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Issue 125 * April 25, 1996

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Activities at the April 25 and 11 Stanton foreign and defense policy meetings chaired by Laszlo Pasztor of Coalitions for America and Amy Moritz of The National Center for Public Policy Research.

PRC's Treaty Violations Require U.S. to Cancel $11 Billion in Loans

Will President Clinton Do It?

Dr. Henry Sokolski of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center and a former aide to a U.S. Ambassador to the People's Republic of China distributed remarks he made to the Senate Armed Services Committee on March 27 on nuclear proliferation, and discussed the PRC's violation of arms control treaties, including the fact that this violation, under U.S. law, requires the U.S. to cancel approximately $11 billion in Export-Import Bank loans. President Clinton's advisors are urging him to seek a waiver of this law, Sokolski said. Sokolski also discussed PRC assistance to Iran in the chemical rocket area, and made specific recommendations for U.S. policy. Contact the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center at 202/466-4406.

Americans Make Themselves Vulnerable to Terrorists
in Many Ways, Says Expert

Terrorism expert Dr. Neil Livingston talked about:

  1. The current world-wide terrorism alert and recent threats made against the U.S.
  2. The alleged Unabomber's ties to the radical environmentalist movement. Livingston said the Unabomber should be called the "Ecobomber," saying that the U.S. "may have instead of [a threat from] right-wing militias that have dominated public discourse, a left-wing threat... No one wants to talk about it because of Vice President Al Gore's interest in the environment." Livingston also reported that the environmentalist group Earth First! "talks on the Internet about what they want to do to businesses they don't like."
  3. A civil case he is involved in presently to get publishers of books that teach people how to murder liable for civil damages -- and effort he is involved in to discourage people from publishing such books. Livingston brought along examples, including the books Poor Man's Nuclear Bomb, which teaches people how to make nuclear bombs, Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors, Assorted Nasties, and How to Kill. "If you don't know how to rape a woman, you can get a book on it today. If you don't know how to bomb the Pentagon, you can buy a book," said Livingston, who described buying a book containing bomb-making instructions at National Airport, saying "Only in America can you buy a book on bombing to read on a plane." Livingston said that portions of the books he's referring to, translated into Arabic, have been found among terrorists.

Contact Dr. Livingston at 202/342-0309.

President Clinton and "Honest Boris" to Rewrite
Treaty Without Senate Approval: Does the Senate Care?

General Milnor Roberts (USAR-Ret.) of High Frontier discussed the Clinton Administration's desire to re-write the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty to include mobile missile launchers without seeking Senate ratification of these treaty changes as required by the U.S. Constitution. Roberts urged the Senate to "show some backbone." Roberts also reviewed the transcript of the press conference held by Clinton and Yeltsin, noting several items of interest, including the fact that Clinton compared Yeltsin to Abraham Lincoln. Contact High Frontier at 703/671-4111.

Will the Russian Presidential Election Be the
Last Free Election in Russia?

Dr. Ariel Cohen of The Heritage Foundation reviewed the Clinton-Yeltsin summit, saying that the U.S. "has very little to show for two days of summit meetings," and noting that the U.S. has now spent $14 billion to support Boris Yeltsin in the last four months. Cohen reviewed unconfirmed reports that Strobe Talbot has been telling Russian officials that the U.S. Republican Party is supporting Clinton's communist opponent in the upcoming Russian presidential election, noted that Yeltsin is claiming that Clinton has promised Yeltsin that he will not expand NATO (the White House says our NATO expansion policy has not changed), and predicted that Yeltsin will lose the presidential election (the first round of which is June 16). Cohen bases his prediction on the fact that Russians are dissatisfied with the present system while polls show little fear of communism among Russians. Cohen said he fears that this election may be the last free election in Russia. Contact The Heritage Foundation at 202/546-4400.

Clinton Administration Seeks to Make World Population
Control Key Tenet of U.S. Foreign Policy

Jim Sheehan of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) described the formation of the President's Council on Sustainable Development, which is co-chaired by Dow Chemical and the World Resources Institute. The Clinton Administration has decided, Sheehan said, to make global sustainable development a paramount foreign policy goal of the United States. Sheehan discussed the contents of "Sustainable Development: A New America," a federal government report explaining that this means, among other things, massive U.S. support for population control programs, including abortion. Sheehan also discussed a forum CEI is sponsoring to examine the question: has NAFTA helped promote freedom in Mexico? Contact Competitive Enterprise Institute at 202/331-1010.

Opponents of Immigration Reform Criticized,
Immigration Legislation and Poll Data Reviewed

Bob Goldsborough of Americans for Immigration Control reviewed the status of immigration reform and harshly criticized companies like Tyson Chicken and Microsoft, as well as some conservatives, for their opposition to aspects of immigration reform. Goldsborough reviewed the costs of services to immigrants to the U.S. treasury, estimating them at over $100 billion annually, and discussed poll data showing that Americans overwhelmingly want illegal immigration stopped and legal immigration sharply reduced. He distributed information, including a video "Immigration: Making America Less Beautiful" by the American Immigration Control Foundation (540-468-2022). Contact Americans for Immigration Control at 410/435-7086.

House Resolution to Seek Apology, Financial Restitution
from Japan for U.S. WWII Prisoners

Al Santoli of Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA)'s office announced that next week Rep. Dornan will introduce a resolution seeking restitution for people who were U.S. military and civilian prisoners of Japan during World War II. Dornan's resolution calls for

  1. an apology from Japan for mistreatment of prisoners,
  2. $20,000 payments from Japan to each of the 33,587 miliary and 13,996 civilian prisoners still living (equal to the amount the U.S. gave Japanese-American detainees of the era),
  3. the U.S. government to open to the public the records obtained from Japan on the experiments Japan conducted on live prisoners.

Santoli also discussed issues relating to the PRC, including Most Favored Nation status, saying MFN renewal would be "idiocy" because China is using the financial benefits to buy weapons. Contact Bob Dornan's office at 703/255-6437 or 202/225-2965.

Dissident Group Reviews Recent Events Vis-A-Vis the PRC

Xing Zheng of the Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars reviewed issues relating to the People's Republic of China:

  1. a proposed UN Human Rights Commission examination of human rights,
  2. Most Favored Nation Status,
  3. the treatment of dissidents,
  4. the presidential election on Taiwan.

Contact the Federation of Chinese Students at 202/347-0017.

State Department Watch Analyzes Christopher Speech
on Environment; Religious Persecution Abroad

Captain Tim Hunter of State Department Watch reported on an April 9 speech by Secretary of State Warren Christopher that, to Hunter, "looked like it was straight out of the Unabomber." Hunter also discussed the U.S. government's attitude toward the persecution of religious minorities in Saudi Arabia. Contact the State Department Watch at 202/669-5558.

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