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Issue 111 * October 28, 1995

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Activities at the October 25 & Wednesday Strategy Lunches chaired by Paul Weyrich and Dick Dingman of the Free Congress Foundation and House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX).

Senate Vote Expected to be Tight on "No Welfare for Lobbyists" Proposal

Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK), Marshall Wittmann of The Heritage Foundation and others updated participants on "No Welfare for Lobbyists" grant reform negotiations between the House and Senate. The provisions of the proposal, being spearheaded by Istook, Rep. David McIntosh (R-IN) and Rep. Bob Erlich (R-MD) with strong support from the House leadership, were reviewed, as was the intensity of the lobbying campaign against it by groups receiving federal grants. Several persons predicted that grant reform will pass the House but agreed that it faces an uphill battle in the Senate, where many Republican Senators have yet to state their final position, including Bond (MO), Chafee (RI), Cohen (ME), D'Amato (NY), Domenici (NM), Kassebaum (KS), Lugar (IN), Roth (DE), Snowe (ME), Warner (VA), Bennett (UT), Coats (IN), Cochran (MS), Grassley (IA), Mack (FL), Specter (PA), Thompson (TN), Campbell (CO), Hatfield (OR), and Jeffords (VT). The Senate will most likely vote late in the first week of November or early in the second week. Contact Rep. Istook via Steve Jones at 202/225-2132, Marshall Wittmann at 202/546-4400, Rep. McIntosh at 202/225-3021, Rep. Erlich at 202/225-3061. (A two-page summary of the proposal's exact provisions, supplied by House-Senate conferees, is available on the internet at under "Hot Topics.")

When It Comes to the Budget, Will Congress or the President Blink First?

Senators Bob Bennett (R-UT), Paul Coverdell (R-GA) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Reps. Tom DeLay (R-TX), Bill Baker (R-CA) and Steve Largent (R-OK) reviewed budget reconciliation votes in the House and Senate, the likelihood that President Clinton will veto the budget (odds estimated by one at 8-2 in favor), the likelihood that the President will blink before the Congress (called "likely"), and the debt limit. Said Senator Bennett: "There is no question but that the debt limit time can pass without impairing America's ability to raise its debt. The question is: How long can we go? I think about six weeks." Contact Senator Bennett at 202/224-5444, Senator Coverdell via Carl Parks at 202/224- 3643, Senator Hatch at 202/224-5251, Rep. DeLay via April Lassiter at 202/225-0197, Rep. Baker at 202/225-1880, Rep. Largent at 202-225-2211.

Handwriting Analysts Say Foster "Suicide Note" a Forgery

Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation reviewed a press conference held October 25 by the Strategic Investment newsletter at which three of the nation's top handwriting experts testified that the "suicide note" attributed to Vincent Foster was a forgery. Press clips are available from Paul Weyrich at 202/546-3000 or from Accuracy in Media at 202/364-4401.

Senator Reviews White House Telephone Records After Vincent Foster's Death

Senator Bob Bennett (R-UT) described recent developments in the Senate Whitewater hearings, including new information (from telephone records) showing that Hillary Clinton was most likely personally dictating the decisions of White House counsel Bernard Nussbaum on matters relating to law enforcement searches of Vincent Foster's office after Foster's death. Contact Senator Bennett at 202/224-5444.

If You Want Change, You Don't Want Powell, Conservative Leader Says

Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation discussed how conservatives should view a presidential bid by Colin Powell: "Anybody who thinks that Colin Powell is going to bring to this country the kind of change you and I want is nuts... I have challenged Bill Bennett to a debate... on the question: Is Colin Powell the establishment candidate? That is the [core] question." Weyrich also related that NBC personnel have joked: "Can Tim Russert run Colin Powell's campaign while staying at NBC?" Contact the Free Congress Foundation at 202/546-3000.

Information Available on Rep. Largent's "Parental Rights and Responsibility Act"

Rep. Steve Largent (R-OK) announced that his "Parental Rights and Responsibility Act" (H.R. 1946) now has 81 co-sponsors and is scheduled for subcommittee markup October 26. Information is available. Contact Rep. Largent via Paul Webster at 202/225-2211.

Group Promotes New Way to Finance College Education

Roy Chapman and Gerard Wenelken of Human Capital Resources described & distributed information about a new method for funding the college education of students studying in disciplines where labor markets perceive demand. Contact Roy Chapman/Gerard Wenelken at 212/891-4175.

Should the United Nations Have the Power to Tax?

Gordon Jones of the Association of Concerned Taxpayers distributed an October 24 op/ed he wrote for the Washington Times: "What's Next at the UN? The Power to Tax?" Contact Gordon Jones at 202/785-0494.

Some in Congress Move to Protect Servicemen from Joining a "United Nations Army" Against their Will

Rep. Helen Chenoweth announced that she is co-sponsoring the new bill sponsored by House Majority Whip Tom Delay to protect servicemen who conscientiously object to wearing the UN uniform. Contact Rep. Chenoweth at 202/225-6611 or Rep. DeLay via April Lassiter at 202/225-0197.

Bulletin Board: Publications, press releases, statements and plans of the conservative community.

Author Condemns Effort to Censor Halloween

James Bovard, author of the new book Shakedown: How the Government Screws You from A to Z and an adjunct analyst for the Competitive Enterprise Institute has written an op/ed for the Washington Times condemning efforts by some to ban the use of Halloween imagery in beer advertising. The activists, organized under the name "Hands Off Halloween" (HOH), have called the use of Halloween imagery in beer advertising -- such as Coors' "Elvira the Witch" and Budweiser's "Crypt Keeper" -- "unethical." Says Bovard: "Some HOH activists have warned that, if the beer industry does not bow to their demands, they will take their complaint to the Federal Trade Commission and seek government intervention to suppress the beer promotions." Contact James Bovard via Greg Smith of the Competitive Enterprise Institute's public relations department at 202/331-1010.

Congressman Roth Leads Effort to Make English Our Official Language

Rep. Toby Roth (R-WI) has introduced a "Declaration of Official Language Act," H.R. 739, to make English the official language of the United States. Rep. Roth's bill would restore English as the primary language in American schools, stop the printing of ballots in other languages, and require new Americans to take the oath of citizenship in English. According to October 20 testimony before the House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Youth and Families, 115 languages are presently spoken in New York City schools, Los Angles ballots are printed in six languages and the National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education estimates that 40 million Americans will not speak English by 2000. For press releases and news clips from USA Today describing the legislation contact Ion Valaskakis of Rep. Roth's office at 202/225-5665.

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