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  • Blog: 100 Prominent Scientists Disagree with UN Secretary General on Global Warming
  • New Visions Commentary: Earmarks Rob Taxpayers to Benefit Politicians
  • New Visions Commentary: Faith in Isolation
  • New Visions Commentary: How to Beat a Bully
  • New Visions Commentary: What the Church and State Battle Is Really About
  • Press Release: Black Leader Urges Pardon for Incarcerated Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean
  • Press Release: Black Activists Condemn Philadelphia City Council's Boy Scout Eviction
  • Press Release: Black Activists Renew Condemnation of Local Ohio NAACP Chapter for Interference in School Play
  • National Policy Analysis: Thanks to Congress, Ethanol and Biofuel Mandates Cause Food Prices to Soar, by Dana Joel Gattuso
  • National Policy Analysis: Gifts to Special Interests Should Not Be Included in Energy Bill, by Peyton Knight
  • Blog: On Cap and Trade, Senators Advised to Learn from 'Europe's Dirty Secret'
  • Blog: For Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Cap and Trade, Anyone?
  • Blog: Palm Beach Post Attacks Rush Limbaugh & National Center
  • Press Release: Where is the Feminist Outrage Over Jailing of British Woman in Sudan?
  • Press Release: NOAA Inflating Storm Numbers and Aiding Political Campaign for Carbon Restrictions, Group Says; End of 2007 Hurricane Season Shows NOAA Forecasts Wrong for Second Year in a Row
  • Press Release: Black Activists Criticize Local NAACP, School Officials for Censoring Ohio School Play
  • New Visions Commentary: I Forgive Dog the Bounty Hunter
  • New Visions Commentary: Blacks and Anemia Medications
  • New Visions Commentary: When Silliness is Serious
  • Blog: Australia's John Howard a Global Warming Victim? No.
  • Blog: Time Magazine on Drought, 2007 Versus 1974
  • Blog: Some of Us Support Species, While Others Support the Endangered Species Act
  • Blog: Auto Efficiency Standards Change Little; Auto Efficiency Changes Much -- and New York Times Doesn't Notice
  • Blog: U.S. Bridge Federation Has Constitutional Right to Eject Bush-Bashing Bridge Players
  • Press Release: Group Backs Punishment for Bush-Bashing Bridge Players; “Card Table Dixie Chicks” Deserve Sanctions for Unsportsmanlike Behavior, Say Project 21 Activists
  • Press Release: Black Activist Slams "Buckwheat" Blackout; Louisiana Liberal Latest Pol Given Pass
  • Blog: Senate Hears Testimony on the "Hurt America's Poor Act"
  • Blog: Fake Global Warming Study Fools Four, Reuters Runs Wire Story
  • Blog: Think Progress Slams Conservative Bloggers for Citing a Mere Weatherman on Climate Issues, Yet It Cites a Politician Over a Climatologist
  • Blog: "Global Warming is a Non-Event, a Manufactured Crisis and a Total Scam"
  • Blog: America's Historical and Natural Legacy Study Act: Congress Continues to Feed Overstuffed Park Service
  • Project 21 Press Release: Anti-Photo ID Legislation Would Promote Election Fraud, Says Group
  • Blog: Shooting the Messenger on Socialized Medicine
  • Blog: Law of the Sea: A Sinkable Treaty
  • National Policy Analysis: Things the Nobel Committee Doesn't Want You to Know, by David A. Ridenour
  • New Visions Commentary: Government Can't Take Away Your Rights If You Give Them Up
  • New Visions Commentary: Why Migrate South?
  • New Visions Commentary: Congressional Black Caucus Shortchanging Poor and Minority Energy Consumers
  • Blog: Environmentalists Seek to Protect Environmental Degradation
  • Blog: Guilty, Guilty, Guilty
  • Press Statement: The More People Know About Sea Treaty, The Less They Support It
  • Press Release: New Law of the Sea Treaty Website to Help Close "Information Gap" About Treaty
  • Blog: New Gingrich's Contract with the Earth
  • Blog: House Passes Massive Heritage Area Bill, But Not Without Controversy
  • Press Release: Congress Votes to Line Special Interest Pockets, Threaten Local Rule
  • Press Release: U.S. House Approves Race-Based Government in Hawaii
  • Blog: Environmental Groups, Lawsuits and Wildfires
  • New Visions Commentary: Is Congress "Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?"
