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Strategy Lunch: Activities at the March 22 Wednesday Strategy Lunch, sponsored by Coalitions for America (202/546-3003) and chaired by Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation and Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK).

* Politics of and Budgeting for GOP Tax-Relief Proposals Discussed

Participants from Congress and a variety of think-tanks discussed media reports that 100 Members of Congress want to lower the income eligibility level of families that the $500 per child tax credit and associated tax relief proposals under consideration in Congress (which includes provisions allowing the use of IRAs for first home purchases, tax relief for caring for elderly relatives, adoption deductions, capital gains tax reduction, etc.). Some present reported that some in Congress signed a letter calling for a debate on a lower income ceiling because they want to open a debate on whether there should be any ceiling at all, while others support tax relief but are afraid of Democratic Party attacks that the GOP is the "party of the rich." Also discussed was the proper mechanism for making sure the federal budget is balanced and the tax cuts are paid for, and Senator Paul Coverdell (R-GA) stressed the importance of communicating well to the American people exactly how proposals pending in the Senate and House would affect them. Contact Rep. Tim Hutchinson's office (R-AR) at 202/225-4301, Rep. Ernest Istook's office (R-OK) at 202/225-2132, Rep. Bob Dornan's office (R-CA) at 202/225-2965, Rep. Steve Stockman's office (R-TX) at 202/225-6565, Senator Paul Coverdell's office at 202/224-3643, Senate Majority Whip Trent Lott's (R-MS) staff at 202/2708, The Heritage Foundation at 202/546-4400, the Association of Concerned Taxpayers at 202/785-0494, The National Center for Public Policy Research at (202) 507-6398, the Free Congress Foundation at 202/546-3000, the National Center for Policy Analysis at 202/628-6671, or The Hudson Institute at 202/223-9200.

* Pros and Cons of Tort Reform Bills, Consumer Concerns, and Prospects for Tort Reform Passage Reviewed

Mike Horowitz of The Hudson Institute reviewed the importance of tort reform, provisions and pros and cons of various tort reform planks, the politics of tort reform, and prospects for passage. He was critical of those who "buy into the culture of victimization that is the heart of the liberal agenda" and whose votes on tort reform are influenced by the fact that tort lawyers "have replaced labor unions as the number one financiers of the Democratic Party," but also was critical of some elements of the House GOP tort reform proposal. A tort reform bill, S. 300, sponsored by Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Spence Abraham (R-MI) will be the subject of hearings in the Senate after the upcoming Senate recess, he said. Horowitz also discussed provisions designed to protect consumers. Contact The Hudson Institute at 202/223-9200.

* Mexico a "Huge Pressure-Cooker," Says Congressman, and President Clinton's Policies are a "Disaster"

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) reviewed what he termed President Clinton's mandate on Mexico to "raise taxes, impose price controls, and have interest rates at 90%," calling the President's plan "a disaster" and Mexico "a huge pressure-cooker." Stockman reviewed his efforts, including a discharge petition, to stop the U.S.-Mexico loan bailout. Rep. Bob Dornan commented: "The American middle class taxpayer cannot make up for... Wall Street squandering of investors' money." Contact Rep. Steve Stockman's office at 202/225-6565 or Rep. Bob Dornan's office at 202/225-2965.

* Rep. Dornan Analyzes His, Others' Chances in Presidential Sweepstakes

Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA) reviewed his plans to declare himself a candidate for the Presidency of the United States on April 15 and analyzed the qualifications and chances of the various GOP candidates for president. Contact Rep. Dornan's office at 202/225-2965.

Family Forum Meeting: Activities at the March 23 Family Forum meeting chaired by Amy Moritz of The National Center for Public Policy Research and Becky Kimberly of the Family Research Council.

* Clinton Administration Sought to Give the UN Taxing Authority Over the World's Citizens

Mike Schwartz of the Life Advocacy Alliance reviewed the Clinton Administration agenda at three ongoing United Nations conferences (1994's in Cairo on birth control/abortion, the just-concluded conference in Copenhagen, and the scheduled September 1995 UN "Conference on the Status of Women"). Specifically, he said, the Clinton Administration, joined by Britain, Australia, Canada and some European countries, sought in Copenhagen to get two main proposals adopted. They were: 1) imposition of a world-wide tax, payable to the UN, so the UN would no longer be answerable to or need to rely on member nations in funding matters, and 2) a so-called "20/20" proposal that would mandate that a) all developed nations must give 7/10ths of 1% of their national budgets in foreign aid and that 20% of that aid must be designated for "social development" ("social development" defined to consist of family planning aid, clean water aid, payments for primary education and other specific categories), and b) that all aid-receiving nations must devote 20% of their national budgets to UN-specified "social development" categories. Poor countries opposed the 20/20 proposal, Schwartz said, because many of them must devote much of their budgets to the repayment of international bank loans and simply cannot afford the UN mandate. U.S. conservatives also opposed 20/20, Schwartz said, for a variety of reasons. Schwartz, who attended the Copenhagen conference, also reviewed public relations literature the People's Republic of China distributed in Copenhagen, quoting a line the PRC apparently believes demonstrates its dedication to women's rights: "When a wife terminates gestation as required by the population program, her husband may not file for divorce until six months after the abortion." Contact the Life Advocacy Alliance at 202/637-9550.

* Family Research Council Proposes Alternative National History Standards

Stating that the recent controversial National History Standards developed by a government panel had, among other things, forgotten to include the 1969 moon landing as a significant historical event, Becky Kimberly of the Family Research Council distributed copies of a 64-page booklet Let Freedom Ring: A Basic Outline of American History, representing the FRC's recommendations for what a comprehensive history curriculum should include. Contact the Family Research Council at 202/393-2100.

Bulletin Board: Publications, press releases and plans of the conservative community.

* Should Congress Fund Groups That Lobby Congress?

60 Plus, a conservative seniors group, recently testified before Congress that three left-of-center seniors groups are extensively funded by tax dollars while three conservative seniors groups are not, and called for legislation to stop all federal funding of groups that lobby Congress. Contact 60 Plus at 703/351-5251.

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