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Speakers Bureau: Dutch Martin

Dutch Martin Darryn "Dutch" Martin is an Advisory Board member of the African-American leadership network Project 21. He holds a BA from Boston University and an MS from Carnegie Mellon University. An avid reader, Dutch regularly writes book reviews for His favorite conservative writers include Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, John McWhorter, Walter E. Williams, Star Parker, Ann Coulter, and Mike Adams.

Comments may be sent to [email protected].

Sample of Public Appearances by Dutch Martin:

On Newsradio 790 WAEB's "Bobby Gunther Walsh Show," Dutch discusses the new Netflix show "Dear White People" (3/15/17)

On "The Final Say" radio show, Dutch points out how illegal immigration hurts legal immigrants in particular and hurts America as a whole (8/27/14)

On KDKA 1020-AM, Dutch reflects on the role of fathers (6/14/13)

Sample Publications by Dutch Martin:

Make More Money By Working Harder (December 2013)

Has Radical Feminism Achieved A Deceptive Victory? (November 2013)

Mixed Feelings on Father's Day (June 2013)

Obama, Sharpton and Black America's Downward Spiral (December 2012)

Why I've Decided to Be My Own Boss (September 2010)

Everybody Pays for Single Parenthood - In More Ways Than One (May 2008)

I Forgive Dog the Bounty Hunter (November 2007)

An Open Letter to Bill Cosby On Clarence Thomas (October 2007)

Why Father's Day Saddens Me (May 2007)

Liberals are Doubting Thomas for No Real Reason (May 2007)

Hutchinson Down About Emerging Black GOP Majority (November 2006)

No More Second Chances for Lionel Tate (June 2006)

McWhorter Takes Sides in Winning the Race (March 2006)

The Lionel Tate Saga Continues (June 2005)

Has the U.S. Supreme Court Lost Its Collective Mind? (April 2005)

Black Economist Has a Lesson for Everyone About Basic Economics (April 2005)