  • New Visions Commentary: An Open Letter to Bill Cosby On Clarence Thomas
  • Blog: SCHIP's Next Controversy: New "Ad" Tells Kids to Smoke
  • Blog: John Stossel on Global Warming
  • Press Release: SCHIP-Expansion Backers Oppose Choice; Democratic Leadership SCHIP Bill Blocks Insurance Options for the Frost Family
  • Blog: The Debt Tsunami Begins: First Baby Boomer Files for Social Security
  • Blog: The SCHIP/Frost Affair Continues; Paul Krugman Calls Me a Busybody
  • Blog: SCHIP Poll
  • Blog: DeSmogBlog: Expect Confusion
  • Blog: Behind Gore's Nobel Peace Prize
  • Press Release: Oberstar and Feingold Bait-and-Switch: Deceptively-Named "Clean Water Restoration Act" Would Expand, Not Restore Federal Powers
  • Coalition Letter: Coalition Letter on the Clean Water Restoration Act
  • Blog: An SCHIP Fraud? Boy Who Delivered Democrat SCHIP Rebuttal May Not Be Low-Income
  • Press Release: If You Approve of Dragging Pro-Democracy Demonstrators from their Beds at Night, You'll Love the Law of the Sea Treaty
  • Blog: Under Law of the Sea Treaty, Burmese Junta Has Purse String Powers
  • Blog: Congress' SCHIP Deception
  • Blog: John Berthoud: He Will Be Missed
  • Blog: National Review Institute Hosts Energy Policy Debate
  • Blog: Pushing Pork
  • Blog: Gore Tells Bush to be More Reaganesque
  • Press Release: Black Group Welcomes Supreme Court Decision to Hear Voter ID Case: "We Have a Right to a Process that is Free of Fraud and Corruption"
  • Blog: Celebrating America's Heritage Act Wins in House Committee in Mostly Party Line Vote
  • Press Release: Reverse Robin Hood: Congress' Regressive SCHIP Expansion Would Tax Poor to Fund Health Insurance for Middle and Upper-Middle Class
  • Press Release: Congressional Self-Dealing Alive and Well -- Legislation that Would Enrich Select Special Interest Groups to be Voted on This Week
  • New Visions Commentary: Live from New York, It's More Regulation
  • New Visions Commentary: Our Faith and Heritage Has Held America Together in Crisis
  • Press Release: Black Group Demands Prompt Senate Consideration for Mukasey
  • National Policy Analysis: "Medicare for All" Universal Health Care Would Not Solve the Problem of Rising Health Care Costs
  • National Policy Analysis: SCHIP Expansion: Socialized Medicine on the Installment Plan
  • Blog: Four of the Continental U.S.'s 15 Longest Hurricane-Free Periods Occurred Since 1983, Despite Global Warming Alarms
  • New Visions Commentary: Hip-Hop Hype Hurts, Just Ask Michael Vick
  • New Visions Commentary: What Will You Do If Your House Goes Underwater?
  • Blog: 2007 Hurricane Update: Have Records Been Broken?
  • Blog: Congressmen Supporting Clean Water Bill Should Remember Katrina
  • Blog: Congressman Jefferson's Racial Sensitivities...
  • Blog: Would Ronald Reagan Support the Law of the Sea Treaty If He Were President Today?
  • Blog: Earmarks & the Kelo Decision Rolled Into One
  • Press Release: Hypocrisy Watch: Congress Expands Opportunity for Self-Dealing While Claiming Historic Progress on Government Ethics
  • 2007 Hurricane Season: In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion?
  • Congress Covering Up Crime?
  • Mychal Massie on C-SPAN
  • For Michael Vick and Hip-Hop Culture, No Sympathy from Kevin Martin
  • NAACP Rejects Life by Akindele Akinyemi
  • Regulations Rob Black Americans by Stella Dulanya
  • Car-Crazy Congress Set to Break the American Auto Industry by Kevin Martin
  • Anti-DDT Policies Are Deadly for Africa by Thompson Ayodele and Adegoke Anthony
  • CAFE Tab Too Expensive for America by Deneen Borelli
  • Military Service Deserves Respect in the Black Community by Kevin Martin
  • National Policy Analysis: Maybe It's Time for A Law Against Price-Gouging After All
  • Press Release: Dutch Martin Speaks Out on Lawsuit Against Don Imus
  • Blog: Global Warming Surrender Monkeys
  • National Policy Analysis: The "Energy Bill" That Isn't: Rep. Nick Rahall's Energy Policy Reform and Revitalization Act of 2007
  • Press Release: Protecting Police Officers More Important Than Helping Political Donors, Group Says
  • Press Release: Group Applauds FCC Letter on Fairness Doctrine
  • Blog: Neo-Know-Nothings? Law of the Sea Supporter Casts Civility Adrift
  • Blog: Welfare for Rural States
  • Blog: Senate Committee Passes a Parade of Pork - Threatens Property Rights
  • Press Release: Hispanic Group Calls for New "Fairness Doctrine"; Blacks Support Free Market
  • Press Release: Black Group Slams Proposed Resurrection of Radio "Fairness Doctrine"
  • Press Release: Blacks Admonish Barack Obama for His Opposition to Options for Children in Failing Public Schools
  • Press Release: Black Group Calls Senate Leaders “Hypocrites"
  • Blog: Should Most of America's Kids Be on the Dole?
