NCPPR Critics Speak
A Sample of Letters Received in 2004



To Amy Ridenour

You are a pathetic, twisted soul.

Ron Nelson2 <[email protected]>

Re: Joe Roche

I don't know who you people are - a neocon think tank I suppose. Whoever, or whatever, you may be, Joe Roche simply doesn't add up. An 'adjunct fellow' at your institute who is apparently serving as a relatively low ranking enlisted man driving a humvee in Iraq. Shall I say that that strikes me as a bunch of bs - probably a put-on to try to stem erosion of political support for Bush now that it's clear that he made a big, big mistake and has us in a quagmire from which there is no graceful exit - yes very much as in Vietnam - maybe you people are too young to recall that war - I recall it well. This kind of 'hearts and minds' crap is oh so familiar as is the call for more troops - yes, just a few tens of thousands more and we'll have the situation under control. By the by, in case you think I'm some dried up old hippie - I spent over six years on active duty in the 60's - intelligence work in Korea and Germany. More recently I practiced law for a large law firm on the west coast defending primarily large corporations and other businesses. But I know bs when I see it. Perhaps next Bush will reinstate the draft (after the election of course) so that more American young men and women can enjoy the adulation and gratitude of the Iraqi people. Hopefully, he won't be in a position to do that after the election.

Bob Roley - sure, you can file this in my 'Patriot Act file.' Or Ashcroft can stuff it up his butt.

robert w roley <[email protected]>

Re: Amid the Nightline Controversy, Remember: Our Troops Are Doing A Great Deal of Good

The National Center for Public Policy Research:
It amazes me that somehow you wish to draw controversy out of a simple reading of the soldiers who have died in Iraq. Shame on you for your simplistic opportunism to get press for your organization.
My deceased father George Massie Gividen, Jr. will be inducted into the US Ranger Hall of Fame this July. He served as a Marine before he was accepted at West Point. Among his many citations and awards from the Korean War are the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver,Star, Soldiers Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and 5 purple hearts. He then taught at West Point and served in the Civil Service until he retired a few years before he died. If he were alive, he, like me, would have sat through every minute of the Nightline program paying his respects to those soldiers who have died over there.
I spoke to my brother J. Richard Gividen, a retired Army officer. Though he missed it, he also wanted to see it. In fact I am sending him a copy. He also confirmed my father would have been glued to the television.
My nephew, SPC Dustin Schafer with the 2nd Brigade Recon Troop Iron Horse, just got back from Iraq about a month ago. He told me he is shocked that someone would not want people to know about those that have given their life in Iraq--in fact he was injured while his driver died in a Humvee accident. His words about you--"what a bunch of assholes." His friends in his unit share his sentiments.
As you can see my family is full of military people who all support the idea and spirit of this show. I teach government here in Texas and I tell my students daily the number of soldiers who have died. Why do I do this? Because I think they should know the sacrifice which goes on daily in their name. That at least for those couple of minutes they will soberly think and pay their respects. I do not see how an informed public is a bad public. Does this somehow make me a bad American? Does this make the members of my family bad Americans? I think not.
Maybe you need to reexamine your beliefs and see if you really are pro-soldier, and pro-American. From here in San Marcos and Fort Hood, Texas, and from Arizona you are not looking to patriotic. I will be sure to mention your group as a fine example of partisan politics over substance to my class. Thank you for your time.
J. Michael Gividen, MA <[email protected]>
San Marcos, TX 78666


I just read your critque of Gore's speech. What misleading crap. Of course since your rightwing idols are lying, cheating, fascist scum, it only stands to reason. Who ever heard of The National Center for Public Policy Research? This is just another ultra right conservative bullshit center that creates propoganda for right wing justification. Get a life.

David Everist
Signs of the Times Graphics <[email protected]>

(We comment on this letter in The National Center's blog.)

I just read your critque of Gore's speech. What misleading crap. Of course since your rightwing idols are lying, cheating, fascist scum, it only stands to reason. Who ever heard of The National Center for Public Policy Research? This is just another ultra right conservative bullshit center that creates propoganda for right wing justification. Get a life.

