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  • Request: Give the Gift of Liberty -- By Sending Your Year-End Gift Today
  • New Visions Commentary: Saving Sarah From the Egyptian Salafis, by Archbishop Council Nedd II & Deacon J.T. Griffin
  • Blog: In a Government Health Care System, Your Medical Records are Kept Safe -- From You
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  • Blog: Shining Bright
  • Blog: Multiple Victim Public Shootings: An Observation
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  • New Visions Commentary: Life, Liberty and Happiness, by Archbishop Council Nedd II
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Comment on Murders in Connecticut
  • Press Release: Obama Administration Rushes "Creepy Black Box" Mandate on All New Car Buyers
  • Blog: Racialist Writer Seeks to Sack RGIII, Fails
  • National Policy Analysis: Conservation Easements and the Anti-Farm Farm Bill, by Dana J. Gattuso
  • Blog: Union Protesters Greet Project 21's Stacy Swimp with Racist Taunts
  • Blog: Video: National Center Staffer Gets Punched by Union Thugs in Lansing
  • Blog: Video: More Union Violence in Lansing
  • National Policy Analysis: The Wind Production Tax Credit: Corporate Welfare at its Worst, by Bonner R. Cohen, Ph.D.
  • Press Release: Congress Should Shut Off the Wind Subsidy America Can't Afford and the Industry Doesn't Even Need, Energy Expert Says
  • Blog: Less is More for Both Smoking and Regulation
  • Blog: Project 21's Nedd Talks Upcoming Supreme Court Cases on Gay Marriage
  • Blog: The EU's Dangerous Tobacco Ban Experiment
  • Blog: Sign Up to Receive National Center's Free "News of Interest" Newsletter
  • Blog: Privacy and Constitutional Issues at Play as Feds Move to Require Black Boxes in Cars, Says National Center Analyst
  • New Visions Commentary: Jovan, Jason and Jumping to Conclusions, by Derryck Green
  • Blog: In Unemployment Figures, Project 21's Green Thinks Americans Got What They Wanted
  • Blog: Project 21's Stacy Swimp Gets Cell Phone Smashed by Union Protesters in Lansing, But Lays Seeds for Growth with Rank-and-File
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Chairman Amy Ridenour Praises Outgoing Heritage Foundation President Dr. Ed Feulner, Congratulates Senator Jim DeMint
  • Press Release: Zales Executives Claim Ignorance on Jobs-Killing Pledge Despite Potential to Harm American Workers, American Security and National Sovereignty
  • Press Release: Conservative Activists to Challenge Zales Over Anti-American, Anti-Jobs Positions
  • Blog: The Grouse Wars: Spotted Owls of the Prairie States Threaten Energy Production
  • Blog: Why Can Costas Speak, But Not Limbaugh?
  • Blog: Chemical Fight Offers Early Look at Obama's Second-Term EPA
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama Won... Don't Complain, by Bob Parks
  • New Visions Commentary: Now or Never for Black Homeownership, by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • New Visions Commentary: An Ode To The Role Of Big Government, by Elaina F. George, MD
  • Blog: President Obama's "Dope Fiend Move" Decried by Project 21's Swimp
  • Blog: Rahm Emanuel: He's Got Moves Like Bloomberg
  • Press Release: 2012 Hurricane Season Ends: NOAA Prediction WRONG AGAIN!
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  • Blog: We Need Government Health Care So We Can Eat Twinkies?
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  • Blog: Killing Old King Coal
  • Press Release: Did Attorney General Holder Mislead the Public to Justify DOJ's Assault on Voter ID Laws?
  • Blog: Project 21's Kevin Martin: Petraeus Testimony Outs Ambassador Susan Rice as "Political Hack"
  • Blog: Free Markets, Restricted Markets
  • Blog: "Sons of Bitches" Now Being Taken Out - Thank You, Mr. Hoffa
  • Blog: CEI Rebuts President Obama with New Video Showing "Who Really Built That"
  • Blog: President Obama Made False Climate Change Claim at Press Conference
  • Blog: Project 21's LeBon Calls for Common Sense Over Bloomberg's Edible Edicts
  • Blog: Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist, Claimed MSNBC and Its Allies... And Yet
  • Blog: World Health Organization Bureaucrats Want More Bans
  • Blog: Bloomberg's Food Donation Ban Still in Place
  • Blog: Stalin is Innocent?