  • Blog: Socialized Medicine by Stealth: Panel Calls SCHIP Expansion 'Bad for Kids, Families, and Taxpayers'
  • National Policy Analysis: "Sicko" Presents False View of Cuba's Health System, by Ryan Balis
  • Blog: Barbara Boxer's Mean Left Hook
  • Blog: Climate Change is a Human Issue
  • Blog: The Senate's Fuel Economy Standard: Incredibly Tough, Probably Impossible & Enormously Expensive
  • Press Release: Black Activists Applaud Supreme Court Ruling Against Racial Preferences
  • Press Release: Black Activists Applaud Defeat of Amnesty Bill
  • Blog: CAFE Standards Hypocrite
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Denounce Juneteenth-Related Violence
  • Press Release: Black Conservative Groups Commends President for Stem Cell Veto
  • Ten Second Response: CAFE Kills, and Then Some: Six Reasons to Be Skeptical of Fuel Economy Standards
  • Blog: Bush Administration Law of the Sea Treaty Defense Inaccurate
  • Press Release: Black Conservatives Mark "Juneteenth" Civil Rights Holiday
  • Press Release: Black Activists: Resuscitation of Immigration Reform Legislation Ignores Overwhelming Public Opposition
  • National Policy Analysis: Black Activists: Resuscitation of Immigration Reform Legislation Ignores Overwhelming Public Opposition, by Eric Peters
  • Press Release: Caterpillar CEO Confronted at Company Stockholder Meeting for Joining Environmentalist Lobbying Group
  • Blog: Global Warming Alarmism and Religion - Together at Last?
  • Blog: Health Care Rationing, Government-Style
  • Press Release: Activists to Demand Explanations from Caterpillar at Stockholder Meeting Wednesday
  • Blog: Wynton C. Hall's Speechwriter Anecdote: Here's Hoping His Source Made It Up
  • Press Release: 70-Plus Groups Confront Caterpillar on Eve of Shareholder Meeting
  • Letter: Letter to Caterpillar CEO James Owens
  • Commentary: What People Are Saying About Caterpillar’s Support of Carbon Caps…
  • Blog: Health Insurance is Not Health Care
  • Blog: Free Transportation Service Shut Down by Government
  • Project 21 Press Release: Sanctions on Sudan Applauded; Darfur Situation "An Embarrassment" to the Civilized World, Says Project 21, "Strong Determined Action" Needed to Stop Suffering of the People of Darfur
  • Blog: Braiding Hair Requires a License?
