with 'Corked Bat' in Stadium Game - National Center Cites Need for Eminent Domain Reform
  • Blog: Washington Post: The Conservative Machine and Miers
  • Blog: Bush White House Threats on Miers
  • Press Release: Ideologues Hinder Environmental Clean-up
  • Blog: A President Named Bush
  • Blog: Patrick Leahy: On Miers, No Dissent Permitted
  • Blog: Gerhard Schroeder: Anglo-Saxons Are to Blame, Boo-Hoo-Hoo
  • Blog: Laura Bush Fights the Last War for Women; the Wrong War for Harriet Miers
  • Blog: Hillary Clinton's Feminist Tale
  • Blog: Clarence Thomas No Rubber Stamp
  • Blog: Bill O'Reilly v. Charles Rangel
  • Blog: Ed Gillespie, Conservatives & Miers: Setting the Record Straight
    Blog: Ronald Cass: Conservative Critics are Whiners
  • Blog: On Miers, White House Arguments Improve -- Somewhat
  • Blog: Whiff of Stupidity, I'd Say
  • Blog: I'm Hoping Ted Stevens Would Be Worth as Much as a Fish
  • Blog: Defeatism in Defense of the Constitution is No Virtue
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Conservatives Speak on Miers Nomination
  • Blog: On Harriet Miers: Women Preaching, Dog Walking
  • Blog: Hugh Hewitt: Conservative Camps on Miers
  • Blog: Manny Miranda on Miers
  • Blog: Project 21 to Address Miers Nomination
  • Blog: Europe Not Christian
  • Blog: What Was Bush Doing on SunDay?
  • Blog: Bugs, Songs and Global Warming
  • Press Release: Environmental Activists Target Small Property Owners While Calling the Fifth Amendment a “New Entitlement”
  • Blog: Rep. Charles Rangel Turns Fire Hose on Bush
  • Press Release: Black Group Demands Action from Congressional Black Caucus and Hillary Clinton Over Anti-Bush Slur
  • Press Release: Hostility Toward Key Provision of Pombo Endangered Species Reform Bill Shows Environmentalists Aren't Committed to Public's "Right to Know"
  • Blog: Katrina Rescues: Dedicated Soldiers of the National Guard
  • Blog: "TESRA" Endangered Species Act Reform Update
  • Blog: Katrina, Global Warming and Honest Disagreement
  • Blog: Arianna Huffington is Deeply Sincere
  • Blog: Katrina Bailout: $200 Billion in Perspective
  • Blog: Bush's Hurricane Speech
  • Project 21 Press Release: Judge Who Ruled Pledge of Allegiance Unconstitutional Ignored Established Guidance from the Supreme Court on Ceremonial References to God
  • Press Release: 80+ Groups Send Letter to House Resources Committee Chairman Richard Pombo Calling GOP Endangered Species Act Reform Draft "Extremely Disappointing"
  • Blog: Katrina Rescues: The Military's Work Continues
  • Blog: Shame in Gaza
  • Blog: Katrina Rescues: Scenes of New Orleans
  • Blog: Battleship Iowa to House Gay Museum?
  • National Policy Analysis #532: Proposed Race-Based Government for Hawaii Would Create Trouble in Paradise by David W. Almasi and Amy Ridenour
  • Press Release: The National Center for Public Policy Research Announces Two Staff Additions to Boost Free Market Environmental and Regulatory Affairs Work
  • Blog: Katrina Rescues: A Military Perspective
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Mourn the Passing of Chief Justice Rehnquist
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Group Responds to Congressional Black Caucus Criticism of Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts
  • Blog: Reviewing Anne Rice
  • Blog: Tidbits on Rehnquist
  • Blog: Hurricane Relief Suggestion Box
  • Press Release: Rep. Pombo's Endangered Species Act Reform Proposal Would Do More Harm Than Good, Analysis Says
  • National Policy Analysis #531: "TESRA" Endangered Species Act Reform Proposal Would Do More Harm Than Good by David Ridenour
  • Press Release: Antidote to Defeatism: Soldier Questions Media Coverage of Military Morale, Casualty Rates
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Conservative Organization Responds to Ad Hominem Attack from Roger Wilkins and People for the American Way
  • Project 21 Press Release: Prominent Blacks Praise Judge John Roberts
  • Blog: U.S. Fish and Wildlife's Service's New Math
  • Blog: Endangered Species Reform and Immigration: When Travel is Illegal, Only Illegals Will Travel
  • Blog: Comparable Worth, Judge John Roberts and Why It is Not Radical to Oppose the Overturning of Our Capitalist System
  • Blog: Cindy Sheehan, Bill Broyles and the Lessons of the Pacific War
  • Blog: Cindy Sheehan's Apologist Allies
  • Press Release: Environmentalists' Demonization of CAFTA is Unwarranted; Trade Liberalization Pact Would Invigorate Competition, Fight Poverty and Promote Positive Environmental Impacts
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Criticize False Document Controversy; For Supreme Court Nomination, Manufactured Procedural Delays No Substitute for Genuine Advise and Consent
  • Blog: On Endangered Species: RightMarch.com or ModerateMarch.com?