  • Press Release: Supreme Court to Examine Constitutionality of Dysfunctional Section of Voting Rights Act
  • Blog: Obama Has No Mandate the Conservative House Majority Doesn't Have
  • Blog: Oceans Refuse To Cooperate: Global "Warming" (1.3ºF over 140 years) "On Pause"
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  • Press Release: Voter Fraud is a Real Threat to Every Citizen's Constitutional Rights
  • National Policy Analysis: The Brennan Center is Wrong: Voter Fraud is a Real Threat to Every Citizen's Constitutional Rights, by Horace Cooper
  • Blog: PBS, Puppet Supporters Pound Pavement in D.C.
  • Blog: Superstorm Damage Doesn't Demand Super State
  • Blog: Voter ID Critics Barking Up the Wrong Tree in the Peach State
  • Blog: Don’t Mess With Texas Voters
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  • New Visions Commentary: Curing Political Apathy with More Independence, by Ak'Bar A. Shabazz
  • Blog: Commentary on Kennedy Center Published in TownHall
  • New Visions Commentary: Chicago Teachers Should Have a Beef about LFTB Policy, by Cherylyn Harley LeBon
  • New Visions Commentary: The Decline and Fall of Medicare, by Elaina F. George, MD
  • Blog: Congressman's Kid Faces Fraud Investigation
  • Blog: Obama Endures Modern-Day Poll Tax, Emerges Unscathed
  • Blog: Vote Fraud Allegations in Virginia Implicate Congressman's Son
  • Blog: Lack of Transparency Trumps Good Policy in Obama Administration
  • Press Release: Legal Scholars Appointed to Lead Black Leadership Group
  • Blog: Crickets Chirping for Kennedy Center Comedy Award... Again
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  • Press Release: New GroupSnoop.org Profile Unveils Earthworks' Extremist Funding and Severe Job-Killing Positions
  • Blog: Federally-Funded School Suspends Diversity Diva Over Outrageous Petition Panic
  • Press Release: Holder's Justice Department Refuses to Release Potentially Damaging Documents Shedding Light on the Possible Politicization of Voter ID Legal Battles
  • Blog: Federal Court Dismisses Attorney General Holder's Wild Accusations of Racism
  • Blog: National Center's Stier Sacks Sinister Soda Strategy
  • Blog: Black Conservatives Run to Defend Dash
  • Press Release: Teresa Platt Named Director of National Center for Public Policy Research's Environment and Enterprise Institute
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  • Blog: Project 21's Nedd Prefers Politics Away from the Pulpit
  • Blog: VIDEO: What Happened in Libya?
  • Press Release: U.S. Supreme Court Mulls Constitutionality of Race Quotas in Fisher v. University of Texas
  • Blog: Chavez Monument Proclaimed By Obama Over Project 21 Member's Warnings
  • Blog: WebMD: Is the Obama Administration Making Obesity Worse?
  • Blog: Back to the Future on Voter ID
  • Blog: Left-Wing SIRIUS/XM Host Responds to Our Press Release on Pennsylvania Voter ID Case
  • Press Release: Pennsylvania Judge Contravenes Himself, Ignores U.S. Supreme Court Precedent in Rejecting Key Portions of Commonwealth's New Voter Integrity Law
  • Blog: GenOn Turns Off in Northern Virginia
  • Blog: Project 21 Part of "Most Persuasive Overall" Legal Brief in Major Upcoming Supreme Court Case
  • Blog: Project 21's LeBon Backs New York Parents Against Bloomberg’s Plan B Benefit
  • Blog: Justin Danhof Defends Voter ID in Voice of America Report
  • Press Release: FedEx CEO Frederick Smith "Gets It"
  • Press Release: Free-Market Activist Group to FedEx Executives: Stand Firm Against Radical Demands
  • Blog: Student Strike Fights Federal Lunchroom Law
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Announces Justin Danhof, Esq., as the New Director of its Free Enterprise Project
  • Blog: Tomorrow’s ObamaCare Crisis Today — in Massachusetts
  • Press Release: U.S. Supreme Court Review of Voting Rights Act Sought by Black Conservatives
  • New Visions Commentary: EPA Regulations Take Peoples' Breath Away, by Cherylyn Harley LeBon
  • Blog: Indiana State Assembly Committee Discusses Tobacco Harm Reduction, Including My Testimony
  • New Visions Commentary : Chick-Fil-A, Gay Marriage and Tolerance, by Demetrius Minor
  • Blog: Jeff Stier: Bloomberg Soda Ban Cog in Larger Anti-Choice Campaign
  • Blog: Project 21's Council Nedd on the 9/11/12 Attacks on America
  • New Visions Commentary: Middle East Violence Serves Arrogant Men and Not God, by Archbishop Council Nedd II
  • Press Release: Tragic Deaths in Libya Reveal Lack of Leadership
  • Blog: Bloomberg Bans Big Beverages
  • Blog: PJ Media Has a Smoking Gun: The DOJ's Case Against South Carolina on Voter ID Was Pushed by Political Appointees
  • Press Release: Mainstream Media Lies and Sloppy Reporting on Voter Integrity Measures Exposed
  • Blog: Left-Wing Hatred of Black Conservatives Becomes Historic
  • Blog: Jeff Stier Discusses Mayor Bloomberg's Failure to Lead in the Fight Against West Nile Virus in NYC
  • National Policy Analysis: Media Shows Pervasive Bias When Covering Voter ID, by Justin Danhof, Esq.
