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  • Blog: Doesn't It Really Depend on Whether You are Buying or Selling?
  • Blog: Where's Peter Beinart?
  • Blog: Congratulations to Peyton Knight
  • Blog: Huffington Post Beware: A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing, Part II
  • Blog: Huffington Post Beware: A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing, Part I
  • Blog: Censoring Climate Change, the Stormtrooper Way
  • Blog: True Blue Mutual Fund IDs "Progressive" Companies
  • Blog: "A Poster Child for the Special Treatment of Illegal Aliens"
  • Blog: Nuremberg Trials for Global Warming "Skeptics"?
  • Press Release: Did Frank Wolf Earmark Funds to Aid His Own Legislative Initiative?
  • Blog: Global Warming's Chilling Effect
  • Blog: How the Republican Party is like the Catholic Church, Except It Isn't, Except It Is
  • Blog: Washington Post Publishes Smear Obituary for Conservative Member of Congress
  • Press Release: New Commonwealth Fund National Scorecard on U.S. Health System Performance Judges American Health System Unfairly
  • Blog: Journey Through Hallowed Ground Debated in House Committee
  • Blog: HSA Enrollment of 25-30 Million Expected by Treasury Department
  • Blog: Scientists Whine, Humorously
  • Press Release: Senator Allen's National Heritage Area Threatens to Disproportionately Harm Minorities
  • Press Release: New Report Warns Against Expansive New Regulation of 'Invasive Species'
  • Blog: We'll Know Global Warming is No Longer a Problem When All the Clouds are Gone
  • Blog: Real Men Don't Sell Out
  • Press Release: Response to Senator Allen Regarding Property Rights and the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area
  • National Policy Analysis: Invasive Species: Animal, Vegetable or Political? by Dana Joel Gattuso
  • Press Release: Anti-Property Rights Initiative Gets Boost from Unlikely Source: Senator George Allen
  • Blog: Helping the Uninsurable: Tinkering vs. Radical Reform
  • Blog: What is a "Squish"?
  • Blog: Helping the Uninsurable: Tinkering vs. Radical Reform
  • National Policy Analysis: Oil Addiction Fiction: Bush's "Addiction" May Be Rational Choice by Dana Joel Gattuso
  • Blog: How to Reform Health Insurance
  • Blog: Defamation as Tactic: Promoting Global Warming Alarmism by Misleading Readers
  • Blog: Think Progress Libel Update
  • Blog: Al Gore's Do As I Say, Not As I Do Philosophy
  • Press Release: Law of the Sea Treaty Could Prevent U.S. from Stopping Terrorists
  • National Policy Analysis: Ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty: A Not-So-Innocent Passage by David Ridenour
  • Blog: Think Progress Libels Us
  • Blog: Life Expectancy, Infant Mortality No Way to Compare Health Systems
  • Blog: Medicare for All? No Thanks, Part V
  • Project 21 Press Release: Deneen Moore Named Senior Fellow of Project 21 Black Leadership Network
  • Press Release: New Report Details U.N. Fall from Grace
  • National Policy Analysis: Assertions vs. Reality: The Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area Act of 2006 by Peyton Knight
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Condemn Racist Condoleezza Rice Cartoons in Palestinian Press
  • Blog: Earth Cooler During Little Ice Age Than After
  • Blog: Hockey Stick Denial: This Time, at the Post
  • Press Release: New Study New Study Critical of U.S. Uses Unreliable Measures on Health Care
  • Blog: California Outlawing Dissent? The Galileo Precedent
  • Blog: World Trade Center Movie Review
  • National Policy Analysis: Support for United Nations Justifiably Weakened by Financial, Sex and Human Rights Scandals by Ryan Balis
  • National Policy Analysis: CAFE Standards Kill: Congress' Regulatory Solution to Foreign Oil Dependence Comes at a Steep Price by Ryan Balis
  • Blog: Energy Realities
  • Blog: Medicare for All? No Thanks, Part II
  • Blog: Hockey Stick Hearings -- This Time, It's Personal
  • Blog: Medicare for All? No Thanks, Part I
  • Blog: The United Nations Legacy of Anti-Semitism
  • Blog: Muzzling Facts about the Violence Against Women Act
  • Press Release: Study Challenges Widely Cited Measures Used to Compare Health Care Systems
  • Blog: Peace Prize Winner Tells Kids She Wants to Kill President Bush
  • Blog: Evangelical Leaders Say Carbon Dioxide Caps Would Harm Poor
  • Blog: Think Progress's Double-Standard
  • Blog: Global Warming and Censorship, Part III
  • Blog: On Global Warming: Censorship, or Diversity?
