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The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives


The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives
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Project 21 Participants

Horace Cooper Horace Cooper Stacy Washington Stacy Washington
Akindele Akinyemi Akindele Akinyemi Christopher Arps Christopher Arps
Thompson Ayodele Thompson Ayodele Fred Banyon Fred Banyon
Deneen Borelli Deneen Borelli John Burnett John Burnett
Charles Butler Charles Butler Gianno Caldwell Gianno Caldwell
Rev. Steven L. Craft Steven L. Craft Coby Dillard Coby Dillard
Richard Dimery Richard Dimery Michael Dozier, Ph.D. Michael Dozier
Stella Dulanya Stella Dulanya Wayne Dupree Wayne Dupree
Shelby Emmett Shelby Emmett Nadra Enzi Nadra Enzi
Lisa Fritsch Lisa Fritsch Leo G.A. Fuller Leo G.A. Fuller
Dr. Day Gardner Dr. Day Gardner Dr. Elaina George Dr. Elaina George
Murdock 'Doc' Gibbs Murdock "Doc" Gibbs R. Dozier Gray R. Dozier Gray
Derryck Green Derryck Green Ted Hayes Ted Hayes
Chelsi P. Henry, Esq. Chelsi P. Henry Jimmie L. Hollis Jimmie L. Hollis
Jerome Hudson Jerome Hudson Niger Innis Niger Innis
Dr. Phillip Johnson Dr. Phillip Johnson Lawrence Bill Jones III Lawrence Bill Jones III
Reginald Jones Reginald Jones Cerere Kihoro Cerere Kihoro
Alveda C. King Alveda C. King Peter Kirsanow Peter Kirsanow
Maia Koskinen Maia Koskinen Dutch Martin Cherylyn Harley-LeBon
Dutch Martin Dutch Martin Kevin Martin Kevin Martin
Robin Carter-Martin Robin Carter-Martin Emery McClendon Emery McClendon
John Meredith John Meredith Djana Milton Djana Milton
Demetrius Minor Demetrius Minor Geoffrey Moore Geoffrey Moore
Deroy Murdock Deroy Murdock Oscar Murdock Oscar Murdock
Bishop Council Nedd II Bishop Council Nedd II Hughey Newsome Hughey Newsome
Gregory Parker Gregory Parker Carl Pittman Carl Pittman
B.B. Robinson B.B. Robinson Tara Setmayer Tara Setmayer
Ak'Bar A. Shabazz Ak'Bar A. Shabazz Stacy M. Swimp Stacy M. Swimp
Sean Turner Sean Turner Lee H. Walker Lee H. Walker
Ellis Washington Ellis Washington Kimberley Jane Wilson Kimberley Jane Wilson

To reach any of the above, or any Project 21 member not listed above, on a public policy issue, please contact Project 21 media director Judy Kent at (703) 759-7476 or [email protected]