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  • Blog: Try Teaching American Exceptionalism to Raise Self-Esteem
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  • Blog: Want to See the Voter ID Trial? Be Sure to Bring ID.
  • Blog: NCPPR's Jeff Stier Defends Consumer Choice for Energy Drinks
  • Blog: Regulatory Reform? Really?
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  • Blog: Danhof Debates WikiLeaks on Chinese Television
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  • Blog: The Slippery Slope, in Action, Before Your Very Eyes
  • Blog: Don't Just Believe The Activist Do-Gooders
  • Blog: Spoiled Food Activists
  • Blog: Junk Science About Junk Food
  • Press Release: Primary Care Physicians Are Leaving Medicare
  • National Policy Analysis: The Next Exodus: Primary-Care Physicians and Medicare, by David Hogberg
  • Blog: ACLU Loses Pennsylvania Voter ID Case, But Lead Plaintiff Viviette Applewhite Gets Her Voter ID Anyway (Just By Applying)
  • Press Release: Justice Department Failing to Use Key Tool to Fight Voter Fraud
  • Blog: Nanny State Goes for the Gold
  • Blog: How the Media Hates One U.S. Supreme Court Case So Much They Tried to Make it Disappear
  • Blog: Voter ID News That's Not Fit to Print
  • National Policy Analysis: Voter Fraud is Real: Why the Voting Rights Act Should Be Used to Fight Election Fraud, by Horace Cooper
  • Press Release: Judge Upholds Pennsylvania Voter ID Law in the Face of Flawed Attacks
  • Blog: Hot Dogs, Lemonade, and Fire Walks
  • New Visions Commentary: Eric Holder's Plantation, by Derryck Green
  • New Visions Commentary: Does the Tax Man Cometh? by Horace Cooper
  • Blog: Project 21's Milton, Gibbs on Gabby Douglas Hair Heresy
  • Blog: Project 21 Members React to Abortion Doctor's Complaints About "Ugly Black Babies"
  • New Visions Commentary: Gabby Douglas Taking Home More Than Gold, by Djana Milton
  • Press Release: Federal Government May Soon Require "Black Boxes" in Cars
  • Blog: Project 21's Green: Obama Owns America's Current Economic State
  • Blog: New National Center Voter ID Report Receives Fox News Channel Coverage
  • Press Release: Media Matters Distorts Facts While Attacking Fox News for Covering National Center Paper
  • National Policy Analysis: Coming to a Car Near You? The Department of Transportation's Creepy Black Box, by Horace Cooper
  • New Visions Commentary: Health Insurance Reform Does Not Equal Good Healthcare, by Elaina F. George, MD
  • Blog: Project 21's Demetrius Minor Featured in Fox News Coverage of "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day"
  • Blog: Don't Believe the ACLU
  • Press Release: Who are the Victims of Voter Fraud? Poor and Minority Voters Often Unacknowledged Victims, New Paper Concludes
  • National Policy Analysis: Victims of Voter Fraud: Poor and Disadvantaged are Most Likely to Have Their Vote Stolen, by Horace Cooper
  • Press Release: Black Activists Support Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day
  • Blog: Selective Outrage for Diversity Disasters at NBC
  • Press Release: Government Watchdog Calls For Congressional Oversight Hearings To Investigate Illegal Federal Lobbying Grants
  • New Visions Commentary: False Claims of Voter Suppression, by Demetrius Minor
  • Blog: Congress Must Investigate CDC Lobbying Grants
  • Blog: Bloomberg Berates Moms Rather Than Busting Crooks
  • Press Release: Statement by Project 21's Cherylyn Harley LeBon on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's New Plan to Give New Mothers Who Don't Exclusively Breastfeed a 'Talking-To' Each and Every Time They Feed Their Baby Formula
  • Blog: Nanny Bloomberg is Now Regulating Breasts, and Not in a Kind Way
  • New Visions Commentary: Are You Better Off Today? by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Obama More Concerned with Growing Government Than Growing the Economy
  • Press Release: American Civil Liberties Union Relies on Flawed and Biased Report in Lawsuit Challenging Pennsylvania's New Voter ID Law