  • Blog: On Global Warming: Who's Censoring Now?
  • New Visions Commentary: Castigation of Condi Betrays Black Tradition by Carletta Skinner
  • New Visions Commentary: When Equality Plans Yield Unequal Results by Nick Cheolas
  • New Visions Commentary: A Whiff of Truth by Kimberley Jane Wilson
  • New Visions Commentary: Charter Schools Give Students the Fighting Chance They Need by Deneen Moore
  • National Policy Analysis: Don't Fall Prey to Propaganda: Life Expectancy and Infant Mortality are Unreliable Measures for Comparing the U.S. Health Care System to Others by David Hogberg
  • National Policy Analysis: Claim of Record High Gas Prices Tanks Under Scrutiny by David Ridenour
  • Blog: National Heritage Areas: A Debate Among Virginians
  • Blog: Michael Moore Sicko Alert
  • Blog: When Regulating Wetlands Means Ruining Lives
  • National Policy Analysis: The Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area: An Example of How Pork-Barrel Politics Can Threaten Local Rule and Property Rights by Peyton Knight
  • National Policy Analysis: "Smart Growth" Policies Hurt by Ryan Balis
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Criticize Efforts to Politicize Black Churches
  • Blog: What Constitutes Hate Speech?
  • Blog: Center for American Progress Helps Imaginations Run Wild on Global Warming
  • Blog: Global Warming Policy: Who Decides?
  • Blog: And From Such Intrepid Reporting, a Consensus is Born
  • Newsletter: New Edition of National Center for Public Policy Research Newsletter Online
  • Blog: House Hearing Finds Approval for Health Security Accounts, With Some Dissent
  • Press Release: The National Center for Public Policy Research Announces Staff Addition to Augment Work on Health Care and Social Security Policy
  • Press Release: Policy Groups to Congress:  Lift Federal Ban on Offshore Energy Production
  • Coalition Letter: Rising Energy Cost are Taking Their Toll on American Households (pdf copy)
  • Blog: Some Global Warming Scare Tactics are So Dumb, They're Funny
  • Blog: Los Angeles Times Says Paulson Critics Dislike His "Hobby"
  • Blog: Glenn Reynolds: Easily Led?
  • Press Release: "Juneteenth" Emancipation Observance Celebrated by Black Conservatives
  • Blog: Henry Paulson on Cap and Trade
  • Blog: Weekly Standard: Adrift?
  • Blog: Whole Foods Founder: Freedom Movement Needs to "Re-Brand" Itself
  • Blog: Media Matters Misleads on CEI's Horner, Kyoto & Global Warming
  • Blog: Galileo's Interrogators had a Consensus
  • Blog: For Al Gore, the Truth Really Is Inconvenient
  • Blog: Wayne Hage: A Defender of Rights Moves On
  • Blog: "Hallowed Ground": A National Heritage Area History Lesson
  • Press Release: Group Calls for Senate Finance Committee to Investigate Treasury Secretary-Designate's Role in $60 Million Land Deal
  • Blog: Health Care Double-Take
  • National Policy Analysis: The "Collaboration for the Recovery of Endangered Species Act": An Analysis of the Senate Proposal to Reform the Endangered Species Act by Peyton Knight
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Say Proposal to Create Separate, Race-Based, Hawaiian Government Conflicts with America's "Melting Pot" Traditions
  • Blog: AP Reports Study Saying Carbon Dioxide Boosts Poison Ivy's Itchiness, But Skips Study Saying CO2 Lowers Nicotine in Tobacco
  • Blog: Native Hawaiian Act: E Pluribus Unum No Longer?
  • Blog: Apple Store: Family Unfriendly?
