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Speakers Bureau: Deroy Murdock

Deroy MurdockA founding member of the Project 21 black leadership network, New York commentator Deroy Murdock is a nationally-syndicated columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service; a media fellow with the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University;a Fox News Contributor and a Senior Fellow with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, a supporter of about 300 free-market think tanks in some 90 countries world-wide.

Mr. Murdock's column, "This Opinion Just In," reaches approximately 400 newspapers across America each week, including the New York Post, The Washington Times, the Boston Herald, and The San Francisco Examiner. He is a frequent guest on CNBC, CNN, C-Span, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and other TV and radio outlets.

As a popular public speaker, he has lectured or debated at Boston College; the Cato Institute; the Council on Foreign Relations; Harvard Medical School; the Heritage Foundation; the National Academy of Sciences; Dartmouth, Stanford, and Tulane universities; and various fora, from Bogota to Buenos Aires to Budapest.

He is a native of Los Angeles, a graduate of Georgetown University, and a resident of New York City, where he earned an MBA from New York University. His MBA program included a semester at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

For further information or to arrange an appearance, please contact: Deroy Murdock, 127 Fourth Avenue, Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10003; Phone: 212-995-1538;;

Selected Publications by Deroy Murdock:

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Social Security: Ed Crane's Advice (March 2006)

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Trust Fund? What Trust Fund? (March 2006)

Thoughts on Tookie Williams (December 2005)

One Righteous Dis: Bush Right to Turn Down NAACP (July 2004)

Lawsuit Lotto Reaches Burned Ruin of R.I. Nightclub (June 2003)

Jesse Jackson's Church of Instant Forgiveness (February 2001)

Digital Divide? What Digital Divide? (November 2000)

NAACP Not Ready for Prime Time (February 2000)

Rudy Giuliani's Crime-Fighting Policies Save Black Lives (July 1999)

James Earl Ray is Survived by a Family of Troubling Questions (May 1998)

How Social Security Shortchanges Black Americans (August 1997)