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Issue 136 * July 28, 1996

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Majority Leader Lott's Waffling on S. 1954 Property Rights Bill Spurs Waffle Mail-in Campaign

The American Land Rights Association (ALRA) is urging its grassroots membership to send waffles to Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott's personal office, to protest Lott's apparent reluctance to bring the Omnibus Property Rights Act (S. 1954) to the floor for a vote. "Because one good waffle deserves another, we're urging thousands of grassroots property rights activists to send boxes, packages and even individual waffles to the Senate Majority Leader," says Chuck Cushman, ALRA Chairman. "By failing to bring the bill to a vote as he repeatedly promised to do, Trent Lott is clearly waffling on his commitment to the property rights cause." Senator Lott has reportedly yielded to pressure from a handful of moderate Republican Senators to put off a vote until after the November elections. The ALRA insists that a vote is needed before then to establish a record of who is for and who is against private property owners -- an increasingly powerful block of voters. For information contact Chuck Cushman at 360/687-3087.

Does the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Have a Double-Standard in Endangered Species Act Enforcement?

The way the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is dealing with two pairs of endangered Peregrine Falcons nesting in Portland, Oregon's Fremont Bridge is hypocritical, according to the Oregon Lands Coalition (OLC). The OLC wants to know why the Fish and Wildlife Service has done nothing to protect the Peregrines. The agency claims that such protection is unnecessary because they have "obviously acclimated to these conditions." But observers disagree: already three baby falcons have fallen out of their nest into the river below, demonstrating that they have not acclimated. Observers suggest that Fish and Wildlife has a double-standard in ESA enforcement: aggressive action in rural areas and neglect near major cities. The reason? The agency may be afraid that if the 1.5 million people in the Portland area had first-hand experience with the workings of the Endangered Species Act -- which, in the Peregines case, could include a ban on spraying for insects within a seven-mile radius -- they would demand immediate reform. For more information, contact the Oregon Lands Coalition at (503)363-8582.

Activities at the July 25 Stanton foreign affaris meeting chaired by Laszlo Pasztor.

Former POW Says Amendments to Military Personnel Act Could Cost Soldiers' Lives

Mike Benge, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Alliance of Families and a former five-year POW in Vietnam, reported on efforts by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) to repeal sections of the Missing Service Personnel Act (MPA), which was signed into law on February 10, 1996. Benge reported that the McCain amendments would change the time frame in which the military is required to either report service personnel missing or to send out a search party from two days to two weeks. Other amendments include: removing criminal penalties for those who withhold information concerning POWs/MIAs; removing the requirement that the Defense Department have credible forensic evidence to declare a soldier dead; and removes the retroactivity of the MPA. Benge asks those concerned with this legislation to contact: Rep. Floyd Spence's office at 202/225-2452 or (fax) at 202/ 225-2455; Senator Strom Thurmond's office at 202/224-5972 or (fax) at 202/ 224-1300; and Senator Bob Smith's office at 202/224-2841 or (fax) 202/224-1353. Contact Mike Benge at 703/875-4063 or [email protected]

Vietnam Veterans Coalition Describes Defense Intelligence Agency Support for Amendments to the MPA

Jim Greene of the National Vietnam Veterans Coalition spoke on the Missing Personnel Act (MPA) and discussed the implications of amendments to the law Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is now proposing. Greene stated his view that it is the retroactivity of the Act that frightens the Defense Intelligence Agency and said the DIA is pushing for the McCain amendments. Greene asked that Americans contact the following Senators and urge them to oppose the McCain amendments: Senator Bob Smith at 202/ 224-2841; Senator Strom Thurmond at 202/ 224-5972; Senator Dirk Kempthorne at 202/ 224 6142; and Senator Robert Byrd at 202/ 224-3954. Contact the National Vietnam Veterans Coalition at 202/338-6882.

Clinton Administration is Violating the Dayton Bosnia Accords, Says Group, in Order to Have Elections by September 14

Greg Simpson of the Center for Civil Society in South Eastern Europe spoke on the elections in Bosnia, saying that the United States is already breaking its own terms of the Dayton agreement and forcing democracy on Bosnia without proper preparation. According to the agreement, Bosnian elections were to be held by September 14, 1996 but only if certain conditions were met by July 14. Those conditions included: free movement within the country; repatriation of refugees; extradition of war criminals; an electoral infrastructure; and an independent news media. Simpson informed the group that the electoral infrastructure is coming along, but none of the other conditions have been met nor will they be met by September 14. The United States, however, is continuing to apply pressure internationally to ensure that the elections are held in September. Simpson warned that if this happens, the nationalist parties that are already in power will remain in power because there is no opposing voice that is currently able to be heard by the Bosnians, Croats, and Serbians. Simpson urged that pressure be applied to the Clinton Administration to back off the Bosnian elections and give the Bosnian people time to prepare for a democratically held election. Contact Greg Simpson at 202/ 785-1309 or (fax) 202/833-3372.

Group Urges Support for NATO Expansion

Vello Ederma of the Joint Baltic American National Committee spoke on the House's NATO Expansion Facilitation Act and the Senate's amendments to the Foreign Operations Bill. He urged the passaged of the bills and for an inclusion of the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to be included in NATO expansion. He reminded the group that General Lebed of Russia has declared that the Baltic countries never should have been given their independence. Ederma asked that Senators and Congressman be contacted to urge the passage of these bills. Contact the Vello Ederma at 301/340-1954 or (fax) 301/309-1406.

More Protection for Hungarian Ethnic Minorities Sought

Laszlo Pasztor of Coalitions for America spoke on the need to protect the human rights of Hungarian minorities. Contact Laszlo Pasztor at 202/546-3003.

Radio Marti's Proposed Move to Miami Criticized

Marie Ciliberti spoke on the need to keep Radio Marti in Washington, D.C. and not move it to Miami. Contact Marie Ciliberti at 301/ 622-0140.



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