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Speakers Bureau: Lisa Fritsch

Lisa FritschLisa Fritsch, a member of the national advisory council for the Project 21 black leadership network, is the author of Obama, Tea Parties and God: What it Means to Be an American, a Conservative and a Christian.

She is a conservative activist and speaker who garnered national attention for her willingness to stand up to the NAACP when the group accused the Tea Party movement of harboring racist views, and for speaking out on the "diabolical" ways of liberalism on the former Fox News Channel program "Glenn Beck."

As a political commentator, Fritch is a frequent guest on networks such as the Fox News Channel, BlazeTV and local news programs in the Austin, Texas region. She is a radio talk show host who began her career in 2004 at 590 KLBJ-Austin as a fill-in host on that stationís "The Morning Show." Since then, Lisa has had her own radio program, "Your Sunday Best," and is a frequently sought-after guest for nationally-syndicated radio programs and local programs across America.

Fristch is the founder and president of ACTS Alive (Americans for Christian Conservative Truth), a think tank that seeks to define the truth about conservative ideas in all forms of media. Lisa has also lent a dynamic voice as a consultant and strategist for political campaigns and fundraising efforts.

As a writer, Fritsch is a contributor to the Breitbart News website Big Government and has written for The Tea Party Review, Freedomís Journal, GOP USA, American Thinker,, and The Daily Caller.

Fritsch is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a baccalaureate in Japanese language and literature. Most of all, Lisa is blessed to be a wife and mother of two. She lives and loves with her family in Austin, Texas.

Sample Public Appearances by Lisa Fritsch:

On Fox News Channel's "Your World with Neil Cavuto," Lisa criticizes President Obama for "not calling [Occupy protestors] to order and civility" (11/17/11)

On Fox's Austin affiliate station, Lisa discusses immigration, the 14th Amendment and "anchor babies" (8/4/10)

On Fox's Austin affiliate station, Lisa talks about why the NAACP should be collaborating with the Tea Party movement (7/31/10)

On Fox News Channel's "Your World" with host Neil Cavuto, Lisa talks about the NAACP's resolution accusing people who attend Tea Parties of racism (7/13/10)

On the Glenn Beck program, Lisa discusses comments made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) about then-candidate Barack Obama and his race (1/14/10)

On the Glenn Beck program, Lisa discusses Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's racial comments about President Barack Obama (Part 1) (1/14/10)

On the Glenn Beck program, Lisa discusses Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's racial comments about President Barack Obama (Part 2) (1/14/10)

Lisa discusses the terms "African-American" and "black" on the Fox News Channel's "Glenn Beck" program (11/14/09)

Publications by Lisa Fritsch:

Only Blacks Can Make King's "Dream" a Reality (August 2013)

After Zimmerman: What the World Needs Now (July 2013)

We Don't Need Another Hero (May 2012)

Silencing of the Black Conservative (December 2011)

"Elite Liberal Libelers": The Modern Face of Black-on-Black Crime (October 2011)

Mayor Nutter's City of Tough Love (September 2011)

Obama Patter Preempts American Priorities (February 2011)

DC a Sign of Our Nation's Times (January 2011)

OMG Parents (December 2010)

Our Father, Who Isn't in Washington (September 2010)

School Choice Puts Students First (September 2010)

Hope and Change and Pick-Up Trucks (February 2010)

Victory of Black History (February 2010)

Thoughts on the Public Use of the Word "Negro" (January 2010)

Tiger Woods and The Problem of the "Great Black Example" (December 2009)

The Obama (In)Difference (November 2009)

Racism Allegations Hurt Obama (October 2009)

Eric Holder is the Coward - And an Embarrassment (February 2009)

Government Can't Take Away Your Rights If You Give Them Up (November 2007)

Thank You, Bill Cosby, For Saying the Right Thing at the Right Time (September 2004)

Marcus Dixon: A Small Example of a Greater Problem (June 2004)

Jesse Jackson: Can We Please Just Move Along? (January 2004)