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Issue 134 * June 25, 1996

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Activities at the June 19 Wednesday Strategy Lunch chaired by Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation and Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK).

Filegate and Other Misuses of Government Power Discussed

Senator Paul Coverdell (R-GA) Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation, and Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute led a discussion about Whitewater and Filegate. Coverdell discussed focus groups he had just attended on the two scandals, in which focus groups participants showed little interest in Whitewater but "intense interest" in Filegate. The general sentiment expressed by focus group participants to the White House's excuse that Filegate is simply a "snafu" was, he said, "Does the President think we're stupid?" Paul Weyrich told the group that Senator David Pryor (R-AR) once said he was going to "order the IRS" to investigate the political groups Weyrich runs, although he did not follow up on his threat because, to deter him, Bob Dole pointed out to him that if liberal Senators could sic the IRS on conservatives, conservative Senators could sic the IRS on liberal groups. Blackwell questioned the selection of people whose FBI files were obtained by the White House, noting, for example, that both Reagan and Bush had speechwriters whose last names began with "D," but apparently only Reagan's speechwriter's FBI file was sought. Contact Senator Coverdell via Carl Parks at 202/224-3643, Paul Weyrich at 202/546-3000, Morton Blackwell at 703/321-8580.

Congressmen Join Together to Rein in Worst of Bureaucracy

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) discussed the "Myth of the Magical Bureaucracy" project being spearheaded by himself, Rep. Sam Brownback (R-KS), Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN), and Rep. Mark Neumann (R-WI). The project seeks to identify, publicize and correct incidents in which the government bureaucracy has run amuck to the detriment of citizens. It has already published a 42-page book and several shorted pieces. Contact Brandy McKinney of Rep. Hoekstra's office at 202/225-4401.

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

Rep. Jay Dickey (R-AR) discussed the upcoming House vote on whether or not federal funds should be used for experimentation on, and subsequent destruction of, human embryos. "Think about the moral conscience of our nation," urged Dickey, who said that this issue is a question of whether or not the federal government should fund "playing with life to see what works." Contact Rep. Dickey at 202/225-3772.

Pollster Analyzes Latest Poll Data on Presidential Race
and the Race for Control of the House

Kellyanne Fitzpatrick of The Polling Company discussed the results and meaning of various polls on the presidential race and the generic Republican-Democrat ballot test for House races. Fitzpatrick believes the presidential race is tightening, and the actual gap between President Clinton and Bob Dole is approximately 10-11%. Fitzpatrick said that Democrats need to lead in the generic ballot by at least 5-6% in order to reclaim control of the House, and reported that Democrats currently enjoy a 2% lead in the generic ballot. Contact Kellyanne Fitzpatrick at 202/667-6557.

Activities at the June 4 Family Forum Meeting chaired by Mike Schwartz of the Congressional Family Caucus and Amy Moritz of The National Center for Public Policy Research.

Should New Laws Be Approved by Congress, or Made Up by Federal Agencies?

Shepherd Smith of Americans for a Sound AIDS/HIV policy introduced David P. Nicoli and Juanita Dugan of Philip Morris, discussing in particular Philip Morris's contributions to his group's work on behalf of people with AIDS. Dugan, a former staff member of the Reagan and Bush White Houses, then made a presentation about the ways Bill Clinton will try to exploit so-called "children's issues" as part of his re-election strategy. Dugan discussed the White House's plans to cast the Administration as a protector of children by holding formal ceremonies on the White House grounds to announce new federal regulations on a variety of issues the White House will call "children's issues," among them regulation of E Coli bacteria and tobacco. Dugan said Republicans should move to neutralize these issues by passing legislation putting into law the regulations the President seeks to impose through federal agencies. Dugan received a positive reception to this idea, with participants pointing out that laws ideally should be enacted by the legislature, not by unaccountable agencies. Contact Shepherd Smith at 703/471-7350, Juanita Dugan and David Nicoli at 202/637-1500.

Rohrbacher Seeks to Protect U.S. Patent Holders

Rick Dykema of the staff of Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA) made a presentation about efforts to alter the U.S. patent system. Essentially, there are two efforts underway: one, embodied in H.R. 3460, which Rohrbacher opposes, to change the U.S. patent system to one more like Japan's (grant patents from the date the inventor applied for the patent and publish details of the invention before granting the patent), and H.R. 359, sponsored by Rohrbacher (to grant the patent for 17 years from date of grant or 20 years from date of application, whichever is longer, with no pre-patent publishing of the details of the invention). Rep. Rohrbacher is personally available for interviews on the topic, Dykema said. Contact Rick Dykema at 202/225-2415.

Differences Between Clinton and Dole on
Funding Abortion Overseas with Tax Dollars Discussed

Maggie Wynn of the House Pro-Life Caucus discussed the differences between a President Bob Dole and a President Bill Clinton on the use of U.S. foreign aid funds for abortion and this issue within the Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill, now working its way through Congress. Contact Maggie Wynn at 202/225-7669.

"Children's Privacy Protection and Parental Empowerment Act" Reviewed

Frank DiStefano of Rep. Bob Frank (R-NJ)'s office discussed H.R. 3508, "The Children's Privacy Protection and Parental Empowerment Act." The bill would restrict pedophiles from obtaining lists of kids in neighborhoods. Contact Frank DiStefano at 202/225-5361.

Open Season on Pro-Lifers -- Apparently

Jim Rudd of the Christian Street Preacher's Alliance, a group that ministers outside of abortion clinics, described a recent assault on a minister outside a District of Columbia abortion clinic and the police department's unwillingness to press charges in the case. The assaulted minister was told that he if wanted to press charges, he'd have to take it up with the U.S. attorney. The media has been similarly disinterested, Rudd said. Contact Jim Rudd at 703/528-4494.

New "Handbook on Religious Liberty" Available

Amie Halstead of the Rutherford Institute distributed information about a new book, "The Handbook of Religious Liberty, published by the Rutherford Institute." Contact Amie Halstead at 202/393-7008 for purchasing information.

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