  • Press Release: Report Exposes Brennan Center for Justice's Biased Reporting and Liberal Funding
  • New Visions Commentary: False Bravado and Feminization, by Council Nedd II
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Tear Down Obama's "You Didn't Build That" Argument
  • New Visions Commentary: Marriage is Not a Right, by Derryck Green
  • Press Release: Black Activists Criticize Eric Holder's Rhetoric at NAACP Conference
  • Press Release: Pennsylvania Voter Registration Report Shows Need for Ballot Protection Law
  • Blog: Pennsylvania Voter Disfranchisement Claims Much Ado About Nothing
  • National Policy Analysis: Misleading Statistics Driving Voter ID Criticism in Pennsylvania, by David Almasi
  • New Visions Commentary: Hoodie Rights and Responsibilities, by Charles Butler
  • Blog: Discussion About Douglass Differentiates Dour Liberals from Lively Conservatives
  • Blog: Shrinking Defense Budget In a Dangerous World Requires Savvy Strategy
  • Blog: Continued High Unemployment Not a "Step in the Right Direction"
  • Blog: MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Claims to Be Non-Partisan After National Center Brings Up Bias to Her Boss
  • New Visions Commentary: What, to Black Americans, is the 4th of July? by Stacy Swimp
  • Blog: Project 21's Stacy Swimp Promotes Early Black Patriotism
  • Blog: Independents Disagree With Supreme Court Ruling
  • Blog: More Black Conservative Comment on ObamaCare Decision
  • Press Release: Contempt Vote Against Eric Holder Supported by Black Activists
  • New Visions Commentary: Government Health Care Rules Raise Costs, Harm Health, by Elaina F. George, MD
  • Blog: And In Other News...
  • Blog: National Center at the Supreme Court
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Disappointed by Supreme Court's ObamaCare Decision
  • Blog: Members of Congress Have a Duty to Understand What the Constitutional Issues Surrounding ObamaCare are About
  • New Visions Commentary: President Obama and Right to Work, by Stacy Swimp
  • Press Release: On Voter Integrity: U.S. Department of Justice is Wrong on Policy, Wrong on the Law, and Today, Wrong in Court
  • Press Release: Leading Liberals' Attacks on Supreme Court in Advance of ObamaCare Decision are "Ignorant and Offensive," Group Says
  • Press Release: Imperious Presidency Increasingly Reckless and Lawless; National Center Responds to White House Threats Against the State of Arizona
  • Press Release: Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Racist and Bigoted Claims Against Arizona
  • Blog: Pelosi's Conspiracy Theory Derided by Project 21's Kevin Martin
  • Press Release: Bed Bath & Beyond Executives Questioned Over Company's "Sustainability" Efforts
  • New Visions Commentary: NAACP: Now a Partisan Tool? by Stacy Swimp
  • Press Release: Bed Bath & Beyond Executives to be Questioned Over Company's "Sustainability" Efforts
  • Blog: Morgan Freeman Takes a Little Responsibility for his Radicalism
  • Blog: Knox v. SEIU: A Free Speech Victory Against a Tyrannical Labor Union
  • Press Release: The Supreme Court Speaks, Yet DOJ Won't Listen
  • National Policy Analysis: Voter ID and South Carolina: The Supreme Court Speaks Yet DOJ Won't Listen, by Horace Cooper
  • Press Release: Doctors Want Soda Taxes To Fund Government Meddling
  • Press Release: Black Legal Experts Say Race Not a Factor in Holder Contempt Citation Debate
  • Blog: Project 21's Derryck Green on Obama's Apparent Abuse of Privilege
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Have a New Talk Radio Show
  • Blog: On Target
  • Blog: Remember Freedom and the Leadership on Juneteenth
  • Blog: Voting Goes to the Dogs in Virginia
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Speak About Juneteenth Emancipation Commemoration
  • New Visions Commentary: Obama is Playing to His Base on Gay Marriage (But It Isn't Blacks), by Derryck Green
  • Press Release: Supreme Court Soon to Rule on Knox v. SEIU