David Everist
Signs of the Times Graphics <[email protected]>

(We comment on this letter in The National Center's blog.)

To Project 21

You call youselves "conservatives!"  What do Black Americans have to conserve in America?  You should be looking to be "progressives"?  Black Americans need a lot more progress in order to gain as compared to the White Americans.  We don't need to "conserve" things the way they are right now.  GET A GRIP,  YOU BUNCH OF "UNCLE TOMS." 

Paulette Clarke <[email protected]>

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Re: Keep the Faith: A Letter from Iraq by Army Spc. Joe Roche

Dear Joe,

I  read your propagandizing piece in the local shopper ­ sounds not unlike the mass canned letters the Pentagon had soldiers "write" for their local papers.  This is what Americans hear from  the revelations of former Treasury Sec. ONeill, weapons inspector David Kay, Hans Blix, the 911 Commission,  and reports from international journalists in Iraq:   the U.S. should not be there and the U.S. is not wanted there.    As the Bush Administration neo-conservatives like Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld try to force a U.S. tailored government on the Iraqi people after an unjustified war ( planned pre-911.... we got the wrong guy, no WMD's, no threat to the US) , they seem to have forgotten to develop an effective post war strategy  that doesn't involve chaos and brute force.    Even conservative Pat Buchanan agrees with that.   Unfortunately, for the deception and arrogance of our current leaders,  there has been tremendous sacrifice by our good soldiers (the thousands of wounded barely make the news),  the Iraqi people (who even knows the numbers),  infrastructure destroyed by war, and  about $4.5 billion per month added to the huge US budget deficit which we will all pay for in the years to come (read Galbraith in today's LA Times...  I'll forward you online via Truthout) . And global terrorism and hatred of the US has increased because of the Iraq war and unfair US policies with regard to Israel and the Palestinians.   Sadly, you don't seem to even recognize what a waste it all has been and continues to be. . I believe many military families do.    Speaking of military families, is it not true that even they are not allowed to view the returning caskets of their loved ones?   And we just had operation Iraqi "Freedom".  American civil liberties continue to erode under the excessive "Patriot" Act.

Sincerely,  Ron Blackmore <[email protected]>

Re: Keep the Faith: A Letter from Iraq by Army Spc. Joe Roche

Sorry Joe, I don't believe you. 
Seen too much and read to much.
How many Iraqi's have you killed?
If you believe what you wrote, I feel sorry for you.
I do not support you or our troops, perhaps because I have read and seen too many dead Iraqi civilians at you hands.
Paul Myers <[email protected]>
Houston, Texas

Re: Global Warming: Why Can't the Mainstream Press Get Even Basic Facts Right?

Hi Amy

I read your article and I was amazed! It was truley awe inspiriring the lengths that you went to lie to us. I think you have a promising future in politics. My only question is: can you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning? I am using your paper in a class, it has been very fun going through it and pointing out your lies. Would you like a copy of my refutation? I wish you were right and global warming was a myth, but the possible effects are too severe to disregard it like you have, and the evidence has convinced me that it is happening.

You are in my prayers.


If you don't believe in free speech for those you despise, then you really don't believe in free speech.

Richard McNeill <[email protected]>

Re: Keep the Faith: A Letter from Iraq by Army Spc. Joe Roche

Joe Roche!

What a wondeful way to reach the dopers with "no future" except rotting from D.U. in the desert! Are you a member of the same "Think Tank" that brought us Wolfawitz and Pearle, and "The Project For The New American Century"??? The same who brought us "The Uniform Military Service Act", and "Smart Borders" to prevent defectors from "Voting with their feet"?

So, it's all "Hail & Glory" over there in "New Texas", eh?

Now repeat after me; "Hail George Bush Jr., you recycled bar slime, I who am about to die admit you are driven by people more viciuos and intelligent than you ever could be."

Lottsa luck, Joe Think Tank.