  • Blog: Enron Convictions Tar Bush, Says Newsweek's Howard Fineman
  • Blog: Politics Before Policy: Weekly Standard Tells House GOP to Cave to Dems on Immigration
  • Blog: Global Warming Activists Fret: Why Aren't We Winning?
  • Blog: Global Warming Theory Proven
  • Blog: A Sad Story
  • Blog: CEI's Global Warming Ad Campaign
  • Project 21 New Visions: Why Are College Professors Afraid of Dr. Condoleezza Rice?
  • Blog: As Justice Potter Stewart Said, "...I Know It When I See It"
  • Blog: Supply and Demand
  • Blog: Oil Prices and the Media: Don't Believe the Hype
  • Press Release: Black Activists Call Second Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Excessive
  • Blog: American Spectator v. New Republic
  • Press Release: Black Activists Demand Fair Treatment for Judicial Nominees; Kavanaugh Nomination Targeted by Senate Obstructionists
  • Press Release: Black Activists Commend White House Action in Darfur Crisis
  • Blog: ExxonMobil on Gas Prices: We Couldn't Manipulate the Price Even If We Wanted To
  • Blog: Seven Degrees of ExxonMobil
  • Blog: National Fuel Economy Standards to be Raised by Some Guy in California Who Thinks He Knows Best
  • Blog: Caveat Emptor, Magazine Readers
  • Blog: What America Needs: More Goof-Offs
  • Blog: Jean-Francois Revel's Extraordinary Contribution
  • Blog: Parents May Be Fined for Helping Their Own Son
  • Press Release: Earth Day Information Center Cites Environmental Progress
  • Earth Day Information Center: The History of Earth Day
  • Earth Day Information Center: Quotes About the Environment
  • Earth Day Information Center: Environmental Progress
  • Earth Day Information Center: Three Things to Know About... Global Warming, Endangered Species, ANWR, Wetlands and Pollution
  • Blog: Carl Bernstein Reports: Drudge Report's Comment Section Favors Senate Investigation of Bush
  • Blog: Biblical Environmental Stewardship: Defining the Mandate
  • Blog: Universal Health Care Says: Tattoo Removal, Yes; Life-Saving Cancer Drugs, No
  • Blog: Vanity Fair's Environmental Silliness
  • Blog: Labor Union Spending: Party City on the Workers' Dimes
  • Blog: Britain's "Universal Care" Health System Puts Quotas on Referrals
  • Blog: Bellevue College's Condoleezza Quiz (Updated)
  • Blog: Earmarking Travel to Disneyland and Space
  • Blog: Earmark Scandal? DOJ Reportedly Investigating WV Congressman Following Nine-Month National Legal and Policy Center Investigation
  • Blog: Save the Planet: Drive an SUV
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Say Allegations Regarding Rep. Cynthia McKinney Deserve Investigation
  • Blog: AFL-CIO Official: "The Whole West Was Part of Mexico"
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Support Judge's Ruling to Hold New Orleans Elections on Time
  • Blog: Panel Not Happening: Is the Mandatory Program Necessary?
  • Blog: Mike Crapo on Social Security: Fix Now, or Wait for Catastrophic Financial Crisis?
  • Press Release: Improve the ESA with Property Rights Protections
  • Blog: Social Security Reform Critics Often Close Eyes to System's Problems
  • Blog: Global Warming and Polar Bears: One Sound Decision Deserves Another
  • Blog: Senate Social Security Demagoguery
  • Blog: Questioning the United Nations
  • Panel Discussion: The Endangered Species Act: Why Protecting Property Rights Is Good For Landowners And Species
  • Blog: Endangered Species Act: A Tale of Two Editorials
  • Blog: Deroy Murdock: Hating Bush at Home, Hailing Our Troops Abroad
  • Blog: Recycling Nuclear Fuel
  • Blog: Uninsured Americans: How Many, and How Do We Help?
  • Blog: Global Warming Research Fears: Galileo Would Have Recognized the Feeling
  • Blog: Confidential Source Use Tends to Harm Journalism
  • Blog: Universal Health Care: A Flawed Proposal
  • Blog: Standing Athwart History, Yelling "Go Go Go!"