  • National Policy Analysis: Do Free Speech Rights Apply to Union Members, Too? In Knox v. SEIU, Supreme Court Soon to Rule on SEIU Funding Gimmicks, by Horace Cooper
  • Blog: More Project 21 Comments on Obama's Radical Immigration Shift
  • Press Release: Radical Immigration Policy Change a Threat to Citizen Job Seekers, Say Black Conservatives
  • Press Release: Forget It, NAACP: United Nations Has No Plans to Investigate U.S. Voter ID Laws
  • New Visions Commentary: Affirmative Action Blazes Out of Control at Obama Justice Department, by Derryck Green
  • Press Release: Target Executives Grilled over Company's Costly "Sustainability" Programs
  • New Visions Commentary: We Don't Need Another Hero, by Lisa Fritsch
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives to Tell United Nations: Don't Waste Your Time Investigating U.S. Voter Laws
  • Press Release: Chesapeake Energy Sends Mixed Signals on Future Mega-Million Gifts to Environmental Radicals
  • Press Release: Michigan Proposal Requiring Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients Hailed by Black Conservatives
  • Press Release: CEO of Chesapeake Energy to Be Questioned About $26 Million Gift to Radical Environmental Group
  • Press Release: U.S. Department of Justice Effort to Obstruct Voting Crimes Law Enforcement Condemned by National Center for Public Policy Research
  • Blog: Project 21's Swimp Speaks at Detroit Rally Against HHS Mandate
  • Blog: Election Monitors or Enforcers in Wisconsin? Project 21's Green Wants to Know
  • Blog: Last Call At The Oasis: A Who's Who of Left Wing Activists
  • New Visions Commentary: Trayvon's Story Made Famous for the Wrong Reasons, by Jerome Hudson
  • Blog: Economic Shrapnel From Bloomberg Drink Ban
  • Blog: A Serious Note About Mayor Bloomberg's Soda Ban
  • Blog: America Cares About Proposed Soda Ban
  • Blog: Guess Bloomberg's Benign Beverage
  • Blog: New Soda XL Pipeline Developed for New Yorkers
  • Blog: Banning Soda Restricts Freedoms for Little Good, Says Jeff Stier on CNN
  • Blog: Komen Race = Tea Party?
  • Blog: Liberal Who Claimed We're Racist for Attending Merck Meeting Returns With Sexist Put-Down
  • Blog: New National Center Op-Ed on Daily Caller Site
  • Blog: Left's New Claim: National Center is Racist for Attending Merck Shareholder Meeting (Yes, Really)
  • Blog: Komen's Flip-Flop Causes the Global Race for the Cure Stumble
  • Press Release: Comcast CEO Asked to Investigate, Explain Unprofessionalism by Comcast-Owned MSNBC
  • Blog: National Center's David Almasi in VOA News Report on Bloomberg Sugary Drink Ban
  • Blog: One Obamacare Debacle You Haven't Heard About... Until Now
  • Blog: Holder's "Sacred" Speech Leaves Project 21 Members Puzzled
  • Blog: NYC Beverage Ban Panned by Project 21's LeBon
  • Press Release: Soda Ban Slammed: Won't Help Obesity Problem, Restricts Freedom
  • Blog: Unintended Consequence of World No Tobacco Day: Public Health Undermined
  • Blog: More Project 21 Member Comments on Gay Marriage
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Join Supreme Court Brief Urging Reconsideration of Racial Quotas
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli Talks About Women in Combat and Coffeeshops on Fox News
  • Blog: Tom Borelli: Plummeting Coal Stocks Obama's Policies Fulfilled
  • Blog: Deneen Borelli: Pelosi "Exaggerating" on Chinese Human Rights Advances
  • Blog: Project 21 Representatives Denounce Black Panther-Tea Party Double Standard
  • Press Release: National Center Welcomes First Amendment Lawsuits Filed Against Contraception Mandate
  • Press Release: Merck Triples-Down on Liberalism, Continues to Support ObamaCare Despite Unpopularity and Legal Uncertainty
  • Press Release: Merck Executives to be Questioned About Company Lobbying for Unpopular, Unconstitutional ObamaCare Legislation at Annual Shareholder Meeting Tuesday
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Reacts to Virginia Gov. McDonnell's Decision to Sign Voter ID into Law
  • Blog: Lights, Camera, Activism!