Dyann & Glenn <[email protected]>

RE: Apparently (though we have to guess) in response to our newsletter article "Global Warming: Why Can't the Mainstream Press Get Even Basic Facts Right?," a student at Berkeley writes to call the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT a "flake." Our newsletter had reproduced the following (apparently incediary) statement: " Dr. Richard Lindzen... says the [United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] report is typically 'presented as a consensus that involves hundreds, perhaps thousands, of scientists... and none of them was asked if they agreed with anything in the report except for the one or two pages they worked on.' Lindzen also draws a sharp distinction between the scientists' document and its politicized summary: 'the document itself is informative; the summary is not.'"

The right using faulty sources...Unbelievable

Hmmm...This sounds mildly suspicious. I don't quite understand how all you right-winger can take yourselves seriously. This guy is clearly a flake who is getting paid by industry to agree with them. He is a veritable scientific prostitute who is willing to disregard legitimate science. And how you all can actually cite him as a legitimate source of information is amazing. I mean you must have some inkling that this guy isn't exactly the most reputable scientist in his field, yet you use him. Again, simply amazing. I used to wonder how the right could so liberally spread disinformation. But I think simple disregard for truth and scientific debate are prerequisites to being Republicans.
Here is a little gem I found:
"Lindzen was reported in 1995 to "charges oil and coal interests $2,500 a day for his consulting services; his 1991 trip to testify before a Senate committee was paid for by Western Fuels, and a speech he wrote, entitled 'Global Warming: the Origin and Nature of Alleged Scientific Consensus,' was underwritten by OPEC." [1] "

Galen Jackson <[email protected]>

RE: Press Release - "My Battalion is Right in the Middle of Sadr's Challenge" and the News from Iraq is Good, Soldier Says

I wonder if he will run for the Senate or the House when he gets back from Iraq. Ask him what the wife of a soldier that was killed feels about the stupid remarks that he is making. Bush does not want anything shown about what is happening in Iraq, also is he a Republican. I will check this out when he retires from the Army and see what he gets paid for the stupid statement he made about our soldiers who are taking their lives in their hands to protect Bush who did not go to war, and lied about his dental records, as I was told that there was no dentist on the base that he was on. If there was show the dentist name as the one they showed on TV showed XXX'x only, I can send you the same with XXX's if you like. It is to bad the American people pay for salaries for Senators and Congress who vote for hikes in everthing that effect the senior, we helped build this country and Bush is making a mockery of it. Just because he has money he thinks everyone does. Also check out
where Noreiga is. On a show it stated that he got drugs for Bush, forgot the name of show, and what happened to the 2 or 3 ships that was full of drugs that was confiscated? Tell me that? Maybe Clinton messed with a girl, but he did nothing to harm our country. Check out Bush grandfather, he sold to Germany while America was at war with Germany. Also he worked in a New York Bank for Germany and the Government went there and made him quit. That is on the Bush site. Check it out, I have mega other items which show what a corrupt bunch they are, they ge MILLIONS from mega companies and what do they give in
return, oh yeh, candy. Yeh and I am a Republican, in your dreams. Well enough of this check some of this out, and maybe get educated about what is really going on. Betty
<[email protected]>

To Project 21

you must be white

Angelia Shotwell <[email protected]>

Hi Amy

I just read your article Global Warming: Why Can't the Mainstream Press Get Even Basic Facts Right?

I was really impressed! I started looking at your sources and how you used your information. I am amazed at how much effort you put into your lies! I have never seen anyone go to these lengths to try to misrepresent the facts about something. I am using your paper to in my class. It should be interesting to see everyone's response to such elaborate subterfuge.

I just have one question, how do you live with yourself when you do something like this?
I feel sorry for you and I will pray for you.

Rick <[email protected]>

Dear Sir or Madam:

You really are spreading myths about the environment - you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anne Kaup-Fett, R.S., M.S. <[email protected]>
Clark County Combined Health District
Springfield, Ohio

What you smokin'?
What does this mean, overseas sales in computer programming are booming? What you mean is overseas job giveaways are booming.
Have you put your job up for outsourcing? I am sure there are thousands of indians and chinese could do it alot better and alot cheaper and they are very submissive. They will write any piece of garbage just like you for a buck.
Who benefits from job giveaways? That is right, rich republicans like you!

