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  • New Visions Commentary: Dr. Carson's Comments Appropriate for President to Hear, by Kevin L. Martin
  • Press Release: Big Soda SNAPping Up Welfare Dollars
  • Press Release: National Center Policy Experts Quiz Pfizer CEO Ian Read and Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky
  • Blog: Project 21's Minor Reflects on the Legacy of George W. Bush
  • Blog: Jeff Stier, Pfizer CEO Criticize "Academic Detailing" in Health Care
  • Blog: Johnson and Johnson CEO Says Medical Device Tax Should Be "Reconsidered"
  • Blog: Government Health Care: What You Get Will Depend On Your Political Clout, Part II
  • Blog: Congress Creates Privileged Class Under ObamaCare
  • Press Release: Conservative Group to Urge Johnson and Johnson to Rethink Its Decision to Stop Working with Mainstream Conservative Group at Behest of Left-Wing Extremists
  • Press Release: Conservative Group to Urge Pfizer to Oppose Administration's Secretive "Academic Detailing" Program that Advises Doctors on Which Drugs They Should Prescribe to Patients
  • Press Release: Free-Market Group Presents GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt with Proposal to Simultaneously End Harmful Medical Device Tax and Federal Wind Subsidies
  • Blog: Government Health Care: What You Get Will Depend On Your Political Clout
  • Press Release: GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt to Be Asked About Plan to Kill Medical Device Tax and Wind Subsidies
  • Press Release: Coca-Cola Executives to Face Criticism at Shareholder Meeting for 'Food Stamp' Lobbying
  • National Policy Analysis: Let's Take the Wind Out of ObamaCare's Medical Device Tax, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Press Release: Free-Market Group Criticizes Exelon's CEO over "Unusual Access " to Obama White House and Covert Dealings that Helped to Cripple Coal Industry
  • Blog: The Internet Sales Tax Is About Helping Local Businesses The Way Bernie Madoff Was About Helping His Investors
  • Press Release: Exelon Executives To Face Criticism for Cronyism
  • Press Release: Free-Market Activist Challenges Honeywell Over How Millions in Stimulus Money was Spent
  • Press Release: Honeywell Corporate Leaders to Face Criticism for National Debt Hypocrisy
  • Blog: New York Post Book Review: The Food Police
  • Blog: Bringing Voting Rights Law into the 21st Century
  • Blog: Wind Turbines: New Study Documents High Bird and Bat Kills
  • Blog: Congress Updating The Antiquated Antiquities Act of 1906
  • Blog: ObamaCare: Where's The Lefty Outrage? Part IV
  • Blog: Arizona Urges Congress To Update The ESA
  • Blog: National Center Extends Sympathy to Victims in Boston
  • Blog: Project 21's Butler on "Hannity": Paul Visit to Howard Was "Courageous"
  • Blog: Toppling Turbines: It's Harder Than It Looks
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Pan Obama Budget
  • Blog: The ObamaCare Exchanges Are Unfair
  • Blog: MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Cares About Your Kids More Than You Do
  • Blog: Project 21 Members En Masse on "Hannity" Special
  • Blog: Income and Investment Tax Hikes: The Missing Explanation For March Job Numbers?
