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Steven Crowder Video #42: Dark Knight Rises... Against Occupiers?!

The Dark Knight (aka Steven Crowder) is taking on the newest plague on Gotham City: The Occupiers!

The Dark Knight has some striking news for the Occupiers: "If we taxed all the millionaires and billionaires in this country - like Bruce Wayne - at 100%, it still wouldn't be anywhere near what you'd need to pay off the national debt. Sounds to me like you need to occupy some RESEARCH!"

What inspired Crowder to do this week's video? "I just happened to have a pro-grade Dark Knight costume on-hand for the weekend, so I figured I'd do something surrounding the recent Occupy events. Anything 'Dark Knight' is hot on YouTube right now, so the goal is to bait YouTubers in, and then hit them with some truthiness! The truth is that outside of the Conservative niche community, most people have never heard these startling statistics before. Also, I just like wearing spandex and latex."


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