Joanne <[email protected]>

I was absolutely appalled at Ms. Ridenour's commentary in today's opinion section (Philadelphia Inquirer). It is the most blatant anti-American, anti-worker rant I have heard in a long time. Doesn't anyone care about keeping good paying jobs in this country? Is the race to the bottom so important?? Your example of the auto industry is only one of good paying jobs being imported and only a small fraction of jobs available in the US. I am pretty sure that when a company decides to try to pad its pockets by lowballing jobs overseas, the last thing on its mind is how they are improving our American economy, but more likely how much more the officers can squeeze out for their own bonuses, loans, schemes, and lavish pay packages.

Oh, and Ms. Ridenour, haven't you heard?? Since Alexis deTocqueville did such a bang up job way back when when analyzing America, your employer has already outsourced your job to France. I hope to hear you cheering for American capitalism and economic expansion from the unemployment line.

Christine Hubler <[email protected]>

After reding your column, "Let U.S. outsourcing flourish," I decided to watch the Jerry Springer show which was far more intelligent.

[email protected]

What planet are you on?

Bush has done nothing but erase 20-30 years of good sound environmnetal regulations and policy.

He is destroying our natural resources so soon our children wont have any wild lands to visit.

He is drilling in the middle of wildlife zones..

he wants to log out all the forests on earth

He wants to build roads in wild pristine areas

He is endangering many more species than ever before.just as an example.the siberian tiger population is down to about 1000 if that. close to extinction. It would be a sham eto lose such a beautiful animal because of bush's ignorance.

He is making the US totally dependant on oil and not thinking about new sources of alternative energy like solar power, hydro, geothermal etc.

he is letting big polluters pollute our air and get away scot free.

He is pandering to big oil and screwing the american taxpayers.

Bushis the worst enviromnetal president ever. He just doesnt care all republicans they dont think about the future generations.

They only think of themselves. and their rich ass money.

It will be nice when Kerry defeats bush and we get back congress and the democratic party can sign the Kyoto treaty (that every other nation signed except the US) and we can work toward stopping bush from ruining our planet and slowly moving the people of Earth toward

- Jeff Dearman <[email protected]>

You claim bush is making right sound decisions on the environment.

In my opinion he is making terrible ...arrogant decisions.on the environment.

Just look at his atrocious horrendous , pig-headed, disgusting record ----so far i 2004

you can click on each year to go back to 2001.

Bush is a horrible horrible man and a horribe horrible president and him and the republicans will all burn in hell for
what they have done and continue to do to our planet.

-- Jeff Dearman <[email protected]>

Re: Why People Defend Michael Jackson by Kimberley Jane Wilson

Since the very beginning we the original people of the earth has been under biases attacks by whites as long as we live on this earth but people like you will help them lynch many more before to go to hell. I don't agree what your reasons are but 30 pieces of silver is not enough for you is it.

-<[email protected]>

get a life!

-peter johnston <[email protected] >

After watching one of your members on tv who I cant stand, Mx.Setmayer, are you guys for real? Your "dreamboy" bush has made a mess of this country and the ones who suffer the most are Black Americans, when it comes to education, jobs, medical coverage. I think you are a bunch of white folks who couldn't care less about the true facts of what's going on in this country. I will never forget when I saw on Politically Incorrect what that fat woman said that "medical coverage is not a right". Well let me tell you; for being the richest country in the world and knowing that poor black folks (some) that doesn't have medical coverage, I found her comment very uncaring, insensitive and who the hell she thinks she is? My friends crack up when she comes on tv but after reflecting on her comments, I feel it is really sad. Maybe your project should go back over the generations, maybe your own, I just dont get it. I'm a registered nurse and make a pretty good salary but I will never forget the hard work I had to do and the sacrafice my "poor" folks had to make. And please don't tell me you approve of this Iraq war, tax cuts, and international relations we have. You should call yourselves the Unprojected.

