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New SCHIP Information Center to Separate Truth from Spin

Resources from Scholars, Writers and Bloggers to Help Illuminate Debate During White House-Capitol Hill Showdown

For Release: September 26, 2007
Contact: David Almasi at (202) 507-6398 x11
or [email protected]

Washington, D.C. -
As Democrat leadership-supported legislation to expand the federal State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) by $35 billion over 5 years heads to the White House for an all-but-certain veto by President Bush, the National Center for Public Policy Research is unveiling a new website providing educational resources on SCHIP to help Americans follow the debate.

"The SCHIP debate, like many others, has been filled with false accusations, rhetorical excesses and outright falsehoods," said Amy Ridenour, president of the National Center for Public Policy Research.  "For example, House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel said of the President's position, 'I find it unbelievable that the president wants to test every kid on their math skills, but won't let them get tested for measles and mumps.'  He does well to find it unbelievable, as the President wants to expand SCHIP by $5 billion over five years."

The website, the SCHIP/State Childrens Health Insurance Information Center, contains a collection of research papers, commentaries and blog entries about SCHIP from a variety of think-tanks, scholars, opinion writers and bloggers.  It can be accessed at

"The SCHIP Information Center website contains links to online resources that help Americans separate spin from facts," added Ridenour.  "And we encourage scholars, bloggers and writers to e-mail us to suggest additional, high-quality resources to us as we continue to add content in coming days."

Funding for SCHIP expires September 30, and the Congressional leadership does not have the votes to override the President's veto, making it certain that the future of SCHIP - and the proper role of government in American health care policy - will be under intense debate in the weeks to come.

The National Center for Public Policy Research, founded in 1982, is a non-partisan, non-profit educational foundation based in Washington, D.C.


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