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Internet: The National Center for Public Policy Research values the privacy of our Internet visitors.  As a result, we collect very little information about our visitors, and store even less.

When you visit, we do not obtain your email address unless you manually send it to us by, for example, clicking on a link to send us email or an online donation.  Because some software collects it automatically, we do obtain some IP addresses (in layman’s terms, an IP address is a number the Internet uses to identify computers), but we almost never review this data and we have never shared it.  The IP address of website visitors is not apparent to other visitors and can only be accessed with the use of a password, which is solely available to the webmaster, and not to National Center staff generally.

Software programs also in some cases collect the name of the ISP visitors are using (for examples, AOL or Earthlink). This data is rarely reviewed and, to the extent it is stored, is kept under secure password.  Hypothetical examples of the format and type of data collected is:

(IP) 219.72.780.225 
Statesboro, Georgia 
12:09:01 am


Los Angeles, California 
10:12:34 pm

As is obvious, this data, captured automatically by our software, includes neither the visitor’s name, e-mail address nor physical address.

From time-to-time, a visitor to our website may use a feature allowing visitors to “email this url to a friend” (an example of such a feature can be found on  If you use this feature we do not note, nor do we record, your name nor the e-mail address to which you sent the url or message.

Therefore, when you visit our websites, the National Center for Public Policy Research is collecting no information it can share with other institutions, and it does not share any.

List rentals and exchanges: The National Center for Public Policy Research periodically permits other appropriate non-profit organizations to mail certain lists of our donors, primarily through list exchanges as a means of obtaining new donors to support National Center programs. These exchanges are on a one-to-one basis, for one-time use, and require the consent of either the president or chairman of The National Center.

Only names and addresses are provided in such exchanges. All other data is kept in the strictest confidence.

To ensure that donors are not sent more mail than authorized, every list The National Center ships contains unique markers permitting use to be tracked. The National Center will take legal action for compensation, damages and legal fees for any unauthorized use of any of its donor lists.

If you are a National Center donor and you prefer that your name and address not be included in such list trades or rentals, you may inform us by e-mail by clicking here.  Please include your name and address. 

To be removed from mailing lists: If you wish to be removed from our mail solicitation lists, please click here.  Please include your name and mailing address in your e-mail correspondence.  For name/address changes or other concerns, please click here.

These requests also may be facilitated by writing us at: National Center for Public Policy Research, 20 F Street NW, Suite 700, Washington, DC 20001, or faxing us at (301) 498-1301, or calling (202) 507-6398. 

To ensure that we respect the wishes of our donors, all requests must be made either by the donor or a legally-appointed representative of the donor. If you are a donor's legal representative, include a copy of your Power of Attorney when e-mailing, faxing or writing us on the donor's behalf. If we do not receive this documentation, we have no way to know if a person purporting to be speaking on a donor's behalf has the permission of the donor to do so.

Those who wish to continue receiving solicitations from The National Center, but wish to reduce either the frequency of such mailings or specify specific times of year they wish to receive them, may inform us of their wishes using any of the means indicated above.

Additional information: The National Center also periodically (at least annually) provides in written appeals to donors the opportunity to express their preference with regard to sharing their contact information with other organizations. Internally, confidential donor information is protected in numerous ways: 1. Only personnel with direct fundraising responsibilities have access to our donor database; 2. The National Center has software that records details on every list exported from our database, including the identity of the staff member accessing the list; 3. All National Center employees are required to sign a legally-binding non-disclosure agreement as a condition of employment; 4. The National Center’s database contains a mixture of “decoys,” including paid monitors; family, friends and associates of The National Center; donor volunteers permitting us to track unauthorized use. These decoys, some of whom are only known to the president of The National Center, provide regular reports to the president on the mail they receive; 5. Any employee found sharing confidential donor lists without authorization will be terminated immediately and will face legal action.

The National Center will not divulge ANY information about a donor's giving history to anyone other than the donor, the donor’s legally-appointed representative, or government agencies as required by law.

Telephone solicitations: The National Center for Public Policy Research does not conduct telephone solicitation efforts, so there is no need to contact us if you do not wish to be telephoned as part of a National Center telephone solicitation campaign.

Legal notice: All privacy policies are subject to laws, subpoenas, government regulations and court orders, and also are subject to change.



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