[email protected]

Re: Why People Defend Michael Jackson by Kimberley Jane Wilson

I totally disagree on what you say about Michael Jackson, if there's anything that he's guilty of, its just making people happy all throughout his life, specially children. And i believe that this is a modern-day-lynching... and since you're talking about his wealth then you obviously envy him!!!

melviely sy <[email protected]>

Re: Why People Defend Michael Jackson by Kimberley Jane Wilson


Re: Why People Defend Michael Jackson by Kimberley Jane Wilson

America is not the only place in the world, buddy. For years, Michael Jackson symbolized the American Dream for people all around the world. Now, his lynching symbolizes how limited, racist, sexist, agist and hypocryte the magority of American society actually is. Land of freedom my behind. I'm a White young women, and I think that Michael Jackson is someone Black people should be proud of. You, on the other hand, isn't.

"ANATOLY" <[email protected]>

I better not see anymore of your communist liberal garbage on my computer anymore

"wesley tilley" <[email protected]>

You say that your publication is not liberal yeah right your magazine sucks and everything and everyone in your organization as well I hope you have a miserable life

"wesley tilley" <[email protected]>

I'm an urban planning student at the University of Cincinnati, and I came upon your website after listening to a guy speak about the anti-sprawl campaign on C-SPAN. I'll go ahead and tell you I am neither conservative nor liberal, just so you don't confuse me with your enemy. I have to say that I do believe that traffic and sprawl facts are exacerbated often, for whatever reason, but I disagree with many of your stances on the issue. You also don't provide much fact to back up a majority of what you say so it makes you look less credible to me. Many leaders in urban planning would definitely disagree with your views on modern American suburban viability. You don't mention anything on the role of the car. The car consistently causes death at high rates, which is an accepted tradeoff to living a lifestyle of the so-called American Dream. In a suburban area I don't have the choice of walking anywhere (if there was anything worth walking to), which raises health issues in itself. Walking across a collector road is as difficult a task as trying to walk across the interstate. We spend so much money subsidizing roads that we forget about education. You say that 'smart growth' leaves out the poor, but last time I checked so does the newer suburbs. Another issue is the declining inner-city. Do you think we should just leave the problems of the inner-city to just fester? There are all kinds of problems that urban infill and preservation could help in bringing people back to city, so it can actually function like a real city. Your organization spends so much time bashing anti-sprawl proponents that you forget to give alternatives and you look just as silly as they do, spouting out the same exaggerated facts. That is what I hate about both of you. You both offer little insight, you have your own hidden agendas and you go nowhere. Politics as usual. Don't worry. People of my age group are accustomed to being let down by the leaders of this country.

Chris McDowell <[email protected]>

Dear Mr. Cohan, You want public opinion? Here's some public opinion that will never see the light of day.....While watching you discuss and poo, poo the scientific community and the concerns that human activities are harming our ecosystem, I could only think of how in-bedded you are to the constituents you serve! Your old, dim-witted and don`t give a [expletive deleted] about anything other than faceless corporate America. YOU BIG FAT [expletive deleted]! [expletive deleted] CORPORATE AMERICA! We`ll see what difference corporations make when there are no people left to fill those big comfy chairs. I pray for you and your`s alike to pass like the clouds! I wouldn`t spit on you or Fred Singer if you were laying on the sidewalk on fire you [expletive deleted]! Hope for your sake you are buried in an unmarked grave so as to keep me and others from dancing on it in celebration of your demise. Oh yeah, and [expletive deleted] N.A.F.T.A too! What the [expletive deleted] were you inhaling?! Sincerely, Robert Pierce <[email protected]>

Why are you such [expletive deleted] liars? How can you sleep at night knowing you lie about everything from the environment to labor policies and all your lies encourage rich bastards like yourselves to ruin our planet, work people in substandard conditions for substandard wages.

I really don't understand how you can actually live with yourselves except to assume you're just so [expletive deleted] stupid you don't think anyone else has the right to live a decent life.

You are [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] and I hope you all die soon you [expletive deleted] assholes.

"Margie O. Duncan" <[email protected]>

Re: Al Gore's Speech on Bush and the Environment: Demagoguery

Gore's speech demagoguery ? Would you rather have a demagogue or a Serial, Compulsive, Consistent Liar like Bush. Bush should be shot along with the rest of his administration for crimes against humanity, treason, election fraud, constitutional assassination, and environmental devastation -- last but not least unbeknownst to morons like you-- Drug Trafficking.

