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Speakers Bureau: Derrick Hollie

Derrick HollieDerrick Hollie, a member of the Project 21 national advisory council, is the founder and president of Reaching America, a 501(c)(4) organization that seeks to address complex social issues impacting African-American communities such as energy poverty, justice reform, occupational licensing and free speech.

Hollie has been published in the Washington Times. He has appeared as an on-air commentator on the Fox News Channel and One America News Network. He also served as an on-air personality on WMMJ-Washington.

Prior to his activism with Reaching America and Project 21, Hollie founded Global Advertising 1st, Inc., an award-winning advertising and marketing solutions firm that generated nearly $20 million in contracts. In his over 20 years of business experience, he has earned praise for his work with Fortune 500 companies such as PepsiCo, Volkswagen, Alberto Culver, Dodge and others. Global Advertising 1st additionally executed several education and outreach campaigns for U.S. Department of State, U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, Prince George’s County (Maryland) and other government institutions.

Prior to founding his own businesses, Hollie was the national sales manager of Radio One, Inc. – the nation's seventh-largest radio broadcaster and the largest broadcaster to primarily target the African-American/urban audience.  At Radio One, he generated over $50 million dollars in advertising revenue and managed a sales staff of more than 60 people throughout 13 major markets.

Hollie is a graduate of East Tennessee State University. In 2007, he was the second African-American male in school history to be awarded the school’s Alumni Award of Honor. He now lives in the suburbs of Maryland with his wife and two children and is very active in the community.