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Issue 115 * January 26, 1996

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Activities at the January 24 Wednesday Strategy Lunch chaired by Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation/National Empowerment Television.

GOP Considers Second Try at Presidential Signature on Welfare Reform

Rep. Tim Hutchinson (R-AR) reviewed President Clinton's call for a welfare reform bill, noting that this Congress already sent the President one, but the President vetoed it. He suggested that Members of Congress may want to take a look at the welfare reform bill the President vetoed, perhaps make some changes in the Conference Report on child care (as the concerns the President mentioned in the State of the Union speech with the Congressional welfare reform bill were in that area), and try sending it to the President again. He noted, however, a potential difficulty with this strategy: Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and Republican National Committee Chairman Haley Barbour may oppose the idea because they might like to have the welfare reform issue alive this fall. Hutchinson urged participants to consider the issue, saying that real welfare reform is more important than politics. Contact Rep. Hutchinson's office at 202/225-4301.

House Majority Whip Slams President's Remarks on Environment

House Majority Whip Tom DeLay reviewed the President's State of the Union address, the debt ceiling extension and other issues relating to a potential third federal government partial shutdown. On the debt limit, DeLay said: "The debt limit has been raised eight times in the last ten years. None one of them was a 'clean' raise." DeLay was critical of the veracity of some of the elements of President Clinton's State of the Union address, calling the President's remarks on the Environmental Protection agency, the environment, and pollution "a straightout lie" and explaining why in some detail. Contact Rep. DeLay's office at 202/225-5951.

Sixty Plus Seeks Election Investigation; Inheritance Tax Repeal

Jim Martin of 60 Plus announced that his group may file a class action suit and is seeking Congressional hearings to look into charges that the Chiles campaign for governor of Florida used an extensive phone bank to intentionally mislead tens of thousands of seniors. Tom Cantrell of 60 Plus reviewed efforts to repeal the inheritance tax and announced that co-sponsors are being sought for "The Family Heritage Preservation Act," being sponsored by Rep. Chris Cox (R-CA) and Senator John Kyl (R-AZ). Contact 60 Plus at 703/807-2070.

Analyst Critiques Presidential, Congressional Record on War on Drugs

Andy Messing of the National Defense Council Foundation commented on the appointment of the new "drug czar" by President Clinton and the effect of Administration and Congressional budget cuts on the war on drugs. Contact the National Defense Council Foundation at 703/836-3443.

Should the GOP Imitate Patricia Schroeder?

Dick Dingman of the Free Congress Foundation/Political News Talk Television compared the Republicans' and Democrats' respective level of political aggressiveness. Among his observations: during the 1980s Rep. Pat Schroeder (D-CO) routinely read a "roll of shame" of Republicans accused of wrongdoing on the House floor -- even after they were exonerated. Despite Whitewater, Travelgate and other scandals, Dingman said, the GOP is doing nothing comparable. Contact the Free Congress Foundation at 202/546-3000.

Congressional Responses to Michael New Case Discussed

Jim Backlin of Rep. Roscoe Bartlett's (R-MD) office distributed a speech by Rep. Jim Traficant (D-OH) on the Michael New case and discussed pending Congressional action on the case. Contact Jim Backlin at 202/225-2721.

Bulletin Board: Publications, press releases, statements and plans of the conservative community.

Emigre Jailed, Savings Taken for Manufacturing Bottles; Begins Hunger Strike in Attempt to Get a Trial

The Property Rights Foundation of America is championing the case of Sam Zhadanov, a 69-year-old Russian emigre who began a hunger strike in Allenwood (PA) federal prison January 18 in support of his plea for a trial on drug charges. Zhadanov was imprisoned in January 1995 for manufacturing small plastic perfume bottles and selling them to retail stores. According to the foundation, the federal government arrested Zhadanov and confiscated his business and life savings under forfeiture laws because some bottles were purchased in retail stores by crack users and used to transport drugs. The Property Rights Foundation has available a comprehensive press kit, including signed statements by Zhadanov explaining his view of the case and press releases. Contact The Property Rights Foundation at 518/696-5748.

Groups Sponsor Demonstration Outside Grand Jury Where Hillary Clinton Testified

The National Center for Public Policy Research and the National Legal and Policy Center sponsored a "Tell the Truth!" demonstration outside the U.S. federal courthouse where First Lady Hillary Clinton testified to a grand jury on January 26. Amy Moritz, President of The National Center for Public Policy Research, said: "Mrs. Clinton's supporters like to pretend that the only issue before this grand jury is whether or not Americans can tolerate a 'strong woman.' Mrs. Clinton's defenders have to face the fact that there are millions of strong women in America who have never faced ethical trouble in their professions." Peter Flaherty, President of the National Legal and Policy Center, said: "Our message is very simple. The First Lady should tell the truth." Contact The National Center at (202) 507-6398 or the National Legal and Policy Center at 703/847-3088.

Project 21 Releases Annual Report on the State of Black America

The African-American leadership group Project 21 has released the 1996 edition of its annual report on the State of Black America, "Black America 1996: A Time for Renewal." The report makes recommendations to Congress and reviews organizations working to better communities without tax dollars. For copies and a press kit, contact Arturo Silva or Michael Session at (301) 498-1301.

House Budget Committee Seeks Input from 'Real America' on Budget Stalemate

The House Budget Committee will hold field hearings at the New Hampshire State House on February 3 from 1-4 PM to solicit the views of Americans who are not professional politicians or lobbyists on the current budget stalemate. Hearing witnesses will be selected from the audience. Paid lobbyists are ineligible. Contact Adrien MacGillivray at 202/226-7270.

Essay Contest on Responsibility and Choice Open to Persons 35 and Under

The Mont Pelerin Society is sponsoring an essay contest on the theme "Responsibility and Choice in a Free Society" for persons 35 years of age or under. First prize is $2,500 & a grant to attend the society's September meeting in Vienna. For details contact Jenny Donaldson at 202/608-6004.

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