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Speakers Bureau: Murdock "Doc" Gibbs

Murdock "Doc" GibbsM.L. "Doc" Gibbs, a member of the national advisory council of the Project 21 black leadership network, is a professional musician and entertainer in Texas. He is a small businessman and a motivational speaker. His independent blog can be found at


Publications by Murdock "Doc" Gibbs:

Prescription for Health Care Reform: Read the Bill, Tell the Truth (August 2009)

White House Health Care Reform: It's a Matter of Trust (August 2009)

Some Post-Election Advice for Liberals (December 2004)

It's Not About Kerry-Edwards - It's All About Beat Bush (August 2004)

Mint Julep Heinz Kerry (March 2004)

A Just War to Remove an Evil Man (April 2003)

It's a Great Day for Choice (July 2002)

Playing the Nasty Card (December 2000)

Media's Selective Indignation Molds Moral Conscience (June 2000)

Rapping From the Right (March 2000)

Don't Overlook That "Black Guy" (February 2000)