  • Blog: Why Public Health Advocates Hate E-cigarettes
  • Blog: Lower Rate But Fewer Jobs: Project 21's Derryck Green on Obama's New Jobless Report
  • Blog: Obama's EPA: Cloak and Banner
  • Blog: More Project 21 Criticism of the Congressional Black Caucus
  • Blog: Slippery Slide Toward Infanticide
  • Blog: Vermont First State To Reveal Big Incentive For People To NOT Buy Insurance
  • Blog: Project 21 Members on Tonight's "Hannity"
  • Blog: Lefty Google Doodle Disses Easter, People of Faith
  • Press Release: Black Leader Calls on Congressional Black Caucus to Disband
  • Press Release: Keep Your Health Plan and Doctor Under ObamaCare? No, One Lady Finds
  • Blog: Obamacare: A Promise Betrayed
  • Press Release: Free-Market Think-Tank Applauds Obama Administration Decision on Medicare Advantage Today
  • Blog: Affirmative Action "Creates More Racial Injustice"
  • Press Release: Apple's "100% Renewable Energy" Data Center Claim Disputed
  • Blog: Stupid ObamaCare Question of the Day
  • Blog: Thomas Sowell On Intellectuals and Race, Part 1
  • Blog: Project 21's Nedd on Equating Gay Marriage to Past Civil Rights Struggles
  • Blog: Council Nedd Responds to AHA
  • Blog: 32% Premium Increase, Temp Firm Mutual Funds, And Other Fun With ObamaCare
  • Blog: Project 21's Green: Supreme Court DOMA's Case Really About Death Taxes
  • Press Release: Newest Supreme Court Challenge to Affirmative Action Cheered by Black Conservatives
  • Blog: Don't Delay ObamaCare
  • Blog: "O'Reilly Factor": Project 21's Horace Cooper Talks West Philly Abortion Doc's Trial
  • New Visions Commentary: Atheist Bullies, by Archbishop Council Nedd II
  • Blog: Center for American Progress Lie, Spin or Whackjob Exaggeration of the Day
  • Blog: 'Pirate' Leader of U.S. Charity Evades Arrest by Jumping Ship
  • Blog: Project 21's Charles Butler Discusses CPAC Diversity
  • Blog: ObamaCare's "Slippery Slope" Could Threaten Job Security of Unfit
  • Blog: ObamaCare: Where's The Lefty Outrage? Part III
  • Press Release: Lawyer Criticized for Playing "Race Card" in Gruesome First-Degree Murder Trial of Abortion Doctor
  • New Visions Commentary: Social Security's COLA Conundrum, by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Elizabeth Warren's Efforts At Spreading Ignorance Very Productive
  • Blog: Harry Reid Blames Himself for Explosion that Killed Seven Marines
  • Newsletter: In the News: Winter 2012-2013
  • Blog: Dangers of Nanny State are to More than Just Our Liberties
  • Blog: National Center at CPAC
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Call for "Housecleaning" at Justice Department; New Report Cites Toxic Atmosphere Within Civil Rights Division, Where Liberals Bully and Intimidate Staff with Opposing Views
  • Press Release: Mayor Bloomberg's Styrofoam Ban Proposal Belongs in the Recycling Bin
  • Blog: Silly Small Businesses! Health Insurance Decisions Are For The Anointed
  • Blog: A Message from the Queen...
  • Blog: Electronic Health Records Heading For Iceberg. HHS Says 'Full Steam Ahead!'
  • Press Release: Court Strikes Down New York's "Big Gulp" Ban; Good Riddance, Say Policy Experts
  • Blog: It Costs A Million To Answer The Million-Dollar Question: "Is This Fishery Sustainable?"
