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November 1996

Are the Greens Right About Congress?

by Bob Adams

The AFL-CIO isn't the only Clinton ally targeting Congress with big money and shady campaign ads this political season -- the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) -- a radical green interest group, has launched its own massive independent expenditure campaign. Branding the 104th Congress as "the most extreme anti-environment Congress ever," the League will dump nearly $1.3 million into 12 targeted congressional races this month -- the majority of which are seats held by GOP freshman. Whatever the outcome in November, a serious question remains: Are the environmentalists right about Congress or are they just feeding the American public half truths and lies in an attempt to -- as Jack Kemp asserted in the Vice Presidential debate -- scare the public into submission?

Here are just a few of the votes the League of Conservation Voters has rated "extreme" and "anti-environment":

While this reflects only a few of the green votes cast by members of the 104th Congress, the LCV would have the American people believe that a vote for any one of these measures was a vote against the environment and a vote for extremism. Precisely the opposite is the case. It appears that the only thing green about this environmental group is all of the cash they're dumping into congressional races. It is the League of Conservation Voters that's extreme and anti-environment.

Bob Adams is deputy director of The National Center for Public Policy Research's Environmental Policy Task Force.


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