  • Press Release: Pombo Proposal Wouldn't Gut the Endangered Species Act: It Could Give it Formidable New Teeth
  • Project 21 Press Release: Liberal Internet Activists Suggest Investigating Nominee's Toddler; Conservative Black Group Condemns Involving Children in "Politics of Personal Destruction"
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Chide Knee-Jerk Liberal Reactions to Roberts Nomination
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Applaud Roberts for Supreme Court
  • Project 21 New Visions: Has Secular Humanism Become a Religion? by Carletta Skinner
  • Project 21 New Visions: Supreme Court Choice Should Not Be About Sex, Brands or Politics by Mychal Massie
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Denounce Move Toward Ebonics in California Schools
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Speak Out on Bush Supreme Court Nomination
  • Project 21 Press Release: Toyota Should Apologize for Sponsoring Racially-Divisive Speaker
  • Blog: Health of Supreme Court Justices: Is It Our Business?
  • Blog: Congratulations to Ron Nehring
  • Blog: No FEC Regulation of Bloggers, Conservative Leaders Say
  • Blog: FEC Hears Bloggers' Bid to Share Media Exemption
  • Blog: Arlen Specter's Weird Idea
  • Blog: Originalism Defined
  • Blog: Congratulations to Jay Timmons
  • Blog: Rep. Richard Pombo Thinks We're "Far Right"? ... Surely Not
  • Blog: Hands Off Our Stuff -- Personal and National Property Rights Deserve Defense
  • Blog: Poor, Uneducated and Easy to Command
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Ask Bush to Consider Constructionist Jurists for Supreme Court; List of Characteristics Important to Black Americans Cited
  • Press Release: Property Rights Advocates Brace for Another Betrayal; Like Kelo Decision, ESA Reform May Place Special Interests Above Property Rights
  • Blog: Evil
  • Blog: Impeach Bush?
  • Blog: Flag Burning -- The Real Question
  • Press Release: Endangered Species Act Can't Work Without Property Rights Protections; 53 Groups Outline Reform Principles in Letter to Resources Chairman Pombo
  • Blog: Protecting Property Rights Protects Endangered Species
  • Press Release: Cap-and-Trade is More Pain Than Gain; Early Credit Proposal to Stem Climate Change Would Create Special Interest Lobby While Doing Little for the Environment
  • Project 21 Press Release: New HIV/AIDS Statistics Show Blacks "Most Severely Impacted" Group; Black Americans Urged to Adopt a "Conservative Lifestyle"
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activist Decries Civil Rights Apologists; Senate Apology for Lynching Perpetuates "Posture of the Victim"
  • Blog: Global Warming Insurance Policy
  • Blog: Socialized Medicine a Human Rights Violation?
  • Blog: Maryland Christian Preschool Opportunity -- A Rare Blog Endorsement
  • Blog: Congress' Most Partisan Members of the Last 25 Years
  • Blog: Regarding Deep Throat
  • Blog: Nice Stem Cell Bias, Voice of America
  • Blog: Great Moments in Minority Rule
  • Blog: Nice Bias, AP
  • Blog: Catherine Crier: Filibuster Fight is About Creating a Theocracy
  • Blog: Former Senators on the Filibuster
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Praise Janice Rogers Brown; Say Nominee "Epitomizes the Greatness of America"
  • Blog: Gregory Kane on Janice Rogers Brown: Two Uncle Toms Are Better Than One
  • Blog: Top Five Reasons Senate Democrats Oppose Ending Partisan Judicial Filibusters
  • Blog: Noble History of the Filibuster
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Praise Patricia Owen, Call Her "One of the Finest Jurists in the Country"
  • Blog: David Bellamy Challenges Global Warming Orthodoxy
  • Blog: Majority Leader Frist: Unreasonable?