  • Press Release: Conservative Shareholder Activist Group "Moderately Optimistic" J.C. Penney Will Protect Consumers from Costly Demands of Left-Wing Lobby Groups
  • Press Release: Stop Push to Raise Retail Prices, J.C. Penney
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Presents Poll to Yum! Brands Showing Negative Public Response to Its Rejection of Conservative Group Over Voter ID
  • Press Release: Yum! Brands, Owner of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, to Face Questioning by Irate Conservatives at Annual Shareholder Meeting Thursday
  • Blog: Obama Throws Black Values "Under the Bus" With Gay Marriage Decision
  • Press Release: Showdown: Black Conservative Takes on Morgan Freeman at Time Warner Shareholder Meeting
  • Press Release: Gap Shareholder Questions Gap Executives over Sustainability Push's Harm to Consumers and Small Suppliers
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Questions Time Warner Executives Over Actor Morgan Freeman's Outspoken Radical Politics
  • Press Release: GAP Inc. Executives to Face Questions About High Costs of Company's "Sustainability" Efforts
  • New Visions Commentary: Civil Disobedience or Uncivil Chaos? by Stacy Swimp
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli: Good to Know U.S. is Still Taking the Fight to the Terrorists
  • Blog: Bake Sale Ban Repealed: Freedom (and Cupcake) Lovers Win Quick Victory
  • Blog: Obesity forecast is overblown
  • Press Release: CVS Caremark Mum on Harm to Consumers, Small Businesses of RILA Sustainability Program
  • Press Release: CVS Caremark Executives to be Questioned Over Company's "Sustainability" Efforts
  • Blog: Project 21's Bishop Nedd on Obama's New Position on Gay Marriage
  • Blog: Massachusetts Bans the Bake Sale!
  • Press Release: Junk Science Behind Latest Federal Obesity Studies
  • Blog: FDA Dietary Regs Go Beyond Science and the Law
  • Press Release: The Dark Knight Versus the Occupiers!
  • Blog: Project 21's Borelli Debates Gay Marriage, Islamic Law and Gender Politics on Fox News
  • Blog: Boston Food Police's Half-Baked Idea
  • Blog: A Hilarious Short Video for a Sunday Afternoon
  • Blog: Why Do So Many Liberals Hate Good News?
  • Press Release: Warren Buffett Critical of Fox News Channel at Shareholder Meeting
  • Press Release: Berkshire Hathaway Executives to be Questioned About "Buffett Rule," Keystone XL Pipeline and Conflicts of Interest
  • New Visions Commentary: Pink Slime and Consumer Choice, by Cherylyn Harley LeBon
  • Steven Crowder Video: Dark Knight Rises... Against Occupiers?!
  • Blog: Target, Kohl's Shareholders Wanted
  • New Visions Commentary: Polls Show State of the Economy Has Dumped Energy Issues onto Obama's Lap, by Kevin Martin
  • New Visions Commentary: There's More Trouble With ObamaCare Than the Mandate! by Deneen Borelli
  • Blog: Project 21’s Minor Praises National Day of Prayer
  • Blog: Project 21' s Stacy Swimp on May Day Protests: Civil Disobedience or Uncivil Chaos?
  • Blog: Development Associate Position Open at National Center for Public Policy Research
  • New Visions Commentary: Trayvon Martin May be this Generation's Rodney King, by Derryck Green
  • Blog: Project 21's Stacy Swimp Wants to Just Be an American
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Reacts to DOT's Proposed Federal Ban on All Cell Phone Use While Driving
  • Press Release: Free-Market Group to Quiz Executives at Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson Shareholder Meetings Thursday
  • Blog: Pink Slime: Who is the real culprit?
