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"Unfree Speech: The Folly of Campaign Finance Reform" Bradley A. Smith, Commissioner, Federal Election Commission - 3/21/01

"Frequently Asked Questions about Clean Money Campaign Reform" Public Campaign FAQ sheet on clean money reform

"Who's Buying Campaign Finance Reform" American Conservative Union

"The Terrible Secret of Finance Reform," John Samples, Cato Institute - May 2001

"Campaign Finance, Corruption, and Oath of Office" - Cato Institute Handbook for the 107th Congress:

"John McCain Is Wrong" David M. Primo, Cato Institute - April 2, 2001

"Campaign Finance and the First Amendment," Erik Jaffe, The Center for Individual Freedom

Campaign Finance Fantasyland - in a Cato Institute Daily Commentary, June 11, 2001, Patrick Basham looks at the British experience with campaign spending limits.

Why Congress Can't Ban Soft Money - David M. Mason, Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, 7/21/97

Money, Politics and the First Amendment -- Major Garrett, Cato Institute Briefing Paper, 6/19/97

Campaign Finance Reform Proposals and the First Amendment -- testimony of Capital Law School Professor Bradley A. Smith before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, 2/27/97

White House Cashes in on Campaign Finance Duplicity - National Policy Analysis #223 by David Almasi shows how the Clinton Administration abuses laws regarding campaign fundraising while calling for new ones, Movember 1998

Blacks Say Shays/Meehan Campaign Reform Bill Would Have Chilling Effect on Minority Political Speech - press release by the national African-American leadership network Project 21, July 1998

Mad About the Sprewell Case? Blame Labor Unions - National Policy Analysis #187 paper by David Almasi explains how the arbitration process that restored basketball player Latrell Sprewell's contract is the same one that works against the campaign finance rights of union members, March 1998

The End of Representation: How Congress Stifles Electoral Competition - Eric O'Keefe and Aaron Steelman, Cato Institute Policy Analysis, 8/20/97

Campaign Finance Laws Need a Tune-up, Not an Overhaul - David W. Almasi in this National Center for Public Policy Research National Policy Analysis #182 paper, January 1998.

While Congress Debates, Citizens Legislate Campaign Finance Reform - The route to campaign finance reform may lie with the states and localities, says David W. Almasi in this National Center for Public Policy Research National Policy Analysis #176 paper, November 1997.

Senate and House Showdowns on Campaign Finance Reform Set for Early '98 - Common Cause Editorial Memorandum, 2/98

Common Cause Editorial Update - 2/18/98



Papers & Commentary on Paycheck Protection

"About Employees' Rights: Paycheck Protection" National Right To Work Legal Defense

"Government-Granted Coercive Power: How Big Labor Blocks the Freedom Agenda" Reed Larson, President, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation address delivered to Hillsdale College - September 15, 1999

National Policy Analysis #197: Paycheck Protection Promotes Union Integrity - Paper explains why unions would benefit from the increased trust of their membership if payroll protection policies went into effect - May 1998

National Policy Analysis #192: Paycheck Protection: Cheap for Business, Good for Unions - Paper explains why union charges that businesses will pay the price for paycheck protection are unfounded - April 1998

The Worker Paycheck Fairness Act: Ending the Involuntary Use of Union Dues -- D. Mark Wilson, Heritage Foundation Backgrounder - An analysis of the House of Representatives version of the 1998 Paycheck Protection Act, February 12, 1998

About Employees' Rights: "Paycheck Protection" Schemes - Criticism of Paycheck protection by the National Right to Work Foundation, which believes paycheck protection proposals are not strong enough.

Oregon Elections Previews AFL-CIO's 1996 Political Plans - Charles P. Griffin, Deputy Director, Government Integrity Project, Heritage Foundation, February 7, 1998


News Articles

"Supreme Court rejects Nader's challenge to corporate funding debates" Anne Gearan, The Associated Press, May 1, 2001

"Court Backs Limits on Campaign Spending" Charles Lane, Washington Post, June 26, 2001

"Supreme Court's Ruling A Boost for Democrats" Juliet Bilperin, Washington Post, June 26, 2001

"A 'Shot in the Arm' for Campaign Finance Reform" Paul Volpe, Washington Post, June 26, 2001

"Getting Nowhere on Campaign Finance Reform" David Broder, Washington Post, October 12, 1997

