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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Environmentalists are Hypocrites

Environmentalists scream bloody murder when the Administration involves itself in the preparation of government science-related press materials and reports, mistakenly screaming "censorship" when government scientists are required to follow even the most benign procedures.

On the other hand...

Environmentalists also demand near-worship of the IPCC, which mandates that its reports undergo, as British Professor Philip Stott has pointed out, "review by governments" before release.

So when the Bush Administration reviews the reports of its own employees, it gets criticized by the New York Times and Bill O'Reilly and others and is subject to a Henry Waxman Hill hearing, but when governments acting through the United Nations involve themselves in the content of the IPCC reports, there's no criticism at all.

In fact, we're expected to treat IPCC reports like Holy Writ.

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