  • Press Release: New York-Based Health Risk Expert Applauds Rebuke of Mayor Bloomberg's Soda Ban
  • Press Release: Risk Experts to New York City: Styrofoam Ban Would Be a Mistake
  • Blog: You Can't Follow a Rule You Can't Read, Says Project 21's LeBon
  • Blog: Congress Cancels Climate Change Hearing Based On Off-Target Weather Prediction
  • Blog: Project 21's Derryck Green on Obama's Poor Unemployment Numbers
  • Blog: Congress Should Repeal Limits On New Doctor-Owned Hospitals
  • Blog: Ninth District Labels U.S. Charity "Pirates"
  • Blog: Polar Bears In A Changing Climate: A Philosophical Showdown At CITES
  • Press Release: Bad Policy Built on Bogus Study; Wind Industry's "Inflated Numbers" and "Erroneous Conclusions" Misled Washington Lawmakers To Gain Extension of Production Tax Credit
  • Press Release: Disney's Iger Concedes Mistakes Were Made; Walt Disney Company Criticized for Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative Bias at ABC and ESPN at Shareholder Meeting
  • Press Release: Walt Disney Executives to Face Criticism for Bias in its Networks' News Reporting
  • Blog: Jeb Bush's Original Idea Creates An Incentive For People To Come Illegally
  • New Visions Commentary: Yuck It Up Over Congress, But You Really May Dislike Obama More, by Derryck Green
  • Blog: Project 21 Co-Chairman Defends Voter ID
  • Blog: Coming Soon: Sequester Part II
  • Blog: Kick Voting Rights Enforcement Old School, Project 21's Cooper Says
  • Blog: Yesterday a Very Busy One at The National Center for Public Policy Research
  • Blog: Project 21 Members Speak Sequester
  • Blog: Reporter Examines Hospitals, Falls In Love With Government-Run Health Care
  • Blog: This Absentee Landlord Neglects 600 Million Acres
  • Press Release: John Deere Stands Firmly With the Left; Questioned by Shareholder, Deere CEO Samuel Allen Says Deere Absolutely Will Not Rejoin ALEC
  • Press Release: Apple to Face Questions About Membership in Controversial Trade Association
  • Press Release: John Deere Executives Face Backlash for Helping to Brand Conservatives as Racist
  • Blog: On MSNBC, Cooper Defends Case for Reforming Voting Rights Act
  • Blog: Rosa Parks the "Epitome of a Heroine"
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Support Section 5 Voting Rights Act Reform as U.S. Supreme Court Hears Case Wednesday
  • Blog: Cooper Criticizes Civil Rights Enforcement Shift from "Racism Punishment" to "Racism Prevention"
  • Blog: Project 21's Cooper: Voting Law Flaw Stems from Different Standard for Different States
  • Blog: Where Did Obama's Compassion Go? Project 21's Hughey Newsome Wants to Know
  • Blog: Project 21's Innis: Crooks "Armed and Don't Give a Darn About Gun Control"
  • Blog: Project 21's Green: Old Media is the New Black for Obama
  • Blog: Project 21's Swimp: Gun Control Helps Crooks, Hurt Blacks
  • Blog: ObamaCare: Where's The Lefty Outrage? Part II
  • Blog: Layers of Green: Greens Accuse Green Certifiers Of Greenwashing Seafood
  • New Visions Commentary: Politics and Pawns, by Hughey Newsome
  • Blog: Can We Be REALLY Hard-Headed About Preschool?
  • Blog: President Obama Is Not African-American and Other Lessons in the Hyphenation Rules
  • New Visions Commentary: Colds, Flu, and the RSV Virus in Underserved Communities, by Cherylyn Harley LeBon
  • Blog: In Another Government-Run Health Care Horror Story, Man Dies Because EMS Workers Call in Sick -- On New Year's Eve
  • Blog: National Center's Stier Talks Tobacco Risk Reduction on Israeli Radio
  • Blog: An Interview Rep. Cohen Probably Regrets
  • Blog: Leftist Journalists Tout Exposure of Decade-Old "Dark Money," But May Instead Have Revealed Their Own Collusion with a Federal Agency that is Supposed to be Neutral and Guard Our Privacy
  • Blog: White Smoke And A Potential Pope: Cardinal From Down Under Questions Climate Consensus
  • Blog: Project 21's Swimp on Obama Address: Nothing Surprising
  • Blog: Government Excels At Creating Long Lines!
  • Blog: Black Conservatives React to Obama Address
  • Blog: ObamaCare and Virginia: Where's The Lefty Outrage?
  • Blog: Project 21's Charles Butler on Chicago Gun Violence: Blame Weak Politicians
  • Blog: Allocating Electoral Votes By Congressional District is Worth a Serious Look
  • Blog: Want an Anti-Gun Violence Plan? I'll Give You a Plan
  • Blog: Biden Doesn't Understand the Second Amendment, Says Project 21's Stacy Washington
  • Blog: Insurers Operating At A Loss Is A Good Thing!