  • New Visions Commentary: Why Father's Day Saddens Me
  • New Visions Commentary: Hold Your Tongue, Unless You're Criticizing a Conservative
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Urge Caution on Immigration Compromise
  • Blog: Universal Health Care: Universally Bad
  • Blog: Casket Salesmen Required to Have Embalming Expertise
  • Press Release: Think Tank Challenges Greenpeace to Meet Transparency Standards
  • National Policy Analysis: Sweden's Single-Payer Health System Provides a Warning to Other Nations, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • Blog: More Journey Through Hallowed Ground Conflicts of Interest
  • Project 21 Press Release: Where are Sharpton and Jackson? Rape Jokes About Condoleezza Rice as Offensive as Insults against Rutgers Basketball Team
  • Project 21 Press Release: Sharpton Must Apologize; Weeks After Imus Crusade, Sharpton Shows Intolerance of His Own
  • Blog: Frank Wolf's Journey Through Hallowed Ground Proposal Draws Criticism from Heritage Foundation; Lashes Out at Principled Critics
  • Blog: Flower Arranging Requires Government Approval
  • Project 21 Press Release: Referee Racism in Pro Basketball? Black Activists Skeptical of New Study
  • Blog: Government Puts Rat Control Business Out of Business
  • Project 21 Press Release: Blacks Back Wolfowitz: Project 21 Members and International Leaders Praise Wolfowitz's Focus on Africa; Efforts to End Poverty and Corruption
  • Blog: Addition Request Leads to Extortion Demands
  • Press Release: On the Consumer Alliance on Energy Security and the OCS
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Criticize Congressional Proposals to Create a Race-Based Hawaiian Government
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Support President Bush's Iraq Timetable Veto
  • New Visions Commentary: Gun Ownership Becoming a Capital Idea
  • New Visions Commentary: Liberals are Doubting Thomas for No Real Reason
  • Blog: Treehouse Fight Costs Family, Taxpayers $58,000
  • New Visions Commentary: Subprime Mortgages: A Case of Back to the Future
  • New Visions Commentary: Black Liberals Need To Stop The Double Standard
  • New Visions Commentary: Chavez Commemoration Craves Consensus it Lacks
  • New Visions Commentary: A Rational Response to an Irrational Act
  • Blog: The Polka Dotted House Gambit
  • Blog: Censoring Global Warming Skeptics
  • Blog: RealClimate's Touchy Censors II
  • Blog: Sheryl Crow's Toilet Paper "Spoof"
  • Blog: Neighbors' Views Trump Homeowner's, When It Comes to Building an Addition
  • Blog: Separation of Church and State?
  • National Policy Analysis: Mental Health Parity Act Shifts Practice of Imposing Mandates from the States to the Federal Level; Likely to Raise Insurance Premiums, by David Hogberg, Ph.D. and Paul Gessing
  • National Policy Analysis: The Teachers' Lesson: How To Scam Social Security, by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • National Policy Analysis: Chilling Intolerance for Free Speech on Global Warming, by Dana Joel Gattuso
  • Blog: ADA Lawsuits Cost Businesses $309.1 Million to Win
  • Blog: Smelling Delicious a Civil Offense in New York City
  • Blog: Hogberg Praises Bush Health Plan
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Laud Supreme Court's Ban on Partial Birth Abortion
  • Book: Shattered Dreams: One Hundred Stories of Government Abuse
  • Blog: 100 Tales of Dangerous Government
  • Blog: Smoking Bans Hurt Neighborhood Restaurants and Bars
  • Blog: The Global Warming Argument: Win It, Don't Spin It (If You Can)
  • Blog: Smoking Bans Hurt Small Business
  • Blog: Birds 'Struggle to Cope' ...With More Plentiful Food?
  • Blog: Eugene Robinson: White People Can't Talk
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Conservatives: Duke Rape Case Shows Importance of "Innocent Until Proven Guilty"
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Conservatives Speak Out on Don Imus Controversy, Criticism
  • Blog: Newt Gingrich on the Environment
  • Blog: 60 Minutes Does Health Care III: CBS Responds to Our Criticism
  • Press Release: Support Eroding for Rep. Frank Wolf's Journey Through Hallowed Ground Heritage Area; Alternative Measure Gains Backing of Two Congressmen in Affected Area
  • Press Release: Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Global Warming in Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Press Release: 60 Minutes Misleads Viewers About the Price of Prescription Drugs Paid By Medicare
  • Blog: Single-Payer Health Care: "Incompetence, Debt, Misery and Filth" - London Times
  • Blog: Joe Hicks Testifies About Cesar Chavez
  • Project 21 Press Release: Cesar Chavez Did Little to Stop His Union's Violence, Charges Civil Rights Activist at Congressional Hearing on Honoring Chavez
  • Blog: New Phrase: "Fuel Poverty"
  • Blog: Thank God for Senator Inhofe II
  • Blog: Los Angeles Times Runs Kitty Kelley Op-Ed Blasting Bush Family Without Fact-Checking
  • Blog: Mental Health Parity Hearing Is Depressing
  • Blog: Good for Pete Domenici
  • Blog: Good for Mitch McConnell
  • Blog: Frank Drebin Does Health Insurance
  • Project 21 Press Release: House Action on Iraq Supports "Disgrace and Defeat," Black Leader Says
  • Blog: Fighting Environmentalists to Use DDT to Fight Malaria in Africa
  • Blog: When the Debate is Balanced, Skeptics Win, Alarmists Lose
  • Blog: The Human Cost of Climate Change Policies
  • Blog: Thank God for Senator Inhofe
  • Blog: Al Gore's Climate Class War
  • Blog: Global Warming Scaredy Cats IV
  • Press Release: Officials Urged to Grill Al Gore About His Rich-Get-Warmer, Poor-Get-Colder Global Warming Offset Proposals at House and Senate Hearings Wednesday
  • Blog: Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area Act Adopted by House Resources Committee Despite Unresolved Problems
  • National Policy Analysis: March of the Lemmings: Media Shuns Climate Change Report's Good News on Sea Levels by Dana Joel Gattuso
  • Blog: The Royal Society's Credibility Gap
  • Blog: RealClimate's Touchy Censors
  • Blog: Tim Ball, DeSmogBlog & Me
  • Blog: Sir Humphrey Appleby's Climate Change Pact
  • Blog: London Times: "Nothing Quite Like It Has Been Witnessed Since Lord North Lost the American Colonies"
  • Blog: Health Care Waiting Lists and the Stockholm Syndrome
  • Blog: Even Labour Party MPs Can't Get Needed Health Services in Britain
  • Blog: Getting Dental Care From the Government Can Be Like Pulling Teeth
  • Press Release: Senators Kennedy, Domenici and Enzi and to Make Health Insurance More Expensive With So-Called Mental Health Parity Act
  • Blog: British Doctors Disillusioned with Central Control
  • Blog: This is What Happens When You Only Read the Press Release
  • Blog: Another Bit Of "Unbiased" Reporting On the U.S. Health Care System
  • Blog: Wal-Mart Calling for Socialized Medicine?
