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  • National Policy Analysis: No Free Lunch: The True Cost of ObamaCare, by Matt Patterson
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  • Blog: Does Charlie Rangel Think We Opposed Government-Run Health Care When Hillary Clinton Proposed it Because She's White?
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  • Blog: What's Happening Now
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  • Blog: What's Happening Now
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  • Blog: "I Don't Want The Folks Who Created The Mess To Do A Lot Of Talking"
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  • Blog: Speaking of the Government Letting People Die...
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  • Press Release: Black Activists Praise Supreme Court's Affirmative Action Decision; Justices' Ruling Throws Sotomayor Nomination into Serious Question
  • Press Release: Project 21 Critical of Members of Congress Under Ethics Investigation for Retaliating Against House Ethics Office and for Playing "Race Card"
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  • Blog: Because Nothing Says "Slavery"...
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama's Real Religion: Politics, by Deneen Borelli
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  • Press Release: 76% of African-Americans Want Delay on Climate Legislation Until Economy Recovers, Just-Released Nationwide Poll of Black Community Finds
  • Press Release: ABC World News Sponsors to Be Monitored in Light of White House "Town Hall" Meeting on Health Care, Group Says
  • Press Release: Citing Conflicts of Interest, Free Enterprise Project Calls on GE CEO Jeff Immelt and La Opinion CEO Monica C. Lozano to Resign from President Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
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  • Clean Water Restoration Act Information
  • Blog: Clean Water Restoration Act Information Webpage Created
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