  • Blog: Lena's Second Time Wasn't a Charm
  • Blog: Project 21's Derryck Green: Obama Birth Control Mandate Compromise Not Enough
  • Blog: Medicare Demonstration Projects: Hope Springs Eternal
  • Blog: Two Very Different Authors Promote Fruits of Free Market Capitalism
  • New Visions Commentary: The Origin and Purpose of Black History Month, by Stacy Swimp
  • Blog: Project 21's LeBon: Americans Sickened by Increasing Food Regulation
  • Blog: Mike Schwartz, America Will Miss You
  • Blog: Horace Cooper Discusses Potential Abuse of "Black Box" Information in Private Cars
  • Blog: The Unprosecutable Killing of a Wanted Child
  • Blog: The Origin and Purpose of Black History Month
  • Blog: Hollywood, Games and Gun Violence: Itís All in the Name
  • Blog: How Free Are We? We're Number 10! We're Number 10!
  • Blog: Another Month, Another Bunch of Bad Economic News
  • New Visions Commentary: A Change in Culture Doesn't Mean Changing the Constitution, by Christopher Arps
  • Blog: Only Now is NAACP Leader Admitting Black Americans Suffer Under Obama
  • Blog: Why Think Progress' Liberal Hyperbole Over Congressional District Electoral College Voting Should Be Ignored
  • Blog: Some Corporate CEOs Go Along With the Greens Without Knowing What They Are Doing
  • Press Release: Costco's Corporate Leaders Questioned over Loyalty to Progressive Policies Over Shareholder Value
  • Press Release: Costco Executives to Face Criticism Over Company's Green Policies
  • Blog: Voter Fraud Doesn't Exist
  • Blog: Derryck Green of Project 21 Laments the Effects of 40 Years of Abortion on Black America
  • Blog: Unemployment Likely to Remain High in Second Term
  • Blog: Classless Obama Insults Global Warming Skeptics in Inaugural Address
  • Blog: Project 21's Derryck Green on Obama's Uphill Battle for Greatness
  • Blog: Project 21's Stacys Comment on the Politics of the King Day Holiday
  • New Visions Commentary: Following MLK's Visionary Path, by Demetrius Minor
  • Blog: Big Bureaucrazy Versus Freedom To Farm
  • Blog: Project 21's Minor on the MLK Legacy
  • Blog: National Center Hosts Luncheon For Jim Burling, Property Rights Champion
  • New Visions Commentary: Jamie Foxx Unchained, by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Obesity Police: Coke is the new AR-15
  • Blog: Head Start's Costly Failure Decried by Project 21's LeBon
  • Press Release: Walgreens CEO Becomes Incoherent When Asked How Much More Consumers Should be Asked to Pay for Goods Labeled "Sustainable"
  • Blog: 2012 Was Warmest Year? Not So Fast...
  • Press Release: Walgreens Executives to Face Questions Over Company's "Sustainability" Efforts
  • Press Release: EPA Pre-Emptive Action Against Nonexistent Alaska Mine Could Create Chilling Effect on Domestic Mining
  • National Policy Analysis: The EPA's Pebble Mine Assessment Puts Politics Above Sound Science, by Bonner R. Cohen, Ph.D.
  • Blog: Radical Animal Rights Groups and their Radical Agenda
  • Blog: Dough-Ha-Ha: Agenda 21 Treaty Establishes New Bank Account
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Ask Supreme Court to Reform Voting Rights Act
  • Blog: Project 21's Derryck Green on Obama's Stagnant Jobless Numbers
  • Blog: LeBon Commentary on ObamaCare Intrusiveness Featured in Beck's Blaze
  • Blog: Bubble Trouble: Toast To A Very Happy - And Carbon-Neutralized - New Year!
  • New Visions Commentary: What Should the Unemployed Do? by B.B. Robinson, Ph.D.
  • Blog: How Far Left is the Far Left?
  • Blog: Obama Administration Ignores Crimes Documented in New York Times
  • New Visions Commentary: All Politics Should Be Local, by Hughey Newsome
  • Blog: Top Ten Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2012
  • New Visions Commentary: Don't Deflect the Blame, Stand up to Evil, by Stacy Washington

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