  • New Visions Commentary: Oprah Shouldn't Give Up on Our Kids
  • New Visions Commentary: Why the "N" Word Grows in Popularity
  • New Visions Commentary: Have Blacks Advanced in the 21st Century?
  • New Visions Commentary: Might "Strengthening Black Families Month" Be Better Than Celebrating Black History?
  • Blog: Environmentalists are Hypocrites
  • Blog: Is Health Care for the Poor Better Abroad
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists React to Senator Joe Biden's Comments About Senator Barack Obama
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activist Takes Issue with School Choice Opposition
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activist Criticizes Nagin's Convoluted Comments to Senate Committee
  • Blog: Enron's Green-Fingered Successors
  • Blog: Like Welfare Queens of Yore
  • Blog: Environmentalism versus Poor (Again)
  • Blog: Social Security: A Quick Definition
  • Blog: Global Cooling Again
  • Blog: If You Think the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Presents Objective Science...
  • Blog: Paul Krugman: Master Spinner
  • Press Release: Blacks Say Bush Blows Opportunity to Fight for Judges
  • Press Release: Citing Safety Concerns, National Center for Public Policy Research Calls on President Bush to Reconsider his Call to Increase Fuel Economy Standards
  • Press Release: National Center for Public Policy Research Applauds President Bush's State of the Union Health Care Proposal
  • Blog: 'The Big Ripoff' Comes To Health Insurance
  • Project 21 Press Release: Black Activists Outraged Over Liberal Merger of Abortion and Civil Rights
  • New Visions Commentary: Goals are Richer Than Dreams
  • New Visions Commentary: Bowl Game Proposal a True Indicator of Race Relations, Not Kramer's Racist Rant
  • New Visions Commentary: Dr. King's Dream Today a Nightmare
  • New Visions Commentary: Supremes Still Working on School Equality by Deneen Moore Borelli
  • Blog: Fact Checking FactCheck on Medicare Drug Negotiation Proposal
  • Blog: Global Warming Scaredy Cats II
  • Blog: CSR and Business Profitability Don't Mix, Says Borelli
  • National Policy Analysis: Science Puts the Chill to California's Global Warming Hot Air by Bonner Cohen
  • Press Release: Senator Boxer's Insult of Condoleezza Rice Condemned by Black Conservatives
  • Blog: Minimum Wage Employment Impact Study: How To Cook The Numbers 101
  • Press Release: Health Care Expert Condemns New Liberal Report on Medicare Drug Prices
  • Blog: Bush's War in Africa
  • Press Release: Black Activists Applaud Court's Support for Race-Neutral Admissions
  • Blog: Raising the Minimum Wage Kills Jobs, But Congress Doesn't Appear to Care
  • Press Release: Statement on Incorrect Reports Regarding the National Center for Public Policy Research and Congressional Travel
  • Press Release: Congressional Liberals' Plans For Medicare Will Make Private Health Insurance More Expensive
  • National Policy Analysis: Letting Medicare "Negotiate" Drug Prices: Myths vs. Reality by David Hogberg, Ph.D.
  • What Conservatives Think: Do Minimum Wage Increases Benefit Workers and the Economy? by Ryan Balis

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