  • Blog: Funding PBS
  • Blog: Star Parker Nails it on Social Security
  • Blog: Pity Poor Fairfax County
  • Blog: Rep. Robert Wexler on Social Security: The System is Sound, But Insolvent
  • Blog: Be Fair to New York Plan
  • Blog: Filibusters: A History
  • Blog: Senate Judicial Filibuster Showdown Nears
  • Blog: FBI Files: Confidential
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: Why African Americans Should Be Leading The Charge For Social Security Reform by Eddie Huff
  • National Policy Analysis: Europe's Airbus "Megaplane" Fails to Earn Green Stripes by Ryan Balis
  • Press Release: Christians Promote Environmental Stewardship, Not Radical Agenda
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: What the NAACP Should Do Now by Lana Hampton
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: It's About the Common Man, Not the Celebrities by E. LeMay Lathan
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: Black Leaders Turn King's Dream Into A Nightmare by Jerry Brooks
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: Can the Unborn Save Future Generations? by Mychal Massie
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: Profiles of Empowerment by Virgil Beato
  • Blog: Dueling Plans for U.N. Reform
  • Blog: Shame on Andrew Greeley, Anti-Democrat, and Anyone Who Shakes His Hand
  • National Center Statement: National Center for Public Policy Research Statement on Congressional Travel
  • Blog: Army Pay: AWOL
  • Press Release: Black Network Demands Black Judicial Nominee Be Judged on Her Competence
  • Press Release: Black Activists Criticize NAACP for Filibuster Flip-Flop
  • Blog: Norm Coleman: Aye on Nuclear Option
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: Bigotry from the Left by Kimberley Jane Wilson
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: Negroes and Black Conservatives by Mychal Massie
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: Some Post-Election Advice for Liberals by Murdock "Doc" Gibbs
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: The Case for Clarence Thomas, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by Jeffrey Hicks
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: Tom Joyner Tunes Out Health Concerns by David Almasi
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: Voting Responsibly More Important Than Simply Voting by Jimmie Lee Hollis
  • Project 21 New Visions Commentary: Liberals Have Nothing to Offer But Lies and Fear by Mychal Massie
  • National Policy Analysis: Medicare's Fatal Weakness: Expensive New Technologies are Rationed by Edmund F. Haislmaier
  • Blog: Vladimir Putin May Need to Get Out More
  • Blog: Portland Home Prices: Higher Than Necessary?
  • Blog: Michelle Malkin: Bone Marrow Donors Needed
  • Blog: Prince Charles-Camilla Parker Bowles: Settling the Civil Ceremony Question
  • Blog: Conservatism Not Splitting
  • Blog: A Honeymoon for American Soldiers Based in Europe
  • Blog: Journalists' (and Bloggers'?) Shield Laws: What is a "Reporter," Anyway?
  • National Policy Analysis: Spinning Global Warming
  • National Policy Analysis: Michael Crichton's State of Fear: Climate Change in the Cineplex?
  • National Policy Analysis: "Meeting the Climate Challenge": Left-of-Center Groups Warn of Impending Doom
  • Blog: Washington Post on Kyoto: Three Sentences, None Accurate
  • Blog: Pew Center: Kyoto is Merely Symbolic
  • Blog: Kyoto: At Least We're Honest
  • Blog: Associated Press Watch: Channeling Jan Egeland
  • Blog: Grassroots Government: Internet Fixes for Government Accountability Problems
  • Ten Second Response: Associated Press & Global Warming: Never Let Facts Get in the Way of a Good Theory
  • Blog: Containing Sprawl: The True Cost
  • Blog: Regarding Ward Churchill: Abolish Tenure
  • Blog: First Annual Flat Earth Award for Truth-Telling on Global Warming
  • Blog: Previewing the Volcker Investigation
  • Blog: State of the Union Reaction
  • Blog: Blacks, Social Security and the Associated Press
  • Blog: NAACP to IRS: Drop Dead
  • Blog: Environmental Movement Has Lost Its Way
  • New Visions Commentary: New Medicare Benefits Going Unnoticed in Black Community
  • New Visions Commentary: Minimum Wage Increase - Help or Hype?
  • Blog: How the Democrats Can Win
  • Blog: David Almasi: I Am a Pet Owner
  • Blog: Blogburst: Holocaust Testimonies
  • National Policy Analysis: World Heritage Areas: A Critical Analysis by Ryan Balis
  • Blog: Johnny Carson: An Appreciation
  • Blog: Douglas Brinkley: Inconvenient History
  • Blog: Glenn Reynolds: Regulator?
  • Talking Points on Social Security: Social Security in Crisis
  • Blog: Retirement Security Crisis: Real and Bigger Than Just Social Security
  • Blog: Iraq: Stay Determined by Joe Roche
  • Blog: Heritage Weblog: Social Security Polls
  • Blog: SinclairAction: Intransigent, But Why?
  • Blog: Mikhail Khodorkovsky: Letter from a Russian Prison
  • Blog: Staples - Sinclair - Media Matters: Opinion Roundup
  • Blog: Staples - Sinclair: Media Matters Strikes Back
  • Blog: No Boycott of Sinclair, Staples Says; Staples Says Media Matters Misrepresented Situation, Says Staples is a "Victim"
  • Blog: Staples Boycotts Sinclair; Should CBS Be Next?
  • Blog: House GOP Rule Change Reversed
  • Blog: Revamping Social Security
  • Blog: Don't Read Captain's Quarters Today
  • Blog: Michael Crichton Bribed by Rubert Murdoch to Question Global Warming, Privacy Group Says
  • Blog: Top Ten Political Blogs


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