  • Blog: Dangerous Pesticide Scares
  • Blog: Republican Study Committee Alternative Budget: Methadone for Spending Junkies
  • Talking Points on Social Security: Ed Crane's Advice
  • Blog: Whither the Line Item Veto?
  • Talking Points on Social Security: Democrats for Personal Retirement Accounts
  • Blog: On Media Leaks: Accountable Parties Should Answer to Public, Not to Stockholders
  • Blog: How Did They Know the Bears Were Episcopalian?
  • Talking Points on Social Security: Trust Fund? What Trust Fund?
  • Blog: Joe Roche on the UAE
  • Blog: NAACP Cries Victim Again
  • Blog: Alito Practices Etiquette, CBS Reveals; Liberal Group Slams New Justice
  • Press Release: Protect Private Property Rights, 85 Groups Tell Senate, in Endangered Species Act Reform; Signatories Include Two Former Reagan Administration Cabinet Officials
  • Letter: Text of Letter by 85 Groups to Senator James Inhofe and the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee
  • Blog: Socialized Medicine: Learning from Canada
  • Blog: Camera Coverage of the Supreme Court
  • Blog: We Are a Hotbed of Raving Trotskyist Revolutionaries (er, No, Cato Is)
  • Blog: Cheney Burped Today; Was Press Given the Full Story?
  • Blog: Katrina Aftermath: Recriminations, Rancor and Racial Divisions Don't Help Us Learn from Our Mistakes by Annelie O'Neal Roche
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Respond to Bryant Gumbel's Racial Denigration of Winter Olympics
  • Blog: Environmentalist Sports and How They Harm Us
  • Blog: Brannon Howse: Christian "Leaders" Drinking Leftie Kool-Aid
  • National Policy Analysis: Kyoto's Anniversary: Little Reason to Celebrate by Dana Joel Gattuso
  • National Policy Analysis: The Anti-Capitalism Virus by Thomas J. Borelli, Ph.D.
  • National Policy Analysis: What Scriptures Tell Us About Environmental Stewardship by Samuel Casey Carter (originally published: 1998)
  • Newsletter: National Center in the News Newsletter Winter 2006
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Outraged By Politicization of Coretta Scott King's Funeral
  • Blog: Martin Luther King Holiday Considered
  • Blog: On Professors Who Deny Reality
  • Blog: Time -- and a Terrible Towel
  • Blog: A Health Care Horror Story for Michael Moore
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Conservatives Slam Extremist Comments from NAACP Chairman Julian Bond
  • Blog: A Green Texas Oil Man
  • Blog: Asbestos Legislation: FAIR or Unfair?
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Caps and Gowns a Higher Priority Than Black Coaches
  • Blog: Repeat After Me: Race isn't Everything
  • Blog: Black History Month: Why February?
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists in Virginia Call for Eminent Domain Reform
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Conservatives Mourn the Passing of Coretta Scott King
  • Blog: Romney's Massachusetts Health Care Reform: Socialism via the Back Door or a Promising Conservative Approach?
  • Blog: Washington Post: Conservatives Racist?
  • Blog: Rethinking Leftism (Continuing a Theme)
  • Blog: Black Activists Condemn Senator Salazar for Calling Justice Thomas an "Abomination"
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Condemn Senator Salazar for Calling Justice Thomas an "Abomination"
  • Project 21 Press Release: Charity Chief Commended for Promise to Account for Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Grant; Project 21 Members Urge CBCF to Be Similarly Forthcoming
  • Blog: Fight Global Warming: Surrender Your Bling
  • Blog: Ray Nagin's Remarks
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Cleric Derides New Orleans Mayor's "God is Mad at America" Assertion as "Plantation Politics"
  • Project 21 Press Release: Blacks Repudiate Belafonte
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Demand Congressional Black Caucus Release Katrina Aid; CBC Foundation Admits Holding Back Money Raised as Early as September
  • Blog: Washington Post: "The Mistake Was Not Ours" (And Other Excuses from the Press)
  • Blog: That Must Be Why Geraldo Rivera Cried on the Air
  • Blog: Washington Post Radio
  • Blog: Congressional Black Caucus Katrina Relief Funds Remain Undisbursed
  • Blog: What Does A "Reputable Scientist" Do Instead?


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