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Issue 116 * February 19, 1996

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Activities at the January 18 and January 4 Stanton foreign affairs meeting chaired by Laszlo Pasztor of Coalitions for America and Amy Moritz of The National Center for Public Policy Research.

Group Broadcasting to Cuba Says 1996 is the Year Castro Will Fall

Dr. Emilio-Adolfo Rivero of the New Cuba Coalition, a former political prisoner of Fidel Castro (imprisoned from April 23,1961 to October 13, 1979), discussed the extent of opposition to Castro within Cuba and Castro's political difficulties, which are greatly exacerbated by Cuba's economic crisis. Dr. Rivero predicted that Castro's government will fall this year, explained the basis for this prediction, and distributed a handout. The New Cuba Coalition was established December 1989 as a non-profit organization aimed at producing detailed studies on how Cuba is to reconstruct itself after the Castro era, and to help find and allocate means for that reconstruction. Among other activities, it publishes bulletins, broadcasts by radio into Cuba and sponsors an informational World Wide Web page ( in English and Spanish on events in Cuba. Contact Dr. Rivero at 301/927-2167 or by e-mail at [email protected]

NAFTA Reviewed; Analysts Give it Thumbs Down

James Sheehan of the Competitive Enterprise Institute delivered a presentation on his just-released report, published by CEI, examining the two-year history of the NAFTA agreement. Said Sheehan, who originally opposed ratification of NAFTA: "NAFTA has been a real disappointment... The results have not been what NAFTA's proponents have claimed... The situation on the ground in Mexico is absolutely dire." Maj. Andy Messing (Ret.) of the National Defense Council Foundation commented on the affect of NAFTA on drug trafficking, saying "There is free trade when it comes to drugs." General Milnor Roberts (Ret.) of High Frontier noted that he, General Roberts, is on the board of a group called "Americans for Competitive Trade," which is suing the government over NAFTA. Contact James Sheehan at 202/331-1010, Major Messing at 703/836-3443, General Roberts at 703/671-4111.

Why Are Presidential Candidates Muzzling Opponents of Start II Ratification?

Dr. J. Michael Waller of the American Foreign Policy Council delivered a strong presentation against ratification of the Start II agreement by the U.S. Senate and the fairness of the procedure under which Start II is being considered. In all the years the Start II treaty has been on the table, Waller said, only one person has ever been allowed to testify against it, and there has been no "B team" review of the treaty's possible flaws. Waller says the reason this is so is because Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Dick Lugar do not want the truth out about significant flaws in the treaty. Waller said that the Clinton Administration is equally complicit in the cover-up of the treaty's flaws. Said Waller: "The Administration is helping to camouflage [Russia's] treaty violations and not tell anyone in the Senate about them, including Democrats." Waller listed five significant problems with the Start II treaty, including the fact that the treaty would permit Russia to continue its strategic modernization program (including some modernization aided by U.S. taxpayer dollars via the U.S. Department of Commerce). Waller noted the irony that the treaty bans the United States from deploying any defense against incoming ballistic missiles even though the Senate recently voted overwhelmingly in favor of such defenses. Waller distributed a December 14 op/ed he wrote for the Washington Times explaining his five objections to Start II in some detail. Contact Dr. Waller at 202/462-6055.

Congress Considers Legislation to End Aid to India Until India's Human Rights Record Improves

Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh of the Council of Khalistan reviewed H.R. 1425, "The Human Rights in India Act," a bill to suspend U.S. development assistance to India (the U.S. gives $173 million in aid to India annually and $2 billion through the World Bank). Dr. Aulakh reviewed instances of human rights abuses in India, saying, among other things, "India has killed over 200,000 Christians since 1947." Dr. Aulakh distributed copies of the legislation and new articles. Contact Dr. Aulakh at 202/833-3262.

Former Soviet Political Prisoner, Likely Next President of Armenia, Speaks

Martin Coleman introduced Paruyr Hayrikyan, who spent 17 years in the Soviet gulag for his work as a pro-democracy activist. Coleman described Hayrikyan's tremendous popularity in his native Armenia and said that Hayrikyan is likely to be elected President of Armenia in 1996. Hayrikyan than discussed progress and roadblocks to a full transition to democracy among the nations of the former USSR. Hayrikyan asked for "moral help" from the U.S. Coleman distributed press kits about Hayrikyan, who speaks fluent English. Contact Martin Coleman at 202/429-0108.

Immigration Reform Advocates Back Bill by Smith; Constitutional Amendment by Stockman

Joan Hueter provided an update on immigration reform legislation in the Congress, describing 1) Rep. Lamar Smith's immigration reform bill, which, she said, remains in committee; 2) Rep. Steve Stockman's H.J. Res. 87, a proposed constitutional amendment to a) change the citizenship requirement from being born in the U.S. to being born in the U.S. with one parent lawfully present in the U.S.; b) say the Constitution does not require states to make payments to non-citizens; c) impose an English-language requirement for new citizens; d) count only citizens when apportioning Congressional districts; more. Hueter called for support for both Smith's and Stockman's initiatives. Contact Joan Hueter at 202/328-1245.

Analyst Criticizes Defense Secretary for His Praise for and Aid to the Russian Military

Dr. J. Michael Waller of the American Foreign Policy Council updated participants on events in Chechnya, calling Russian government actions in the Chechnya hostage situation "barbaric" and criticizing Secretary of Defense Perry for labelling the action "entirely correct." Waller also criticized Secretary Perry for ordering U.S. assistance to Russian Navy vessels while Russian Navy vessels were shadowing U.S. ships. Waller distributed a January 15 op/ed he wrote for the Washington Times, "Return of the Old Soviet Guard." Contact Dr. Waller at 202/462-6055.

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Project 21 Member Analyzes New Hampshire Primary from "Ground Zero"; Available for On-Site Interviews

Deroy Murdock, member of the African-American group Project 21, will be offering analysis of the New Hampshire primary race from Nashua, New Hampshire. Murdock is covering the New Hampshire race full-time as a free lance journalist (most often published in the New York Post) and will be available for interviews all day Tuesday, February 20. Contact Arturo Silva at (202) 507-6398.

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