[expletive deleted] YOU FASCIST PIGS. EAT [expletive deleted] AND DIE


"David M" <[email protected]>

Re: Al Gore's Speech on Bush and the Environment: Demagoguery

Oh my god! Al Gore lies about how bad the environment is?! In order to force companies and the government to....gasp!... NOT pollute! What a psycho! A little trash never hurt anyone! Maybe we can dump all that [expletive deleted] in your house, you ignoramus.

Even a little bit of pollution is too much. But I guess you never learned those basic rules of kindergarten--leave things in a better way than you found them, put things back where they belong, clean up after yourself. You're apparently oblivious to the psychosis of your criticism, and more interested in facades and partisanship than vision or reality: how Rome fell, jackass.

[email protected]


You suck! How dare you insult our collective intelligence and intuition as to the health of our planet for monetary gain. I hope you have invested heavily in waterfront property in southern Florida and Bangladesh. Do you have any moral compunction beyond your bloated idealogical ego? Do you really believe that "Scrub" has our environmental health at heart of the policy decisions his administration makes?

You're coming down!

Darcie Stella <[email protected]>

Wow, I know 12 year olds that have stronger standards of logic. Do you people have any credentials at all? Or are you just distorting facts for the fun of it?

Jeremy Eaton <[email protected]>

Re: Al Gore's Speech on Bush and the Environment: Demagoguery

Dear idiots: Gore is on target about global warming and related dangers. He is the best informed politician on these subjects, on this planet. I realize you are due for your cretin 1-A class, so I'll let you go.
EdMcClendon <[email protected]>

Re: Al Gore's Speech on Bush and the Environment: Demagoguery

And who and the hell are you? I can't believe that some unknown piece of crap like yourself can go out and BUY a 'U.S. Newswire is a national news release wire service' account and send out NEWS? releases to some right wing propaganda blog like Drudge and criticize Al Gore. Again, I ask, who the hell are you?
Alan Brown <[email protected]>

Re: Al Gore's Speech on Bush and the Environment: Demagoguery

who are you people and why?

Jerry Furman <[email protected]>

Re: Al Gore's Speech on Bush and the Environment: Demagoguery

You are the demagogues. It is your way or now way. You support the wealthy over against the interests of the common populace even though the quality of life is rapidly declining.
Money as bought our nation with Bush as the chief henchman of the rich.

"Oliver Beach" <[email protected]>

Very rare that I find the time or initiative to respond in writing to something I hear or read but ran across the below and cannot quite fathom how extreme and vile the tone is. All I can think of is that you very, very partisan boys and girls in Washington need to take a good, hard look at yourselves and what you are actually doing with your lives... does it really need to be so disgusting?

John Doyle <[email protected]>

How does Bush's dingle berries taste?

Michael McCarthy <[email protected]>

Re: Al Gore's Speech on Bush and the Environment: Demagoguery

I attended Vice-President Gore's presentation in New York today.

Given that he fatally exposed, in a high-profile setting, the hired "scientists" of the pollution lobby, and the junk science you folks peddle for a high paycheck, it is really no wonder you attack him so viciously. Everyone is entitled to attempt to survive, even you.

Nice try, however. Thank God more people will listen to the last person actually elected to the Presidency, than to your disingenuous special-interest p.r. front.

But hey, you got a link on Drudge. The wingnuts, I'm sure, will nod approvingly. And as long as they keep making ignorant people, I'm sure guys like you will always have a nice gig.

Russ DiBello <[email protected]>

It is funny how those of you on the right side of the political spectrum
will quickly rush to use the word "liberal" in much the same manner as a
young child using the word "sh*t" to shock his friends. When almost every
reputable scientist (those NOT employed by energy companies and so forth)
agrees that global warming is occurring, I WILL NOT let a mental-mediocre
like Bush question the legitimacy of their findings!

Why don't you people change your name to truly reflect what you truly are; a
mouthpiece for the right-wing. You are just as biased as those you would
attack or impugn, so why not just admit it? Why not change your name to the
RIGHT-WING National Center for Conservative Policy in TOTAL Defiance of
Anything WE Consider Liberal? The name would fit you much better.