Campaign Finance Bill Filibustered -- David Espo, Associated Press, 2/26/98

Campaign Finance Bill Likely Dead for the Year -- CNN Allpolitics, 2/26/98

Talking the Talk, But Not Walking the Walk; Not Even Senator Feingold Wants to Abide By Proposed Campaign Reform That Bears His Name - Political Money Monitor #10, 2/27/98

AFL-CIO to Earmark $20 Million to Fight Paycheck Protection - Political Money Monitor #10, 2/27/98

Political Initiative - Jeff Archer, Education Week, 1/21/98 (A thorough news report about the payroll protection initiative that passed in Washington State in 1992, and its subsequent effect on the political landscape.)

Senate Prepares to Debate Campaign Finance Reform - Brooks Jackson, CNN, 2/23/98

Labor Agenda Driven By Campaign Considerations; Anticipated Clinton Regulations and Reappointment Favor Organized Labor In Attempt to Secure Labor's Political Cash -- Political Money Monitor #7, 1/16/98

Reports Show Incumbency the Key to Campaign Cash; Business and Association PACs Don't Always Support Republicans - Political Money Monitor #5, 12/12/97

Teamsters Cash Helps Legalize Marijuana - Political Money Monitor #3, 11/21/97

Filings Show Congress Cannot Operate Under Current Campaign Laws; Members Push Stricter Rules While Ignoring Milder Ones -- Political Money Monitor #2, 11/4/97

Political Money Monitor newsletter archive - The National Center for Public Policy Research's newsletter covering campaign finance and paycheck protection issues.

Press Releases

"Study shocker: Most politicians can't be "bribed" by campaign contributions" - Libertarian Party Press Releases, February 9, 2000

"35 House Members Will Oppose Any Bill That Increases Contribution Limits" - U.S. PIRG, October 14, 1999

"Public Citizen Challenges Constitutionality of Campaign Finance System for Judicial Elections in Texas" - April 3, 2000

"History of the American Reform Party" - American Reform Party

U.S. Supreme Court Weighs Key Union-Dues-for-Politics Case - News release on a union dues case the National Right to Work Foundation argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, October 5, 1998

Seattle Union Officials to Face Trial for Illegally Deducting Dues for Politics - News from National Right to Work Foundation of a complaint filed against a union for using member dues for politics, August 6, 1998

Projection? Rejection? - National Education Association's comments on the defeat of paycheck protection in California

Project 21 Release: Blacks Say Labor Union Behavior is Best Reason for "Paycheck Protection" - Project 21, National Center for Public Policy Research, May 1998

"Labor Unions Run Deceptive Ad Campaign Against Pro-Worker Ballot Initiative" - The National Center for Public Policy Research, April 21, 1998

"What Does the AFL-CIO Have to Hide?" Asks Journalist Thrown Out of Union Press Conference - The National Center for Public Policy Research, February 13, 1998

Labor Union Set to Grab More Member Cash for Politics; Legislation May Make This the Last Time for Many - The National Center for Public Policy Research press release, February 6, 1998

Statement Of Common Cause President Ann McBride On The Release Of FEC Audits Of The 1996 Clinton And Dole Presidential Campaigns - Common Cause Asks FEC to Hold Clinton and Dole campaigns accountable for campaign finance violations, December 1998.

Union Members Oppose Having Their Dues Used for Political Agendas - African-American leadership group Project 21 press release, May 1995


Litigation & Legislation

Recent developments in Campaign Finance Regulation - Brookings Institution website provides nearly daily updates on activities in thie campaign reform arena

McCain-Feingold-Cochran Campaign Reform Bill, 2001 - Senator John McCain (R-AZ)'s website containsthe text Senate legislation and an archive of his office's press releases on the topic

The Citizen Legislature and Political Freedom Act - Congressman John Doolittle (R-CA)'s legislation in the 105th Congress to mandate electronic filing and strike down campaign contribution limits. Site contains not only the text of the legislation, but op-eds and policy arguments on campaign reform topics


Sites of Interest

Checkbook Democracy, a frequently updated site concerning many articles revolving around campaign finance.

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Online Resource Center: Congress Link -- Reference Resources Related to Campaign Finance Reform

Campaign Finance Reform Archives - Public Citizen Watch

Political Money Line ­ giving statistics qualified and compiled

The Center for Responsive Politics ­ giving statistics qualified and compiled

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