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Speakers Bureau: Wayne Dupree

Wayne DupreeWayne Dupree, a member of the Project 21 black leadership network, is better known in Internet social media circles as the "News Ninja."

In just a few years, Wayne's Internet activism inspired by a meeting with Andrew Breitbart just a few weeks before the conservative media guru's untimely death has garnered him over 50,000 Twitter followers and over 47,000 Facebook friends. His website,, had received over 2.2 million unique views as of mid-2014.

Wayne also created his own Internet radio network, We Are America Radio (WAAR), to give additional voice to black conservatives "ready to step up in defense of their country and its future."

In addition to his own network, Wayne has been featured on national radio shows such as those hosted by Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Steve Malzberg, and the television programs of Hannity and Glenn Beck.

A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Wayne is a frequent speaker at Tea Party rallies across America. In 2014, he participated in a Florida-to-Minnesota bus tour hosted by the Tea Party Express that staged rallies in over a dozen cities in between.

Public Appearances by Wayne Dupree:

On One America News Network's "The Rick Amato Show," Wayne explains how football players who bought into the "hands up, don't shoot" rhetoric fumbled the issue on Ferguson (12/2/14)

On NewsMaxTV's "Midpoint," Wayne debates the current state of race in America (8/20/14)

On the Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends," Wayne critiques media coverage of the Ferguson, MO controversy (8/19/14)

On One America News Network's "The Rick Amato Show," Wayne says Al Sharpton is looking out for himself, not for the people of Ferguson, MO (8/19/14)

Publications by Wayne Dupree:

Hey Ferguson, Is Anyone Listening? (December 2014)