Bush is the absolute WORST president in the history of this nation ... and
easily the most adelbrained. It used to be said that in America the cream
rises to the top. Bush is proof that turds also float! He may be YOUR
president, but I consider him a traitor to America and all things American.
He has led this country down a path of ruination. He has succeeded in
turning the entire world against us with the exception of a few cronies. You
people SCREAM when Bush is compared to Hitler. Well I MYSELF make that
comparisum! Hitler controlled the media in the same manner Bush has. He
controlled free speech in the same fastion that Bush has. He invaded
sovereign nations in total defiance of the world, as Bush has done. He
siezed upon a nation's fear, paranoia and baser emotions in order to tighten
his grip on power, BUsh has done the same. Bush may not have murdered six
million Jews, but let's talk about the thousands of Arabs and the hundreds
of American soldiers that he has MURDERED in the pursuit of oil and riches
for his powerful friends.

You people disgust me, and I intend to attack you and your president with
the same vehomence that you attack those who disagree with you.

PLEASE feel free to report me to the Bush administration as a traitor and
someone who the Secret Service (Bush's version of Hitler's SS) should
investigate. Apparently that's how they label anyone who questions
Caligula's ... uh, Bush's policies. I detest that man, and I detest all for
which you and your nazi organization stand! Mostly, I detest the fact that
Bush has changed this country into a fascist state ... where to protest his
policies is to invite FBI and Secret Service Scrutiny ... where to protest
the war is to be labeled a traitor or a terrorist sympathizer or to be
accused of not supporting our troops. Oh yeah ... Bush supports our troops
... he pays the men who support the CASKETS in which they're shipping our
brave soldiers back to us.

Why hasn't your organization come out against Bush's LIES and DECEIT in
declaring this war? Why haven't you attacked his administration's abuse of
power and betrayal of the public trust by using 9/11 in the same manner that
Hitler used the Rachstag fires? Because you and he both label yourself as
"conservatives" you're willing to watch him destroy our constitution and our
rightful place in the world while believing that he's making it a better
place for YOU and YOUR KIND!

Leave it to the republicans to have Reagan and Bush as their heroes ... an
evil man suffering from Alzheimers (which he DESERVES after all the people
he sacrificed for political victory and the millions who could've been saved
from AIDs if he had given a damn about them) and a retarded Forrest Gump

Not used to having a "liberal" fight back, are you? Not used to having a
liberal attack YOUR policies, are you? Why is it that the people who
consider themselves conservatives and born-again Christians are so quick to
attack. Note that the so-called pro-life people bomb clinics and shoot
doctors ... but how many pro-choice people have done likewise? You make me
sick! You are as biased as any left-wing organization ... so why not just
admit it and stop attempting to portray yourself as "defenders of the
American way of life?" Well I will fight you and your kind and your message
everywhere and at every opportunity! Label me a liberal ... I wear that
title with PRIDE! And why don't you wear your NAZI tag with some pride as
well, while we're at it?

Daniel Resto <[email protected]>


Tony West <[email protected]>

You right-wing [expletive deleted] are soulless cretins ...

Modern Republicans have taken the ethic of conservation out of being a conservative.

It's all about greed, conservative Christian smugness, and a troglodyte world view for you people.

The global climate system is indeed vast and complex but just as a doctor must diagnose based on what symptoms are presented - even if the complete body situation is unknown - treatment ensues based on the diagnosis of available data.

People like you and your group are worse then disningenuous, you are liars - pure and simple. And you're breeders to boot, so you will leave your children a world with eco-terrorism brought on by Smug, asshole SUV driving Americans who are only 5% of the population but use 25% of the energy and produce 25% of the CO2 .... so when Mumbai and Marshall Islands and a lot of other places see their entire populations displaced by risisng seawater, they will blame Americans - and want revenge. [expletive deleted] YOU [expletive deleted] YOU [expletive deleted] YOU

"Jeff Softley" <[email protected]>

Stumbled across your website Makes me want to give up all hope.


Paul Rinear <[email protected]>

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