  • Blog: Blame the Teachers, Not the Tests
  • Press Release: Coca-Cola Doubles-Down on Becoming Target of Special Interests, Endures Bitter Taste of Its Folly
  • Press Release: Procter & Gamble Sides with Ultra-Left, Joins Anti-Conservative ALEC Boycott
  • Press Release: Shareholders Will Ask GE CEO Jeff Immelt to Abandon Crony Capitalism at GE's Annual Meeting
  • Press Release: In Light of Coca-Cola's Surrender Over ALEC, Shareholder Activist to Tell Coca-Cola Executives to Stand Firm Against Future Radical Left Demands
  • Press Release: Conservatives Occupy "Occupy the Justice Department" Rally
  • Blog: Occupying the "Occupy the Justice Department" Rally
  • New Visions Commentary: IDs Needed to Take the SATs, But Not to Vote? by Cherylyn Harley LeBon
  • Blog: KFC is Chicken; Yum! Brands, Owner of KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers and Pizza Hut Joins Anti-Conservative Boycott Spearheaded by Tiny Radical Group
  • Blog: How Canada Gets Chemical Regulation Right
  • Press Release: Conservative Think-Tank Criticizes Soros-Funded Organization for Promoting Van Jones' New Book "Rebuild the Dream"
  • Press Release: Why is the Department of Justice Blocking Voter ID?
  • National Policy Analysis: Justice Department Plays Fast and Loose with Facts and Constitution in Challenging Texas Voter ID Law, by Horace Cooper
  • Press Release: New Voter Identification Task Force Announced
  • Blog: President Obama Really Does Make Over a Million a Year
  • Blog: A Thought About Eli Lilly and its Enduring Love for ObamaCare
  • Press Release: Eli Lilly CEO Firmly Stands By Company's Pro-ObamaCare Lobbying at Shareholder Meeting
  • Blog: You'll Get Zero Benefit From Buffett Rule, Obama Tax Calculator Promises
  • Press Release: Eli Lilly Executives to be Questioned About Company Lobbying for Unpopular, Unconstitutional ObamaCare Legislation
  • Blog: Good Housekeeping, Polluted
  • Blog: Color of Change's ALEC Attack: Burning Black America in Order to Save It
  • Blog: If Eric Holder Isn’t Convinced About Voter Identity Theft Yet, He Obviously Must Not Care
  • Blog: Obama, Holder Partly Responsible for "Ginned Up" Racial Tensions
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  • Press Release: Food Activists "Slime" Perfectly Healthy Beef Product in Ridiculous Bid to Promote Organic Food Agenda
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  • Blog: "We're Taking Back the Park!"
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  • Blog: Project 21's Stacy Swimp Lauds Right-to-Work Victory in Virginia
  • Press Release: Illegal 'Ghost Voting' is Worse Than a Poll Tax or Literacy Tests, Legal Expert Says, Yet Eric Holder Opposes Efforts to Stop Illegal Voting Schemes
  • National Policy Analysis: When the Dead Vote, the Living Suffer: Department of Justice is Wrong to Oppose Voter ID, by Horace Cooper
  • New Visions Commentary: Black "Leaders" Desert Blacks for Illegal Aliens, by Charles Butler
  • New Visions Commentary: Tea Party and Occupy Protests Far From Similar, by Emery McClendon
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  • Blog: Pepsi Settles Invented Discrimination Claim
  • Press Release: Ford Fulfills Commitment; Withdraws from Left-Wing U.S. Climate Action Partnership
  • Press Release: Supreme Court Rules Americans are Protected from "Surveillance State"
  • Blog: Project 21's Hollis has an Old Commentary on a New Movie
  • Blog: Jarrett's Partisan Rant Should Put IRS Rule in Spotlight
  • Blog: NAACP Drags MLK Street Names into the Gutter in Assault on Microsoft
  • Blog: Thomas Edison, Call Your Office
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  • Press Release: Government ID Needed to Buy Drain Cleaner in Illinois, But Not to Vote
  • Blog: Illinois Residents Need ID to Buy Drano, But Not to Vote
  • Press Release: Leading Free-Market Group Calls on Obama Administration to Withdraw "Guidance" Warning Employers Against Asking Prospective Employees if they Have a High School Diploma
  • Blog: Obama Administration Urges Students to Drop Out
  • Blog: Project 21's Shelby Emmett Slams Using Civil Rights to Avoid Competition

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